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  • IN Mathivanan & Co [IN]
    Products : Business Advisory,Accounting Auditing ()
    A Chartered Accountants Firm offering services in Accounting,Auditing,Project ,Business Referral,so on

  • SG Greenriver Tradeals [SG]
    Products : general trading, seafood, timber & financial services (Service)
    General trader for bulk and consumer supply for mentioned and related products, Inthe tiner trade more for decking, flooring solid and lamiparquet . With financial services and trading

  • IN Velmeena Green Solutions (P) Ltd [IN]
    Products : bank intruments (Service)
    Looking for good projects for funding, using bank instruments such as BG, MTNs, SKR,SBLC,etc...

  • GB Erste Investment Bank [GB]
    Products : project financing (Service)
    Erste Investment Bank London offers equity loans

  • US Nations Trust Ltd. [US]
    Products : Project Finance (Service)
    We provide project funding worldwide. Also looking for representatives

  • PH Ofii [PH]
    Products : forwarding, trucking, logistics, warehousing, domestic distribution, brokerage, (Service)
    We offer reliable and good service on forwarding, trucking, logistics, warehousing, domestic distribution and brokerage. More than thrity (30) years in the industry and still growing.

  • IN Btc [IN]
    Products : bg (Trade Opportunities)
    we discount all bankable instruments from india and other countries

  • IN rajindra sanitary fittings company [IN]
    Products : finance arrangement (Service)
    looking for finance via discounting BG and SBLC etc

  • IN Finbrain\@gmail.com [IN]
    Products : leasing ()
    willing to transact in commercial papers,bank debentures, all quick time trades .

  • TH Kimbery [TH]
    Products : Financial Services ()
    Would you like $20,000 in your paypal account.Oprah said yes to this plan..

  • US International Investment World Co. Inc. [US]
    Products : Hard Wood Timber, Financial Products (Trade Opportunities)
    Financing Bank Instruments, SLCs, BGs, Bonds, MTNs, and Pre-Export Discount for Large Import and Exports 15%, Loans against bank and asset collateral.

  • TW T&E Finance Investment Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : Letter of Credit (Service)
    We can offer at sight Letter of Credit for your finance requirement

  • CA Canesia Intl Inc [CA]
    Products : Project financing (Service)
    We are engaged in the business of Financial Services, Fund Sourcing, Fund Management, Project Funding, and other allied services

  • US The Manhatten Business Exchange [US]
    Products : Trade Program (Trade Opportunities)
    Have 1 yr program for $100 m and up with 300% per year return up to $1 b. Higher returns for $1 b or more

  • US Royal Diversified Funding, Inc. [US]
    Products : Financing and Crude Oil ()
    Commercial Real Estate Financing for all Property Types

  • IN KPK Associates [IN]
    Products : Project Consulting (Service)
    We are in need of Project Finance in India & having good projects of Wind Power , Container Freight Station , All these are Infrastructure Base Projects

  • KR Sungwon International Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : sell BG/SBLC for Leasing ()
    BG/SBLC for Leasing available. Please contact us with Lessee's Bank name/Address, Amount of BG/SBLC for Leasing, Text of BG/SBLC Lessee's Bank approved. Brokers are welcomed.

  • RO SC. Cyclop Inkasso Concept S.R.L. [RO]
    Products : Debt collecting (Service)
    Cyclop Inkasso Concept provides your complete resource for business credit management including debt collection and Credit Report

  • DE K&B Consulting GmbH [DE]
    Products : steel urea ()
    steel urea project finance ...............................................................................................................................................

  • GB Credit Aid Ltd [GB]
    Products : We provide financial services,bank accounts,companies and marketing support ()
    We offer a unique service for individuals and businesses looking for service in the UK

  • NL Iraqinvestment [NL]
    Products : Commisioner
    A beginer company of investiment.It gives help to the people who want to work in investment.

    Products : Real estate and tourism investment consultancy (Service)
    We are a portuguese real estate and tourism investment consultancy company supporting clients with large projects who need to study economic viability study and financial support

  • MY Arah Kelana (M) Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Financial Instruments (BGs,MTNs/SBLC), Currencies, Bonds, PPP, Gold, Oil & Gas, (Service)
    Arah Kelana (M) Sdn Bhd is a financial consultant & brokerage srevice propvider.Wedeals in financial instruments such Bgs, MTNs, SBLC, CD, Bank Aval, SKR, Bonds, PPP, Oil & Gas, Gold & Diamonds.

    Products : Towels,Fabrics,Bed Sheets,Tote Bags ()
    We are the authorised Representatives of Manufacturers and Consultants facilitating imports,exports,projects set ups and arranging of loans

  • GB Quart 'A' Accounting Services [GB]
    Products : Accounting Services (Service)
    We provide high quality, Accounts and Bookkeeping Services

    Barclays is a UK-based financial services group, with

  • MY Kamal Associates [MY]
    Products : Investment
    We are Investment Consultants based in kuala Lumpur. We are looking for companies interested in Joint Venture businesses. We have Investors who want to invest

  • Worldwide Business And Finance Organization [BJ]
    Products : loans , finance and joint venture investment ()
    We welcome good and viable ventures , if you need loan or finance for your project contact us

  • CH ANIDOR Ltd. [CH]
    Products : Consultancy, Coaching, Domicilation, Accounting, Business Development, Marketing (Service)
    ANIDOR Ltd. in Zug, is a Swiss based company with main business focus into business and Project development services and fiduciary services as well.

  • US Euclid Financial Group, LC [US]
    Products : Project and Trade Finance Consulting ()
    Euclid Financial is a holding company that has several lines of busines. Investment advisory, commercial Real Estate and Project and trage finance services

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