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  • SG Elisco Seal International [SG]
    Products : seals o rings ()
    Hydraulic, pneumatic, oil seal, ring wear, pin bush, o ring

  • IR Capital Green Met Ind LLC [IR]
    Products : Machine tools, Casting of Alumnum, Measurment equipment ()
    Dealer of all kind of Machine toos and accessories, Powder Coating spesilalist,

  • KR DUO EnTech [KR]
    Products : polyurethane foaming machine ()
    we are specialized in manufacturing automatic machine

  • CO Gasydiesel [CO]
    Products : conversion de motores a gas (Importer)
    conversion de motores a gnc y distribucion de kits de conversion

  • UA Jino Consulting Ltd. [UA]
    Products : selling plants and equipment (Service)
    We assist in selling plants, hard machinery, equipment, firms and companies worldwide. An individual strategy for any customer.

  • IN Atplinnd [IN]
    Products : Machine tools (Importer)
    Distributor of Conventional and CNC Machine Tools like Mills, Lathes, etc

  • US Acme [US]
    Products : Billet Grille, LCD Mount,Bracket ()
    We are professional manufacturer concerning auto billet grille and LCD mount

  • IN Prime Engineering Co. [IN]
    Products : y7 (Exporter)
    ghgfhgfh hgfhgf fhgfh gfhgfh gfh hidfgjdh fgjkhdjkghkdfh gjkdhjkghdfh gjkkghjkdfhgjkdf g dfgjkdfgjdfjgjkdfhgdhf jgh dfhgjkdjkghdfgdfg

  • UA Manufacturing company ?KievTraktoroDetal? [UA]
    Products : cylinder liners, pistons ()
    producer of cylinder liners, pistons for machinery

    Products : ANSYS ASME CE PIPELINE PPI (Service)
    basic engineering and details for de mechanical fabrication mechanist and structural. Using codes like HI PED,ASME U, S, TUV SGS chino

  • KR MIR Holdings Inc. [KR]
    Products : Steel ()
    MIR Holdings is a leading trading company in Korea

  • EG Promech [EG]
    Products : cnc machines (Importer)
    cnc dealers for takumi machines ,chiah-chyun catia software,proffesional services rapid prototyping machines and laser scaanning

  • IN Stitch Needs [IN]
    Products : spare parts ()
    we manufacture spare parts of all types of industrial & domestic sewing machine as per samples & drawings & according to buyers specifications

  • CA Pedjole Solid Design [CA]
    Products : plastic processing machinery (Service)
    provider of mechanical design for plastic processing machinery. Utilization of different solid modeling software.

  • KR Aero Tech [KR]
    Products : Vacuum Furnace, FIC, Coordinate Measuring M/C, Laser/Plasma Cutting Cunsummables ()
    AeroTech is trading company which deals with following items. Vacuum Furnace, FIC, Laser/Plasma Cutting Consummables.

  • IN Dhiraj Industries [IN]
    Products : Packaging machine parts , Gear Box for Actuators (Manufacturer)
    We are the manufactureres of the machined components for any spacial purpose machine in gray cast iron, Brass, Alluminium

  • SY Marwan Al Malt [SY]
    Products : machines ()
    high frequency tube welder of 80 kw to complete our second hand tube production line ,we wish it to be istalled here in damascus as soon as possible ,with the capacity of 80kw/40m/min

  • KR E-yeon Extrusion Engineering Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Plastic Extruders Maufacturing (Manufacturer)
    We designs and manufacturing plastic extrusion machineries in Korea

  • IT Elexind Spa [IT]
    Products : High Performance Machining (Milling, Turning) ANOZED and PAINTED ALUMINIUM ()
    Our group produces mechanical p£¿rts by milling, turning CNC Machines. We also produce ANODIZED and/or PAINTED ALUMINIUM that we could deliver in COILS, SHEETS and BANDS

  • IR Ace [IR]
    Products : pipe fitting (Manufacturer)
    pipe fitting machin\machin of making box\reparing machinery

  • US Mascot [US]
    Products : Spring making machinery ()
    Spring making machinery

  • IR Diar Shargh Co. [IR]
    Products : machinig units- machine tools cnc- (Trade Opportunities)
    We are importer of transfer machines for manufacturing valves,fitting,etc in Iran.We export evrything from Iran.plesae contact us.

  • GR Papanastasiou [GR]
    Products : Aluminium doors, windows (Importer)
    DImitrisAluminium construction materials and facilities for house use

  • KR Kawon Corp. [KR]
    Products : Fitting (Importer)
    We are korean imports our interesting is builging equipments, sport products, pipe fittings and glass fiber.

  • IN Square International [IN]
    Products : Machinery Chemical Edible Oil ()
    We are a marketing organization and Indian representitive of foreign companies

  • AE Proserv [AE]
    Products : enclosures, pressure testing equipments (Manufacturer)
    we are manufactures of pressure testing equipment, ss enclosures etc.

  • IN Tisco Growth Shop, Tata Steel [IN]
    Products : Sponge Iron Plant, Turn-key, Steel / Cement Plant, Al.Ind., Equipmnt. Pres Vesel (Manufacturer)
    Designed, Manufactured & supplied Equipment for Steel / Cement / Aluminium / Power & Energy / Oil & Natural Gas / Polution control / Material handling / Nuclear / Space Research Sector & 250 Cranes.

  • US Bay Machine Design [US]
    Products : engineering services (Service)
    Bay Machine Design - design, engineering and analysis of electromechanical systems, devices and components

  • PK Pipeline Technologies [PK]
    Products : Seamless CS Pipes ()
    Deals in imports and supplies of CS & SS Pipes

  • IN delta engineers [IN]
    Products : transfer printing machine,embossing , flocking m/c, curing m/c trimmer m/c ()
    we are manufacturer of garment embossing ,fusing transfer , screen printing machineries in India

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