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  • KR Humas Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Water Analyzer and Test kit (Manufacturer)
    Humas Co., Ltd., which has laid the foundation for providing a total service in analyzing water by developing the Water Analyzer and Test kit, which is the highest quality in the world.

    Products : water purifier mineral solution ()
    We are selling all about environment devcies of water purifier, industrial purifier, waste water treatment plant

  • EG TIBA Engineering & Trading [EG]
    Products : Cables Industry (Trade Opportunities)
    We are agency and trading corporation, working in the Egyptina market

  • TW Rotek [TW]
    Products : Reverse Osmosis, filters, Pure water system ()
    Industrial, business and home use filtration, pure water, ultra-pure water system, equipments and material parts wholesale, professional designing, manufacturing and Installation.

  • KR Kip's Trading [KR]
    Products : water drilling machine ()
    we have manufactured the water drilling machine, If you use this machine you will get the best quality water within 1 or 2 days

  • NP Mount Everest Manure Factory Co. Pvt.Ltd. [NP]
    Products : Ossein,&crushed bone ()
    We are manufacturer/exporter of crushed bone and sculptural.

  • KR Baconn [KR]
    Products : Inpection Machine for infected water mesurement ()
    We are a manufacturer of inpection machine for water pollution with a heavy metal accroding to real time monitoring system in korea, which is different from the current machine.

  • DE Otto Graf Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH [DE]
    Products : rainwater harvesting systems, water tanks, septic tanks, percolation products ()
    We are Europe's leading manufacturer of rainwater harvesting systems and water tanks in Europe and offer a wide range of plastic products

  • PT Azinor - Comercio Internacional & Representacoes Lda [PT]
    Products : agricultural products, vehicles,spare parts ()
    Large Trading House specializing in trade with Angola

    Products : Automatic Chlorine Injector, Functional Stainless Steel Water ()
    Hansamkora is a leader in the construction of simple water supply and sewage facilites.

  • KR KumSung Industrial Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Automatic trash rakes and screens, Water gate, Sludge collector, Filter press ()
    KumSung was founded in 1982 and has been supplying various and many products for sewage and drainage system of water treatment.

  • US ASK / H2O [US]
    Products : Water Conditioners (Importer)
    Alternative Water Treatment With out using Sodium or Potassium Chlorides

  • SG Dedot Pte. Ltd. [SG]
    Products : Water Generator / Dispenser ()
    Hyflux Aquosus Water Generator is an automatic water generator. No water bottles as well as piping are required. It dispense water in hot and cold.

  • VE Veneagua CA [VE]
    Products : Filter, softener, water teratment system (Service)
    Venagua is a company based in Caracas-Venezuela since 1977 with a long experience working for oil industry, government and private industry

  • GB Nisam International Limited [GB]
    Products : Water Treatment ()
    Nisam International Limited

  • IN Mangesh Agency [IN]
    Products : pipes, valves, ro membranes, fine chemicals ()
    Indenting & Outsourcing agents + Service providers to Water & waste water industry

    Products : water filters ()
    water filter provider

    Products : generator, water treatment Plan, Mattel Detector,Thred, Duplex Board,Floor Tiles ()
    Fastmax Ltd. is doing business as Importer,Exporter,Indenter in Bangladesh.we are enlisted Supplier of army,Navy,air-force.

  • IN Vina International [IN]
    Products : Plastics, Chemicals, Machinery, Raw Material, Apparel, Textiles, Garments ()
    We are merchant traders catering to various industry segments like plastics, metal, cheicals, textile etc.

  • TW Tradesun Industry Co.,ltd [TW]
    Products : roots blower (Manufacturer)
    roots blower

  • NZ Kris trading Co . Ltd [NZ]
    Products : water treatment and Bottling Plant ()
    Kris trading co. Ltd also known as Kris Chemicals, wants to set up a Watr Treatment and bottling plant.

  • KR Wonyong [KR]
    Products : [Miracle pi-water] pi water purifier, pi water filter ()
    [Miracle pi-water] pi water purifier, pi water filter

    Products : water filters,r.o,coolers (Trade Opportunities)
    We are dealing with water problems since 1972.Our experience say that no one water in the world is safe to drink.

  • KR STM Corp. Inc. [KR]
    Products : Waste Water Treatment & Purifying Equipment ()
    We are manufacturer and exporter of Waste Water Treatment & Purifying Equipment

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