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  • IN Ajinkya Electronic Systems [IN]
    Products : Ampere hour meter, Data Logger, Display Systems ()
    Manufacturers of Electronic Systems for Industrial, Telecommunication and Medical applications.

  • KR LG IS [KR]
    LG Industrial Systems Group produces almost every electric equipment for industry and domestics. Our pride is the quality of our products, approved by international standard organ.

    Products : machinery & equipment for semicondoctor (Trade Opportunities)
    We are general trading company of machinery&equipment for semiconductor,robot,gas,materials.

  • KR YANMA GNS Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : picture frame ()
    We, Yanma Frame are proud of offering this fantastic and antique style PS (polystyrene) moldings with hundred kinds of profiles to our valued customers.

  • IT SAROL S.a.s. [IT]
    Products : motor ()
    Technical devices & solutions import export for heating equipments

  • TR ORTAC cable glands [TR]
    Products : plastic cable glands,Brass cable glands,blind stop,motor fans..... (Manufacturer)
    Ortaclar has taken on doing their own production in plastic and molding since it has been established. Our company started to work as ?Sertac Molding Shop? in 1969 .

  • PK Ysat [PK]
    Products : natural gas generators ()
    Y-SAT security & telecom Solutions-Satellite receiving & VSAT systems, Biometrics & CCTV

  • IT Palazzoli spa [IT]
    Products : plug (Manufacturer)
    Palazzoli produce electric security devices since 1904


  • MX Focos Y Equipos Industriales [MX]
    Products : elcectrical compnents meters (Importer)
    asia meters electrical components push bottons voltmeters ampermeters frequency

  • US ICC Imports [US]
    Products : single phase generators ()
    Export of electrical and electronic equipment and components to Eastern Europe

  • SA Mohammed Al-Ahmed Plastic Organisation [SA]
    Products : printing press, extrusion machine, inflation machines, recycling plant ()
    Best Place To Buy Plastic Related Machines, Inflation Extrusion Printing and more !

  • SA Mohammed Al-Ahmed Plastic Organisation [SA]
    Products : printing press, extrusion machine, inflation machines, recycling plant ()
    Best Place To Buy Plastic Related Machines, Inflation Extrusion Printing and more !

  • YE Asharq For Trade & Agencies [YE]
    Products : transformers, insulators, cables, switchgears (Importer)
    ATA has been supplying to the government tender sector for 13 yrs

  • US TES [US]
    Products : Fiber Optic ()
    Our company is a telecom supply company. We supply any new, surplus telecom materials

  • US Cal Technologies [US]
    Products : Electrical Insulating Materials, Copper Wires, Varnishes, Micanite Products ()
    Importer and Exporter Industrial Electrical Products

  • PH Frontier Power Technologies [PH]
    Products : reconditioned industrial generators Caterpillar, Komatsu, Scania, Hino, Cummins (Service)
    Frontier Power Technologies powers up your industrial electricity needs

  • KR Metallink [KR]
    Products : Sell, paste extruder, taping, hot dip tinning machine for PTFE coaxial cable ()
    We are a manufacturer supplying not only machines but also technical transference for production of coaxial cable bears PTFE dielectric.

  • RU Eliron [RU]
    Products : electronic components (Importer)
    Eliron company have been in the russian domestic market for 5 years. We have a lot of regular customers and orders. We specialize on deliveries of passive and active electronic components.

  • KR SENSTECH Co.,Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Digital Indicator,Amp,LoadCell,Torque (Manufacturer)
    SENSTECH manufactures Digital Indicator,Dynamic Strain Amplifier, LoadCell and Torque Transducers.

  • IN Shaila Thermo Tek Pvt. Ltd [IN]
    Products : Industrial Drum Heaters, Tracers, Heating Tapes, Jackets & Vessels (Manufacturer)
    Industrial Heaters & Heating Systems

  • SG TCK Engineering Singapore Ptd Ltd [SG]
    Products : Represent China Instrument, Equipment, RF Equipement, Security Bugarlar System ()
    Singapore company that would like to represent China mader industrial equipment product.

  • DK Abift2001 [DK]
    Products : we are import machinery,manufactory ()
    we are buy a lot of used machines and manufactory and export it .

  • ID Superteknik [ID]
    Products : shutter door locks ()
    We manufacture rolling shutter doors

  • IN Unopos Enterprises [IN]
    Products : Electrical motors for industrial and educational institutions,rectifiers,switche ()
    We are leading exporters of electrical motors,rectifiers,switches of highest precision for industrial and educational sectors.

  • UA Express-service Ltd [UA]
    Products : high voltage porcelain-glass insulator, line hardware, caps, pins for insulators (Importer)
    Our company concerns with the supply of highvoltage products. We are interested to increase of partner's relationships.

  • IR NATIB Eng. Co., Ltd. [IR]
    Products : Explosion Proof Equipments, Marine Equipments, Electrical Products ()
    We welcome any offer

  • KR Charms Engineering Corporation [KR]
    Products : Low Voltage Switches ()
    We are manufacturer & exporter for Circuit breakers,Magnetic contators,switches, DC-AC inverter,plug,sockets,etc most of low voltage electrical items.

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