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    We are production finest quallty cow hide carpet,pachtwork cow hide&sheep skin rug.and other home decoration metarials

  • TR Koyunlu Hali [TR]
    Products : machine made carpets (Manufacturer)
    we remain the biggest machine made woolleb carpets maker since 4 decades

  • IN Mbharatkumar [IN]
    Products : towel ()
    towel, bedsheets importer & exporter in india. 100 % coottan towel &bedshhets

  • GB Coltrad Ltd. [GB]
    Products : Flooring (Trade Opportunities)
    Diverse internationally connected importer/distributor under-carpet products

  • IN Madhur Industries [IN]
    Products : magnetic cabinet/door catch ()
    manufacture and export of magnetic cabinet and door catcher

  • DE FUDA Trading GmbH [DE]
    Products : synthetic leather, fabrics for curtains, fabrics for in-door furnitures. ()
    sub-company for our Chinese head office producing household fabrics, agent for Chinese manufactures mostly for synthetic leathers and furniture fabrics

  • NP Amaruj International P. Ltd. [NP]
    Products : Bye Newsprint paper, Flooring carpets, Office and Home Appliances & Telecom prod ()
    Importer, Traders, Commission Agent, Tender Bidder, Manufacturers Representative &Distributor runned by young and energetic business people having experiance for + 20 years. We ve a good network.

  • GB WoodFX [GB]
    Products : Memory sticks (Service)
    Providing natural wax, stain and oil finishes to all furniture and household fixtures. Also providing memory sticks

  • BR Spazio Design [BR]
    Products : Knobs and Handles (Exporter)
    Brazilian company seeks for north american distributor /wholesaler for furniture acessories ( handles, pulls, knobs) Various design - colonial, contemporary or by request.

  • IN Carpetmen & Interiors [IN]
    Products : Hand-tufted / Hand-loom carpets ()
    We manufacture and export hand-tufted and hand-loom woollen carpets

  • TR Gizir Ah?ap Profil Ltd.£żi. [TR]
    Products : on MDF by PVC foil ()
    GPS produce wrapping profiles (on MDF covering by PVC foil) of perfect furniture. Wrapping profiles have their extended use in kitchens and young rooms.

  • TR Turkaliz AS [TR]
    Products : home textile, fabric, upholstery, plastic cups ()
    Supplier of home testile products such as upholstery and drapery fabrics, bed sheet fabrics

    Products : Home Decoration (Textile & Hard Goods), Footwear and Leather Accessories (Service)
    Buying House working with European countires and dealing in Home Decor in Textiles, Hard Goods and Leather Products.

  • Alhama General Trading And Contracting [KW]
    Products : wall hangings, door hangings, table cloths, sofa covers ()
    We, Alhama General Trading and contracting Co, Kuwait is looking for importing items like wall hanging, door hangings, table and sofa cloths etc. for purchasing in in bulk.

  • US Silk Plant Design Center [US]
    Products : Home decor and artifical trees and flowers (Manufacturer)
    Manufacture of artifical trees and floral arrangements

  • IN Hajeemoosa Exports Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : quilts,cushion covers ()
    we have been exporting to australia

  • PH Kenworks, Inc. [PH]
    Products : handicrafts, ceramics, wooden items, household furnishings ()
    Kenworks is a marketing endeavor with an objective of promoting Philippine products throughout the world. It is committed to continuously upgrade Philippine products through product development.

  • US coral reef [US]
    Products : bamboo curtains picture frames bamboo furniture ()
    we import wetsuits for surfing scuba diving import bamboo furniture and picture frames

  • UZ Atlanta Direct Import [UZ]
    Products : caste aluminum goods (Importer)

  • US Accent Antiques [US]
    Products : furniture and access. ()
    In business 24 years, imported hundreds of containers

  • PH Falcon Distributors Inc. [PH]
    Products : pouch laminators, PVC baseboard , PVC mouldings, curtain rods, curtain fixtures, ()
    Importing Photo Developing Machine accessories, curtain fixtures and accessories, PVC floor baseboards and mouldings,photo accessories, pouch laminator,

  • JP Continental Trading Co., Ltd. [JP]
    Products : carpet, granite, towel (Importer)
    Looking a nice product from all over the world.

  • CA Progressive Distribution Inc. [CA]
    Products : window blinds parts, wood, plastics, shades, pleated, components ()
    We are an import/export/distributor of a wide variety of window covering products.

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