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    Products : Wet Wipes, Baby Shampoo, Liquid Soap, (Manufacturer)
    We are one of the biggest hyigenic and cometic producer in Turkiye and our products are Wet Wipes, Baby Shampoo, Liquid Soap,

  • KR White Industry Co,. [KR]
    Products : Bidet ()
    We are very pleased that you are interested in our State of The Art Bidet. Our Bidet comes in three types and two colors, white & ivory:

  • PH CCAK Enterprise [PH]
    Products : Diapers & Sanitary Pads ()
    We are in business of sanitary products such as sanitary napkins and diapers based in Malaysia.

  • US Smart Showers [US]
    Products : showers, shower panels, whirlpool tubs (Importer)
    We import shower systems, shower panels and whirltubs and distribute in the US and Canada.

  • HK Multi Star Company [HK]
    Products : Household Wipes, Industrial Wipes, Non-Woven Fabric (Exporter)
    We are an experienced supplier and exporter specialize in Non-woven fabric which suitable for Household pes, Industrial Wipes, Wet Wipes, Cosetmic Wipes and other related items.

  • KR BizinBiz [KR]
    Products : Sanitary Napkin/Diaper etc... (Trade Opportunities)
    The company who want import or export into/from Korea, Please contact me. I would like to be a best partner for your succesful business.

  • KR Dyne Global Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Electronic bidet ()
    We are currently supplying and exporting Bidet productst toward overseas markets.

  • HK Sense Capita [HK]
    Products : non-woven (Manufacturer)
    We sell quality sanitary napkin in low price about usd0.04/pcs

  • Silver Star Co [KW]
    Products : Hand liquied soap,Aerosol dispenser,aerosol can, ()
    Silver Star Co.P.O.Box 7249 Salmiyah 22083 Kuwait.Tel(965)2660720/1

    Products : Bidet, Toilet Seat ()
    We are a manufacturer and developer of toilet-seat cover and Bidet(PAT Name: Odor Exhausting Apparatus for Water Closet) , brand name is BIO-SEAT and BIO-CLEAN Bidet, located in Republic of Korea

  • IR FaraFilter [IR]
    Products : Bath Products ()
    importer of bath and household products, also home appliances vacuum cleaners water coolers and special textiles


  • SA Thomali [SA]
    Products : shampoo , detergent , baby products and feminine products as sanitary napkin (Importer)
    we seeking a detergent , shampoo , and baby product manufacturer

  • PL Deante [PL]
    Products : sinks,taps (Importer)
    Deante is the importer and distributor of sanitary ware like: sinks, taps, bathroom accessories, shower sets. We constantly seeking for suppliers with dissent quality and prices.

  • TR SEM Plastic Industries [TR]
    Products : Plastic Disposable Cups Cutlery Plates Lunch Boxes Cutlery Packs Trays (Manufacturer)
    We are the leading producer and exporter of Plastic Disposable Cups & Tableware , inflight catering equipment

  • HK Goodfair International Limited [HK]
    Products : power toothbrush, manicure set, shavers ()
    we are a Hong Kong based company with factory in Donguan, China

  • BG United Managers Int'l Ltd. [BG]
    Products : Tissue Paper (Manufacturer)
    Tissue Paper Converting Factory

  • SG Ubelco Enterprise [SG]
    Products : We import & export branded tyres. ()
    We have 1 lot of Philippines branded sanitary napkins for clearence

  • HK Larsen Ltd [HK]
    Products : Toilet Paper (Manufacturer)
    Toilet Paper, Toilet Decoration, Toilet equipment...

  • KR Regen Corporation [KR]
    Products : sanitary paper, jumbo roll, paper towel (Trade Opportunities)
    as an importer, exporter for household products, automobile accessories

  • IN Jyothy Laboratories Ltd., [IN]
    Products : Fabric Whitner,Mosquito Coils,Refills,Ayurvedic Toilt Soap(27-Herbal Ingredient) ()
    We are one of the Fast Growing FMCG Company dealing with Fabric Whitner(UJALA),Mosquito Coil(MAXO),Ayurvedic Toilt Soap-27Herbal(Jeeva),Dish Wash Bar Soap(EXO),Agarbathi in different fragrance(Maya)

  • GB Mda [GB]
    Products : tissues (Trade Opportunities)
    need info

  • KR Sepo International Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Toothbrush, toothbrush bristles, other oral care products (Exporter)
    We are specialized in innovative toothbrush bristles as an asian general agent of the coronet group in Germany. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

  • AU Tuominen Galleries [AU]
    Products : gravity water purifier (Trade Opportunities)
    Looking for manufactuer gravity water purifiers

  • MY SGM [MY]
    Products : Medical Disposable Gloves ()
    SUPERMAX - A manufacturer & exporter of Latex and Nitrile gloves for medical, dental, food and hospital uses.

  • HK Fionson Group [HK]
    Products : Airsir, Aerosol Dispenser, Air Freshener, Metered non-Aerosol Dispenser, airsir (Manufacturer)
    Airsir, Aerosol Dispenser, Air Freshener, Metered non-Aerosol Dispenser, Automatic Air Dispenser, Manufacturer and Exporter

  • KR Owell Tech Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Toilet Deodorizer,Ultrasonic Beauty System,Ultrasonic Spot Cleaner,Cupping ()
    Innovative toilet deodorizer.O'well toilet deodorizer making your toilet always clean and fresh for you.ver 97% powerful deodorization effect by two stages.

  • KR shinwoncorporation [KR]
    Products : monitor (Exporter)
    we have factoryand manufacture.

    Automatic sanitary products including infrared sensor and automatic faucets, urinal flushers, electric hand dryers, soap dispensers, aerosol dispensers and air fresheners.

  • TR Tep Kagit Ltd. [TR]
    Products : Baby diaper, Cigarette,Tobacco (Manufacturer)
    We are exporting baby diaper from Turkey. Our prices are international very competitive.

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