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  • PK Dr Zameer and Co International [PK]
    Products : Surgical instruments, Dental, Beauty Care, Ortho, ENT, Eye,Cutlery ()
    We are manufacturers & exporters of surgical, dental, beauty care, manicure, pedicure, orthopedic, ophthalmic, hollow ware, gyne & obs instruments and cutlery, knives and nuts & bolts.

  • TR Kutay Dental San Tic Ltd.Sti [TR]
    Products : Dental Acrylic Artificial Teeth ()
    Dental Artificial Teeth " SAMED Ultraplus " - "ARDIS Color

    Products : Acrylic Teeth ()
    TOROS DENTAL manufacturer of acrylic teeth in high quality

  • KR Dio Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Implant (Manufacturer)
    DIO IMPLANT leading global implants market! We have developed various dental equipments such as submerged type Implant system, Osteotome and Mini implant system etc in providing innovative products.

    Products : Dental products,orthodontic (Trade Opportunities)
    My company is a new company. Now we are finding the manufacturers which produce dental and orthodontic products

  • SA Dar AL-HIkma United [SA]
    Products : toothpaste, brush (Trade Opportunities)
    we dar alhikma est in saudi arabia we distribute dentist care product & derma product

  • IN Radiant Intertrade, Inc. [IN]
    Products : Dental Material (Importer)
    We are importers of dental material and dental items for indian market

  • KR CHUNG-SOL Pharm [KR]
    Products : Toothpaste.Cosmetics (Manufacturer)
    Our company makes toothpaste and cosmetics in Sout Korea.

  • PK Feroze&fiaz Surgical Co, [PK]
    Products : surgical, dentalinstruments ()
    we are manufactrueras and expoter of surgical, dental ,manucire kits ans scissors all types

  • US Dafranc Supply Co. [US]
    Products : computers, dental equipment, hospital beds, oxygen, computer parts, software ()
    Sell / Resell used medical and dental equipment and computers, parts and accessories. Portland, Oregon.

  • TR Net Dental [TR]
    Products : Autoclave and dental products (Importer)
    We looking for dental products,autoclave,surgical micromotors etc.

  • RO Dentalcare Grup [RO]
    Products : dental (Importer)
    In order to be able to successfully begin to bring new products on the Romanian market

    Products : injection equipment for dentures ()
    We are importing, exporting and developing FLEXIBLE DENTURE injection equipment

  • IN Xorin Medident Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : dental quipments (Importer)
    we are importers of dental equipments always looking new and innovative products

    Products : Artificial teeth ()
    Masterdent is a manufacturer of artificial, acrylic teeth of 2 and 4 layers

  • KR Good Doctors Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Wireless Intra oral camera (Manufacturer)
    WHICAM ? The best quality wireless intra oral camera. Please visit our website at www.whicam.com

  • JP Microtech Corp. [JP]
    Products : Disposable Masks, Aprons, Sterilization Pouch, Sterilization Reel, etc, ()
    We are Microtech Corp. in Japan which is handling various Dental Goods from all over the world. Always looking for items which has competitive price in our market. Please contact us anything!

  • CZ Natio Agency [CZ]
    Products : Dental Floss (Importer)
    Natio Agency is a new company taking on the opportunity in distribution of health and personal care products. It has 4 employees and TO USD 75 000. Its main office is in Prague.

  • PE Barther International [PE]
    Products : X-ray machines, Foto curing lamps (Importer)
    Barther International is peruvia company thar works in south america y teh are of the import and sale of dental and medical products and equipement

  • YE Alnedari Co For Medicines And Medical Appliances [YE]
    Products : dental materials,medicines&medical product (Importer)
    we are importers and disterbute medicines and medical appliances seince ten years ago and we have branches in the main cities of our country

  • IN Sai sanj international hygienic products [IN]
    Products : alcohol swabs sellers ()
    We are basically promoters of Steri-9,which is our brand for international standard alcohol swabs. we market the products in India and are also export.

  • LK Yu And Company Pte Ltd. [LK]
    Products : Dental products, equipment, accessories and consumables. (Importer)
    We are Sri Lanka?s largest dental product distributors and have been operational for the 25.

  • US Jonesgivens [US]
    Products : toothbrushes (Importer)
    We are looking for FDA approved toothbrush manufacturers in China, India, Mexico and Israel

    Products : dental goods, dental rotatable unit side table, medicine bottle, endo case, ()
    We are an orignal dental manufacturer in making dental special trays, flexible lip widers, x-ray view boxes. cotton roll dispensers and interdental brushes.

  • US Burs And Bits, Inc. [US]
    Products : disposable burs (Trade Opportunities)
    The most affordable, high quality diamond burs on the planet are now available in the United States. All sizes and shapes available. Check our website for details.

  • AR D&T S.A> [AR]
    Products : Colostomy bag, retractable syringe ()
    D & T Medical Device S. A. " D & T Medical Device S. A. is a medical consultant company working for the major Argentina pharmaceuticals companies

  • US Anderson Supply Of The Carolinas [US]
    Products : didposable exam and industrial gloves, face masks, Patient Bibs, Bags (Service)
    We are suppliers of Dental products and we supply to the tattoo markets, salon industry, nursing homes, mechanics and food industry.

  • US Sbpsi.inc [US]
    Products : archaea
    new microbes, exists in extremely environmental, good for ecosystem and enzyme industries also good for preventing environmental contamination from man made waste and food preparation.

  • NP Kohinoor Crafts [NP]
    Products : handicrafts ()
    We export handicrafts from Nepal

  • PK S.T.Chabba Int'l Co [PK]
    we are M/E of instrument we are certified ISO9002,CE Mark, GMP

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