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  • SK T-International S.r.o. [SK]
    Products : detox foot patches ()
    Authorized european importer of the products for health - detox foot patches, ...

  • US Park Ophthalmology [US]
    Products : Toxicology and Ocular Pharmacology (Service)
    Park Ophthalmology is a full service clinical practice with research capabilities, with clinical trial emphasis.

  • ID Sinar Herba [ID]
    Products : chinese raw medicine (Importer)
    chinese raw medicine, we need supply of chinese raw medicine such as. wen dang, chuan xiong, bai shu pian, gan cao, etc.

  • ID Ud.hoki Bastanta [ID]
    Products : traditional medicine, virgin coconut oil, massage oil, essential oil etc (Importer)
    we sell traditional medicine for men and women and also virgn coconut oil and massage oil 100% natural and safe from indonesia

  • ID Sari Buah Merah [ID]
    Products : Sari Buah Merah/Red Fruit Extract ()

  • PH IAT Coconut Products [PH]
    Products : Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Fiber, Coconut Peat ()
    We are supplier of high-value coconut-based products for commercial and industrial applications.

  • SG Fei Fah Medical Mfg Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Branded external analgesic products, health teas and herbal supplements ()
    We are manufacturer for external analgesic products in Singapore, a close competitor to Singapore's Tiger Balm. We are looking for a proactive distributor to distribute and market our products.

  • ID Ganeshayasa Mandiri [ID]
    Products : traditional medicine, essential oil ()
    export-import and producer of traditional medicine

  • IN Chandresh_patel51@yahoo.com [IN]
    Products : acupuncture eqipments
    dr.c.g.patel from india having 10 bed hospital

  • PK Sabri Karyana Store [PK]
    Products : medicinal herbs ()
    we are in one of the leading importers & exporters of pakistan

  • ID Antares Prima [ID]
    Products : medicinal herbs ()
    we dry fresh herbs from plantation or 'wild picked' and offer as it or in powder

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