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  • KR LHE Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, oblong heat exchanger (Manufacturer)
    We are pleased to introduce LHE Co., Ltd. as the manufacturer and supplier of the following items: Plate heat exchanger,Plate heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, oblong heat exchanger

  • KR LHE Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : Plate Heat Exchanger ()
    LHE is a world`s leading manufacturer a variety of heat exchangers equipped with world`s biggest 50, 000ton hydraulic press .

  • KR World Cruiser Co.,Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Refrigeration Unit for Truck (Exporter)
    Refrigeration Unit For Truck,Fast installation and low maintenance cost

  • IT Comet Srl [IT]
    Products : Air heaters, house and industry heating, hydraulic power units, valve groups (Manufacturer)
    assistance products and oleodynamic and thermotechnical services: air heaters, pressostatic structures and oleodynamic pumps. Flexible and custom-made production

    Products : AIR DRYER ()
    Jemaco Flair is the leading company in Korean Dryer industries with advanced technologies.

  • BD Korotoa Ltd. [BD]
    Products : Cold Storage refrigeration systems ()
    We are exporters, importers of many different kinds of industrial machineries. We are also specialized in the Software Industry at bangladesh.

  • AU Javac Pty. Ltd. [AU]
    Products : High Vacuum Pumps, Refrigerant Recovery Equipment ()
    Manufacturer of high quality, competitively priced vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery, refrigerant recycling euipment and refrigerant charging stations

  • MN MMN Co., Ltd [MN]
    Products : new technologies, new techniques, middle-sized machineries ()
    Our Company was founded in 2000 and since then our Company has been constantly expanding retaining 5 supermarkets, providing 9 services, and dealing with 38 partners from Mongolia and abroad.

  • US CSC Trading [US]
    Products : Storage Tanks, Chillers (Trade Opportunities)
    Storage Tanks, LNG, Propane Scrap Metals, Copper wire Cable Buy Sell

  • NZ RefTech Ltd [NZ]
    Products : Refrigeration valves, heat exchangers and equipment ()
    We are industrial refrigeration contracting company. We import refrigeration valves, pipes and fittings, heat exchangers and associated equipment

  • IN Amrat Metal Corporation [IN]
    Products : Brass,copper,cupronickel,pipes&tubes ()
    My company is manufacturer of brass&copper&cupro nickel pipes&tubes from last 10 yers. We make diffrent type of pipes in diffrent size&swg.

    Products : Refrigerator, Parts ()
    air cooled condenser for Refrigerator

  • DK JTS Support [DK]
    Products : Icecream machines, Paint art. ()
    JTS-Support is a new etablised company with at wide range of customers

  • US Refrigeration Systems [US]
    Products : cold storage insulated modular panels/refrigeration equipment/energy saving devi ()
    cold storage rooms/refrigeration /energy saving device/pre-fabricated buildings

  • AT Wd-austria [AT]
    Products : dehumidifiers foggers (Importer)
    We are an European importer for dehumidifiers, foggers, humidifiers, air conditioners.

  • TR Klimasan [TR]
    Products : refrigerators ()
    we manufacture refrigerators

  • TR Atilim Refrigeration Tra.Co.Ltd [TR]
    Products : compressors, thermostats, copper pipes, stainless stell, PVC-prepainted steel (Importer)
    ATILIM REFRIGERATION is one the leading companies in the Turkish HVAC-R market. We are one of the biggest importers and wholesalers of many refrigeration and A/C products.

  • IR Afarinesh Qeshm [IR]
    Products : Components & Raw Material For Refrigerator Manufacturers ()
    We are leading Trading Company dealing ply of Components, Parts and Raw Material to refrigerator Manufacturers

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