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  • IN BTH Electricals (Guj.) Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Welding machinery, welding rectifiers, magnetic rectifiers ()
    Manufacturer and exporter of welding machinery as welding rectifiers, magnetic rectifiers, thyristorised welding rectifiers, welding inverter, MIG machines in India.

  • IT Ritmo Spa [IT]
    Products : welding machines, extruders, socket fusion butt fusion sheet welders PE PP PVDF (Manufacturer)
    Italian manufacturer of plastic welding equipment and portable extruders

  • TW Super Ultrasonic Co.,Ltd [TW]
    Products : ultrasonic welding machine,ultrasonic lace sewing machine (Manufacturer)
    We are a professional ultrasonic machine producer in Taiwan. Our company had been established since 15 years ago and have nice reputation in Taiwan and world wide.

  • TW Super Ultrasonic Co.,Ltd [TW]
    Products : ultrasonic plastic welding M/C,ultrasonic lace sewing M/C,CD Sleeve making M/C (Manufacturer)
    We are a professional ultrasonic machine producer in Taiwan. Our company had been established since 15 years ago and have nice reputation in Taiwan and world wide.

  • KR Han-Sung High Frequency Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Spiral Fintube Welding Machine (Manufacturer)
    Founded in 1998 with the spirit of excellency in small business and the spirit of challenge,

  • TW Back Stop Industries,Co. [TW]
    Products : ceramic ferrules, ceramic backing plate, ceramic end tab, stud welding (Manufacturer)
    ceramic ferrules, ceramic backing plate, ceramic end tab, stud welding

  • IR Iranmasader [IR]
    Products : welding electrode ()
    We are importers of welding electrode and have about 5years experience in welding electrode market in Iran.

  • SK Samo [SK]
    Products : welding helmet
    welding helmet,Auto darkeneing welding helmet CE 686 european protection standard

  • KR SonicsKorea Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : ultrasonic metal welder ()
    we?re making effort to develop plastic welding system, plastic processing, assembly and testing equipment, and furthermore we all of Sonics Korea members devote our effort to develop and spread new.

  • Weldtec Cop Ltd [VG]
    Products : wwelding machine (Importer)
    weldtec cop Ltd is company importing all welding machines from over wold , and provide new technolog in this profile all viet nam market.

    Products : Industrial supplies (Welding Electrodes,machines & accessories,Safety & Ceramics ()
    Mistershetoe Nigeria Ltd is involved in importation and distribution of welding electrodes, machines/Accessories,Safety products,ceramics,We have been involved in the business for some time now.

  • IN Ashishwalia.com [IN]
    Products : welding equipments, consummables
    just wanted to keep abreast with the latest in our field thats welding technology looking here for technology updates and other related information

  • IR Zartosht Co. [IR]
    Products : welding accessories, tile cutter (Importer)
    Zartosht Company is established in 2001. Our main job is buying construction and power tools.

  • JO Maher Said Bata Est. [JO]
    Products : industrial equipments- tools (Importer)
    import of industrial equipments,tools,water pumps, compressors,

    Products : welding machine, cutting machine, welding wire ()
    looking fro good supplier for welding machine, cutting machine, grinding wheel, cutting wheel

  • KR Hansam T&R Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : inverter welding machin, plasma cutter ()
    hansam's 'solon' inverter welding machine is same as former 'LG'. we were seperated from LGin 1998. Our products can be the best solourion in idustrial zone.

  • IR Iran Electrode [IR]
    Products : welding electrode and wires (Importer)
    We are a gerat company in this business .We import electrodes and wires ( Mild Steel and Stain less Steel)

  • TR Pimak Machine [TR]
    Products : welding machine pprc pe profil plasticpipe fittings cutter ()
    pprc-pe-profil welding machine and cutter

  • SG Weldman Welding Industries Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Inverter Welding Machine (Manufacturer)
    Singapore leading inverter welding machine manufactuer. Brand quality product - WELDMAN WELDER. International Distributor WANTED!

  • TR Huner Co. Ltd. [TR]
    Products : MIG-TIG Welding equipments ()
    we are manufacturing and exporting the spare parts and equipments of MIG-TIG Welding Machines inTURKEY

  • US Mcmurray Sales [US]
    Products : welding consumables (Importer)
    McMurray Sales Associates Inc

  • KR K.R. Precision Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Welding Accelerator (Manufacturer)
    Inventor of new product, welding accelerator to increase weld quality, productivity and cost saving.

  • PT Wind Welding Portugal [PT]
    Products : Welding Products ()
    Welding importer of electrodes, rods, accessories, silver,mig,tig, helmets

  • KR Posan Trading Co. [KR]
    Products : welding system, PTA process, Seam tracker ()
    We are manufacturer of welding system and welding machine

  • HK Truth Genesis (Int'l) Enterprises Co Ltd [HK]
    Products : lead free wave soldering machine, smt reflow soldering machine ()
    we are the export & manufacturer in the field of soldering machine

  • AU Migomag Welding Supplies [AU]
    Products : welding machines & consumables (Importer)
    our company is a major distributor of welding machines & consumables to the australian & NZ market

  • MX Comercializadora Bierge S.A. De C.V. [MX]
    Products : Mig, Tig, Plasma, Welding, Tungsten Electrodes, hardwere, adhesive tape ()
    We are a distribuitors in Mexico and we are looking for suppliers in China and all Asia

  • KR Torch Industries Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Auto-ignition gas cutting torch,Automatic gas cutting machine,Welding equipment ()
    Please visit our web pages for new Auto-ignition cutting torch

  • KR SUNNY TECH co. [KR]
    Products : industrial machinery, Semiconductor, OA equipment. ()
    we are one of the importer exporter in korea. main item is welding machines and consumables. if you interested in korean made welding machines, please feel free contact to us. we can help you.

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