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  • US Gong Gan Channel America [US]
    Products : store fixture,display fixture ()
    We are manufacturer of store fixture in South Korea.Custom design will be welcomed

  • GB Takeabreak [GB]
    Products : camping all camping equipment (Trade Opportunities)
    camping caravan shop selling all products for camping and caravaning

    Products : CIMENT ()

  • IN Pan Shave India [IN]
    Products : disposeble razor manufacturer (Manufacturer)
    we are the maker of disposeble razor .we are made the chippest of them all.

  • US Bargainbrowsers [US]
    Products : hair weaving & braiding, urban clothing, shoes, dvds, video games
    wholesale sites needed. i am a store in need of alot. i sell human and synthetic hair weave and wigs, shoes, urban or street wear, ethnic hair products, hair bows and barrettes, key chains,

  • AU Ogilvie Distributors Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : electrical fireplaces, mantels, storage carts, water carbonators ()
    Ogilvie Distributors is a National Wholesale Distributor and has some of the countries largest retailers as it's customers.

  • AE Blue Sands Trading Co. LLC [AE]
    Products : Fashion jewelry (Importer)
    tradingin perfumes, fashion accesories,leather products

  • IR FarhangOptic [IR]
    Products : eyewear ()
    Trader & supplier of eyewear in Iran (esp. metal frames with high qulity)

  • GB Inter Trading Ltd [GB]
    Products : foods (Trade Opportunities)
    trading company,deals in all food products,agriculture,trading,businees,import/export and service

  • GB Green Moon Shopping [GB]
    Products : Comercial Electronics
    Green Moon Shopping offers a variety of electronic good for on-line purchasing

  • CA BV INC. [CA]
    Products : Computer and genarl merchadise (Importer)
    I am rosemary Cole,Sales Assistance ofBV INCORPORATION.We are intereted in buying large sales of computer accesorries and return goods.

  • US Rocky Mount Pets And Horse Tack [US]
    Products : pet supplies and horse tack (Service)
    We are a brand new small business offering pet supplies, small pets, and horse tack to our community.

  • GB Flights Of Fancy Ltd [GB]
    Products : parrots finches softbills (Importer)
    we are importers of live birds ofrm parots to macaws and all types of finches. we also breed ower own bird for retail/trade.

  • PK Moosa Corporation [PK]
    Products : Conveyor Belts, Timing Belts & V-Belts ()
    Importer Of Belting Products & Transmission products

  • UA Avilon [UA]
    Products : exposition stands and displays for car motor oils
    We are a company looking for cooperation with the producers of car motor oils and car liquids

  • US Gopher-Less [US]
    Products : tools, household,etlectronics, consumer products,
    Buyer and Reseller on Ebay of Industrial and Consumer Goods

  • IN Tushar Traders [IN]
    Products : arcenut,cosmetic item,consumer goods etc. (Trade Opportunities)
    we are in general goods items business since thirty years.we trading in arcenuts,betelleaves,cosmeticitems,consumer goods,soaps.cigareetes,catelaryy items,and so many items we would like to have.

    Products : Require Degradable Plastic raw material ()
    Importer, and supplier of Garment Accessories having a office in Columbo, Hong kong and India.

  • PK Mamun And Bhanja Importers [PK]
    Products : Diapers, Toys, (Importer)
    We are interested in importing diapers and toys from China.

  • US U Can Buy And Sell Online by Joan Tardiff [US]
    Products : collectibles, clocks, candles,jewelry, gifts, toys
    An online shopping experience for all your shopping needs

  • GB FSR Group [GB]
    Products : Replica Bags, Shoes, Clothes, Watches, Sunglasses (Trade Opportunities)
    I have a shop in the UK and am looking for replica bags, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, watches, lauggage. Basically, anything which is a designer replica to buy in bulk / wholesale

  • MY Art Technic Promotions Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : military products (Importer)
    We are a local sourcing house servicing mainly our local army and police department. We are looking for sources of manufacturing for the products that we are currently supplying to our customers.

  • KR Sambo Corp. [KR]
    Products : Shopping carts ()
    Sambo Corp. is the leading manufacturer of shopping carts in Asia and offering many small ware items for big international retailer.

  • MX Grupo ALM Internacional [MX]
    Products : Honey ()
    We are a company dedicated to import and export all kind of products from all over the word, and also we represent several companies that wants to start to make international business

  • LB Borea Beach [LB]
    Products : swim wear (Importer)
    We are a shop that will open this summer in a beach in a touristic area and we are planning to sell bikinis and beach accessories imported from brazil

  • NG Isbel Group Of Company [NG]
    Products : footwears and t-shirts (Service)
    it is registered in nigeria

  • GB Express Packaging UK Ltd [GB]
    Products : Paper and Plastic Carrier Bags ()
    Carrier Bags

  • US Mobile Plus [US]
    Products : cellular accesories/prepaid cellular phones (Service)
    sale cellullar accesories

  • GB Getshirty Printing [GB]
    Products : T-SHIRTS ()
    A new printing company producing quality t-shirts i.e heat pressing for the modern day market. We can design any logos including custom making t-shirts for any customer needs.

  • AU Tobacconist [AU]
    Products : smoking accs (Service)

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