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  • GB Moray Finance [GB]
    Products : Finance, Non-Ferrous Metals (Service)
    Lease or Sale of SBLCs, BGs, MTNs. Trade Finance in ALL categories especially within the non-ferrous industry. Exports of non-ferous scraps and secondary materials accross the globe.

  • US Jamal Developement [US]
    Products : realestate (Trade Opportunities)
    Looking to take company to the next level. Looking for real investors thats wants to make money

  • IL Bat Sheva [IL]
    Products : business development
    business development is our main field of action. we have a net of investors and we are constantly seeking for new products,services and businesses looking for new markets and new ways to evolve.

  • TH Global Vision Co., Ltd. [TH]
    Products : information, promote (Service)
    eTradeForce.com provides International Trade Lead and Global Trade Information Services

  • GB Europeantenders.com [GB]
    Products : business services ()
    European tenders - direct UK contracts by European Tenders. Business opportunities, UK invitation to tender. European tendering information on winning direct tenders.

  • AU Pacific Phonecard Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : Telecommunication, Banking plastic cards and related services (Trade Opportunities)
    Pacific Phonecard has been active in the Pacific Island region for 12 years suppling services and products to the Pacific Island Telecomminication organisations

  • JO 1Point Commerce [JO]
    Products : B2B (Trade Opportunities)
    Wanted: Products and Agencies, Products and Agencies wanted by our Representatives and business

  • GB KPS Worldwide Limited [GB]
    Products : Telecom Call Revenue-Share Opportunities (Service)
    Telecom Service-Provider offering international premium-rate services with unlimited call revenue-share potential, serving business-customers worldwide.

  • BR Trade Junior [BR]
    Products : Several (Service)
    Trade Junior is a foreign trade advisory and consultancy company that operate in the international market, which operates at Brazil.

  • HU EUData Plc. [HU]
    Products : Hungarian products ()
    EUData International Information Centre represents Hungarian and international companies all over the world. It helps international companies contact each other, and conducts market research.

  • IR Farda Sazan Trading Co. [IR]
    Products : trading services (Trade Opportunities)
    export,import,c/l opening,custom clearing, concluding agreements,IT, ensurances,transortation,etc.

  • BZ Golden Maya Enterprises Limited [BZ]
    Products : Central Americal (Trade Opportunities)
    Import/Export oportunities for Aisa, Mexico, Central America, Belize, El Salvador

  • BR Sette Comex [BR]
    Products : Cachaca, Jeans, A£¿£¿ Fruit Pulp, Furniture (Exporter)
    Our company, commercializes cacha£¿ typically Brazilian, proper to make caipirinha, Jeans, ring, earrings, necklaces, a£¿£¿ fruit pulp.

  • JP Kumiai [JP]
    Products : sending company ()
    we recruit Chinese trainees and send them to Japanese factory.

  • MY Stanplus Holdings Sdn. Bhd. [MY]
    Products : construction materials, plastic,computer related (Trade Opportunities)
    besides our main items we can source products from Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for you

  • BR Darelli Applied Trading Co [BR]
    Products : all (Trade Opportunities)
    We are a brazilian trading company. Our goal is to help international/national companies to find more oportunities to their product all over the world

    Products : Freight management,export of Agric products like cassava,ginger,pepper,gem stone ()
    Frieght & Logistics managers,eporter of Agricultural products like cassava,pepper,ginger,and also gem stones

  • UA AJK Trade & Investment Consultancy [UA]
    Products : market research, registration of legal entities, mathmaking and trade representa ()
    Dutch company with 6 years of experience in trade & business consultancy in Ukraine: Offers market research, registration of legal entities, mathmaking and trade representation.

  • MT CREDAL Crostrade [MT]
    Products : trading, company formation, international tax planning fiduciary ()
    CREDAL Crostrade forms part of the CREDAL Network. We offer trading services, Company formation & administration services, Trusts and Fiduciary Services

  • BR Freeport Consultoria E Com£¿cio Exterior Ltda [BR]
    Products : Coconut residues/Gem Stones (Service)
    Looking for Coconut shell/Gem Stones(Quartz Crystals), contact us for quote.Excellent grade of clear crystal for electronics.

  • IL NIBO [IL]
    Products : international , trade , computers, brokerage,satellites,tv,moiles ()
    we work as comercial representative in major fields,international trade , import,export,brokerage,

  • TR Small and Medium Enterprises Trade Center [TR]
    Products : B2B trade portal ()
    Trade with Turkey SMETC is the leading marketplace to meet Turkish and global market opportunities where you can,

  • NP Kto Inc. [NP]
    Products : Business services, Internatinal Project Support, ()
    We help business establish in this market. We could represent you in Nepal, India and other part of South Asia

  • EG teba for trading&exporting [EG]
    Products : marble,granit, silica, dolomite, flidsbar, gypsum, kaolin ()
    teba for trading &exporting wxporting raw materials as marble , granite , glassand ..

  • DK International Trade Consultancy [DK]
    Products : foodstaffs (Service)
    Consultancy in the International Trade for the market Development

  • ES Excellence Consulting Group S.l. [ES]
    Products : artificial veneer (Service)
    consulting company supplying buying services, products reasearch and so on

  • PY OnLine S.A. [PY]
    Products : We provide services finding buyers and sellers of products. $ 50 000 an up. ()
    We find buyers and sellers for whatever products, priceclass from $50 000 and up, product class: trade goods.

  • KR EC Plaza Network, Inc. [KR]
    Since started a portal trading service through Internet in 1997, EC Plaza has grown up as the largest global B2B leader of on and off line trade channels in the world.

  • KR Trade International Co [KR]
    Products : Business consulting/Int'L Trade (Service)
    business consulting import export computers&parts/Ladies febric/We import cotton wastes ,jeans etc.We are looking more trade relation with foreign companies in asia and europe.

  • NL Gastro [NL]
    Products : Food - drinks - textil ()
    leading import & distribution company in the BeNeLux countries

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