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    Products : Electro analatycal meters (Manufacturer)
    The Leader on electroanalatical instrumentation with 30 years of experience and innovation.

  • KR Myung-Il Foamtec [KR]
    Products : machines that manufacture plastics (Manufacturer)
    Myung-il Foamtec, a company specializing in the production of machines that manufacture plastics.

  • IN Acmefil Engineering Systems [IN]
    Products : Spray dryers, spray drying system, rotary atomizer spray dryer, nozzle atomizer ()
    Manufacturer and exporter of spray dryers, rotary atomizer spray dryer, nozzle atomizer spray dryer, closed loop spray dryer, sterile spray from Acmefil Engineering in India.

    Products : powder Mill Classifier Complete processing Plant of ultra fine powder ()
    Manufacturer of Mills, Classifiers, Complete Plants with automatic control for fine grinding of mineral and non-mineral materials

  • TW Union Group Plastic Machinery Co,.ltd [TW]
    Products : plastic extruder pelletuzer machinery (Manufacturer)
    Various Plastic Mixing, Blending & Modification Additives Mast , Rcycle

  • US Mohr Corporation [US]
    Products : machinery and equipment to make ceramic and powder metal parts (Trade Opportunities)
    machinery for ceramic, powder metal and other manufacture including complete factories and individual machines traded, appraised and sold

  • IR Deghat [IR]
    Products : trading ()
    We are seling and buying secoundhand machinery like lathe CNC lathe

  • IN Nuberg Engineering [IN]
    Products : PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators,Oxygen Generators,Hydrogen Generator,Ammonia Cracker ()
    We are a leading turnkey engineering contractor and consultant for complete gas solutions.We have more than 250 satisfied customer globally.We are interested in Business Partners in Malaysia

  • IN Nuberg Engineering Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators, Oxygen,Hydrogen Generator, Ammonia Cracker ()
    Nuberg is a leading turnkey project consultant and contractor in industrial gas solution and chemical projects.Our main product is Nitrogen Gas generators.

    Products : Chemical ()
    Rpresent Us In Your Region( Agent And Representative)

  • KR CT Korea [KR]
    Products : machinery (Exporter)
    We are specialized in plant engineering of mostly chemical processing plant such as PP woven bag, band, Plastic Recycling, disposable goods.

  • IN Empire Industries, [IN]
    Products : equipment for Oil & Gas , Road Construction & ports: Medical equipment (Importer)
    We serve the Infrastructure Industry in India by supplying Imported Equipment. Our Medical equipment Division serves the Hospitals

  • US Komota Industries [US]
    Products : Portable Shotblast Machines (Manufacturer)
    We manufacture shot blast machines used for removing paint and coatings from concrete and steel surfaces

  • ES Productos Plasticos Anticorrosivos [ES]
    Products : plastic tanks, frp pipes, plastic fans, (Manufacturer)
    Industrial instalations, Equipment for collecting and processing gases, Industrial piping, Reactor, tanks, vessels, and special equipment, Anticorrosion coatings, after sales and maintenance service

  • IN Jayama Enterprises [IN]
    Products : Reactors (Manufacturer)
    Specialized Equipment Fabricators,wiith vast experience in Desgining & manufacturing plants for chemical industry e.g Greases,Dyes,Bulk Drugs,photographic chemicals etc .

  • PK Industrial Castle Equipments [PK]
    Products : Flanges, Valves, fittings (Importer)
    We are the large importers of MS SS, Flanges, Valves, fittings etc.

  • IR Hot Stampiran Co [IR]
    Products : hot stamping foil (Importer)
    we are at iran and we want to start producing hot stamping foil for iranian costumer

    Products : uesd processing equipment, machinery, lines, plants (Trade Opportunities)
    used machinery for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber, pulp and paper industries

  • IN System Engineers [IN]
    Products : Process equpments, reactor, heat exchangers, dryers, ball mills, blenders, sand ()
    Leading manufacturer of Process plants and equipment, turnkey installation of Resin plants, adhesive manufacturing for paint, textile, leather industry

  • NL Danish [NL]
    Products : iron ()
    we have stainless steel

  • AU Famicorp Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : Machinery (Exporter)
    Exporter of Machinery etc

  • US Kyte Centrifuge Consulting [US]
    Products : centrifuges for solid liquid separations ()
    Provider of used and new centrifuges. Consultant for centrifuge separations.

  • IR Chimiaran [IR]
    Products : Chemicals & Machinery ()
    P.V.C stabilizer manufacturer

  • GB Hs Ltd [GB]
    Products : car spareparts (Trade Opportunities)
    We are a company that bus and sells care spare psrts and other machinary

  • IN Vijay Group Of Companies [IN]
    Products : Machinery, Chemicals etc ()
    We are a reputed trading house in india

  • IN Micro Soap Machinery And Soap Plant [IN]
    Products : Soap Machinery, Soap Plant & Oil Mill Machinery ()
    Manufacturer of soap plant and soap machinery for manufacture of toilet soap, detergent soap, laundry bar soap and detergent powders and oil mill machinery

  • SG Asiaclean Singapore Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : dosing pumps and dosing equipments for dishwashers and washing machine (Exporter)
    Manufacturer of dosing systems and dosing pumps for the automatic dosage of detergent in professional dishwashers and washing machine. Trader of proportioning diluitors and high pressure spray water.

  • US Eskay&CO. Inc [US]
    Products : valve, pump, gasket, oring, seal (Trade Opportunities)
    Agent in US distributing Petro-Chemical products to worldwide

  • SA Aabed [SA]
    Products : Crude Oil & Jet Fuel ()
    Diesel Oil & Jet Fuel Business

  • PK Surge [PK]
    Products : motors ()
    Company dealing with various chemicals, equipment and machinary

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