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  • KR Entro Corporation [KR]
    Products : Abrasive paper, Melamine, DMF ()
    We Entro Corporation is expert Korean Trader for Abrasive paper, Melamine, DMF

  • KR A.TEC Diamond Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : Vitrified CBN, Diamond grinding wheel (Manufacturer)
    We are providing Specialized Vitrified bonded CBN wheel and Diamond wheel, providing a long tool life, effectivedressability,least whell wear and longest dressing interval

  • US Kailto Tec Inc. [US]
    Products : electronics, electrical, computers, machinery ()
    We are a state of the art company with customers overseas, we offer the best quality service and products. pelase contact.

    Products : ABRASIVES (Manufacturer)
    We at CUMI,India are the leading Abrasive manufacturers in India for all Automobile ,Bearing and steel industries

  • IT Diamond Service srl [IT]
    Products : diamond tool (Manufacturer)
    We are an italian diamond tool (for stone and building sector,like diamond disc, diamond wire, diamond gang saw, diamon core bits,..) manufacurer.

  • IN Nisa Welding Solutions [IN]
    Products : welding electrodes and abresives ()
    Marketing and consultancy in indusrial products in india. mainly in welding electrodes and industrial abrasives.

  • KR Bluefish Trade [KR]
    Products : End Mill ()
    As a Korean Trading company, it offers various business chances thru market research and customer request. We have several exproting advice experience with multi-national compnay in Mid-East, and EU.

  • VN Suc Ep Abrasives Co.,Ltd [VN]
    Products : flap disc, flap wheel, cutting and grinding wheel ()
    we are the first manufacturer in Viet Nam about flap disc and flap wheel

  • TR Bogazici Ticaret [TR]
    Products : abrasives (Importer)
    importer and machine tools and abrasives from italy and germany since 1957

  • BD General Scientific Company Limited [BD]
    Products : heavy equipment like port handling, airport, heavy industry , defence products ()
    We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading international trading organization in Bangladesh. We deal in wide range of products and services with government, civil and military org

  • IN Carborundum Universal Ltd [IN]
    Products : abrasives (Manufacturer)
    Carborundum Universal Ltd is lesding coated abrasive manufacturers and has strong presence in bonded abrasives also

  • MA Simar International [MA]
    Products : machinery and equipement ()
    bussiness oppurtunities.


  • TW Whole Spain [TW]
    Products : abrasive (Importer)
    we import abrasive, this is not a company, I just want to get information from the factory

  • GT Paper Dreams [GT]
    Products : paper products (Manufacturer)
    Looking for paper making machineLooking for paperLooking forLooking for paper making machine paper making machine making machine

  • AU Sunnywin Services [AU]
    Products : diamond blade ()
    we import diamond blades diamond polishing pads granite processing equipment

  • US Bladehouse Mfg [US]
    Products : Mfg saw blades & abrasives ()
    Mfg high quality saw blades & abrasives,circular,holesaw,hacksaw,diamond blades,drill bits,SDS,Abrasives,Grinding wheels,cutoff wheels,sheets,resin fiber discs,roloc type disc,

  • KR C.I.CORP [KR]
    Products : ABARSIVE PRODUCTS ()
    WE ARE GOOD SUPPLYER. WE HAVE 50 CUSTOMERS IN THE WORLD. we have 3 factory. One is for diamond products in korea and 2nd is for cloth abrasive in korea and 3rd is for waterproof abrasive paper in

  • EG Mecca Co. IMP. & EXP. [EG]
    Products : Steel Core & Diamond Saw Blade & Steel Center (Importer)
    We are EgyptIAN Company working in The field of Import and Trade Steel Centers we need a copy of your catalogues to our branch address mentioned below.

  • IN Process Ekuipment Engieers [IN]
    Products : Shot blasting machines, shots, material handling equipments, IndustriaAutomation (Manufacturer)
    deals with any type of mechanical engineering works, shot blasting machines, shots, cut wire shots, Industrial automations, material handling equipments and many others

  • PK Chromatex Chemicals [PK]
    Products : Garnet Abrassive Grains and Powders,Textile Auxilliary Chemicals ()
    Chromatex Chemicals is a manufacturer and exporter of Natural Rock Garnet AbrassiveGrains and Powder, we are also manufacturing textile Auxilliary Chemicals.

  • PK Union Oilfield Services (pvt) LTD [PK]
    Products : Oil & Gas Related Equipment & Services ()
    We provide services in Oil & Gas sector and Equipments

  • TH IBV Thailand [TH]
    Products : Power tools (Importer)
    We supply power tools and associated equipment.

  • ZA Grace Consult [ZA]
    Products : heavy duty industrial machines on offer worldwide. ()
    offers for sale.

  • IN Chaitanya Die Industries [IN]
    Products : diamond dies,pcd blanks ,diamond powders ()
    We are manufacturers of diamond dies from 0.05mm-5.0mm.We also supply pcd blanks and diamond powders at reasonable prices

  • IN N P Kinariwala Private Limited [IN]
    Products : abrasive cloth rolls ()
    Leading user of abrasive materials

  • KR Alpha Stone Tool [KR]
    Products : stone grinding, polishing, cutting tools ()
    Manufacturing & exporting a wide range of stone grinding, polishing, cutting tools.

  • IT GDA S.N.C [IT]
    Products : STEEL CORES FOR CIRCULAR SAW BLADES (Manufacturer)

  • KR Cosmo Trading Inc. [KR]
    Products : Item 1 / grind wheel machine, Paper mill plant ()
    We are a supplier of grind wheel manufacturing plant for reginoid wheel and vitrified wheel. We have a lot of experiences to etport these machines to world wide clients.

    Products : jewellery tools,equipment and consumables (Importer)
    we are importers of jewellery manufacturing tools,equipment and consumables.

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