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  • KR WONJIN Industrial Co., LTd. [KR]
    Products : Rotary Looper, Strip Joiner, Tube & Pipe Mill (Manufacturer)
    manufacturer of tube & pipe mills from 1/4"(6mm) to 12"(320mm) OD, equipment for in line & off line tube finish and pipe galvanizing equipment.

  • KR Namgsung Industries Co. [KR]
    Products : multi functional Busbar processing machine (Manufacturer)
    functional Busbar processing machine taking active part in the overseas market with infinite potntial power

  • TR Etasis [TR]
    Products : cnc vertical machine, electronic weighing scale (Manufacturer)
    we ae the mauacturer of cnc vertical machining centers and various kind of electronic weighing scales.

  • Roll Forming Eng' Co., Ltd [AD]
    Products : roll forming machine (Manufacturer)
    Through a cooperative effort Roll Forming is committed to continuously improving our quality, overseas shipping, competitive price, technical skills and efficiency.

  • IN Siddhapura Machine Tools [IN]
    Products : Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Press Brake Machine, Drill, Lath Machine, Bandsaw ()
    Mfgr of Hydraulic Shearing, Press Brake, Lath Machine,Pilar Drill, Bandsaw, Plate Bending,Hydraulic Press,Hacksaw,Power Press,Milling,Shaping, Surface Grinder,Welding Machine, workshop Machinery

  • DE Bips GmbH [DE]
    Products : used metalworking machines (Trade Opportunities)
    trader in used machines from Europe export to turkey , india etc.

    Products : new/ used whole-plant, copper, steel product, used rails, cement, CNC machines, ()
    Specialized in new/used whole-plant equipment/ production line, machines, CNC machinery etc., vehicles, solar products... We buy used rails, copper.. deal in cement.. We are a Taiwan-based company.

  • UA SP Agroex Ltd. [UA]
    Products : Lathes, borers ()
    SP Agroex Ltd. is involved in used machine tool business. We export used heavy machines such as borers, lathes, grinders, milling machines, etc

  • KR roll forming Eng CO. [KR]
    Products : roll forming machine (Exporter)
    Roll Forming Engineering Company(RFC) Specializes in processing the rolled steel sheet and coil processing facilities used widely for the production of steel-based hardware

    AENY INT'L INC. is a custom service company in Taiwan. We specialize in precision CNC machining, milling, turning, tapping & drilling, EDM, advanced laser cutting, fine grinding..., etc.

  • BG RAIS Ltd. [BG]
    Products : milling and lathe machines ()
    We are on Bulgarian market since 1997 and we keep around 17% of all market here. We sell milling and lathe machines with CNC.

  • RU Stanko Impex [RU]
    Products : Industrial machinery/equipment ()
    We import/export industrial tool /metal processing machinery

  • TR Mdk San Tic Ltd Sti [TR]
    Products : Custom made metal parts, dies, jigs, fixtures and special purpose machines ()
    Custom made metal parts, dies, jigs, fixtures and special purpose machines

  • LT Formatek [LT]
    Products : metalwork machinery
    We are Lithuanian company dealing in used and new metalwork machinery

  • IN Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd [IN]
    Products : chemical processing equipments,electrochlorinators,tantalum repair kits,anodes ()
    Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd.,We design,engineer and manufacture exotic metal chemical process equipments,electrochlorinators,platinized & cathodic protection anodes and tantalum repair kits.

  • Mardom Trading Co,LTD [LY]
    Products : steel processing machinery,tools,equipments ()
    processing machinery,tools,equipments ,clips , mineral wires

  • EG Gamma International [EG]
    Products : thermocouples & heaters ()
    We are one of the largest tubes manufacturers In the Middle East area.

  • RU Portal-Techno, Ltd. [RU]
    Products : Lathe, vertical borer, rolls, shears, hyudraulical press, centers, drillers (Trade Opportunities)
    We can offer wide range of metal-working machinery: turning machines, £¿ring-and-turning mills, milling machines, drilling machine tools, grinders, rolls bending (new, used and refurbished machines).

  • IR International Marketing Management Consultants MAM [IR]
    Products : We are consultant-supplier Group ()
    We are consultant-supplier company which due to our long term presence in Iran and Middle East area are able to offer our experinces to our clients around the world.

  • DE Kamani GmbH (www.ostwest.net) [DE]
    Products : Generators, Production Equipment ()
    second-hand machinery, generators and plants from Germany

  • YU Majevica [YU]
    Products : machine tools, agricultural machines ()
    The tradition of ?MAJEVICA? Holding a.d. reaches the far 1905. Under present name it works from 1951.

  • TW Long Jyi Machinery Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : Presses, Forging Machines, Feeders ()
    Our company¡¦s mission is to provide and high performance, durable, energy-saving, safe, and user-friendly presses and forging machines at economical costs to metal parts manufacturers.

    Products : new and used presses, febrication, industerial equipments ()
    SUNG-HO Trading Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the Korea automotive industry and Industerial

  • PL Interspaw [PL]
    Products : welding machinery, materials, accessories ()
    we are importer of welding materials and accessories. We are distridutor and in Poland and exporter to Eastern Europe countries.

  • GB USF [GB]
    Products : MASS FINISHING (Manufacturer)

  • TW SOCO Machinery [TW]
    Products : Tube Benders, Circular Sawing and End Finishing machines ()
    SOCO is Asia;s leading manufacturer of NC and CNC Tube Bending, Circular Sawing and End Finishing Machines. SOCO has over 25 years of experience and has over 80 branches and distributors worldwide

  • BD Universal Engineering [BD]
    Products : Machinery spare parts ()
    We need a joint collaboration from a company for establishment pf a complete line of metal investment casting in Bangladesh

  • IN SNB Associates [IN]
    Products : Steel, Spices & Handicrafts ()
    We are in trade of Coking Coal for the last 10 years working from Kolkata (India) Now we are doing spices & Handicrafts Export

  • US NTS International LLC [US]
    Products : Ecomical Automatic Copperwire Granulator (Exporter)
    Technical and economical suited for small as well as larger operations where scrap wire and cable are available.

  • RO Masinexportimport Industrial Group S.A. [RO]
    Products : Machine tools ()
    Established in 1962 our company is dealing on the international market with a wide range of machine tools, as well as with other machinery and industrial equipment and products.tools

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