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  • IN Radika Exim [IN]
    Products : Soap ()
    We are manufacturer exporter of soaps n detergents from India.

  • ZM Trade Kings Ltd. [ZM]
    Products : Ditergent Paste, Energy Drink, Sweets, Laundry Soap,Toilet Soap ()
    Our Company Base in Zambia, Central Africa , We Supply/Export our products all over southern Africa Such South Africa, Bostwana, Namibia, Mozambique, and Congo DRA

  • Europe & Asia Commercial Company Limited. [MM]
    Products : Detergent , Drycell , Shampoo , Soap , toothpaste , Softdrink ()
    Detergent , Drycell , Shampoo , Soap , toothpaste , Softdrink

  • RO Transghe S.r.l. [RO]
    Products : matches, clear lightbulbs, sanitary napkins, cotton wool, baby diapers, etc (Importer)
    We sell only the products we directly import and concentrate very much on them, selling large quantities and becoming leaders on the market with these products.

  • SG SwanFlower Pte Ltd. [SG]
    Products : supply bamboo charcoal ()
    We are mainly concerned in exporting the bamboo charcoal as well as we need the technology to share for the better quality production to supply.

  • TR Goldimpex Int Trd. [TR]
    Products : air fresheners,hair sprays,deadorants,dishwahing liquid,liquid hand soap,shampoo ()
    Exporter andimporter of group of manufacturer companies. Household products,personal care products,plastic disposible cups,plastic packaging products,socks,underware products,foods.

    Products : Sanitizer, Liguid detergents for kitchen and industrial uses, powder soap, etc. ()
    HANSSEM is making clean environment. We'll make more efforts to manufacture more environment-friendly products.

    Products : Biscuits, Confectionery, Detergent Powder, Utensils, Pipes, Sheets, (Exporter)
    We are Exporters of India exporting Biscuits, Confectionery, Detergent, Ultramarine Blue, Mosquito Coils, Utensils, Galvanized Pipes & Sheets, Palm Oil, Engine Oil, etc. Our Turnover is USD MIllion

  • BE Ammoptiek [BE]
    Products : cleaning products, enzymatic cleaners,cleaning formulations ()
    Sales of cleaning concentrates (economic, ecological) - high activated enzymatic cleaners - Sales of Cleaning Formulations

  • SG Leadson Trade And Services [SG]
    Products : Multi=purpose Stain Remover, Skin Care Products ()
    We manufacture/export Laundry Bleach (Non-Chlorine), Multi-purpose Stain Remover, Skin Care Products

  • PK Lasani Distributors [PK]
    Products : Household (Importer)
    Importers of baby diapers, soaps, tissue paper, shoe polish

  • ID Exindo [ID]
    Products : Soap , shirt(girls, kid), oil, food, chemical(alkyd resin), etc ()
    We're general trading company based in Indonesia. We're exporting the following product from Indonesia : Soap, oil , shirt , chemical , food , etc.

  • IN drashti chemicals [IN]
    Products : mfg all kind of detergent base product ()
    we mfg all kind of detergent product can supply in bulk or as per your speaci

  • SA Saudi Industerial Detergent Co. [SA]
    Products : Detergents, Aerosols, Paper and plastic converting (Manufacturer)
    SIDCO is Saudi Company produces more than 150 products. Most type of household products, veterniry, insectcide, paper converting, detergent powder

  • IN Lotus Industries [IN]
    Products : soap, detergents, liquid cleaners, shampoos. herbal soaps, herbal scrub soaps ()
    We remain among the top soap and detergent exporters from india

  • TR Aslanli Kimya Ltd. [TR]
    Products : various type of detergents ()
    we are the manufacturer of various type of detergents and soaps.Please see them at our web site.

  • US Cramb Inc. [US]
    Products : candy, laudry products, food, dry noodles ()
    New distributing company, interested in shipping products to the caribbean. Suppling household and food products

  • SA Alawal [SA]
    Products : detergent ()

  • SA thomali [SA]
    Products : detergent and shampoo (Importer)

  • AU Essence [AU]
    Products : water saving devices ()
    Our company is endevouring to maka available to the general public a wide range of water saving devices and solar powered equiptment via the internet and direct sales

  • YU Yuco-Hemija [YU]
    Products : laundry detergent, washing up liquid , shampoo, (Manufacturer)
    Yuco-Hemija is a manufacturing company with several production plants: various types of detergents, cleaning products for domestic and industrial use, cosmetics, abrasive materials and plastics

  • MY Spectraniaga Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Wash Cleaner, Disinfectant, Degreaser, Organic Soap ()
    Exporter & Distributor of high quality Hygiene Solutions for Industrial & Household washing

  • VE Unidet [VE]
    Products : Private label, laundry & personal care products ()
    Unidet is a supplier of private labeled products to big chains

    Products : enamelware,non stick coockware,gas cooker,stove,oven,detergent,soap (Manufacturer)
    We're one of leading manufecturer of House Hold Products in Turkey.We're searching reliable importer&distributors from all over the world.

  • KR Forman Tech Co.,Ltd. [KR]
    Products : tuna longline equipment, fishing line, squid fishing, fishing tackles, gears ()
    We are a remarkable supplier of full range of tuna longline equipments, fishing line, squid fishing, fishing tackles, fishing gears and saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing with quality.

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