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  • PK GSK [PK]
    Products : Macleans, Revitale, Zantac, Calpol (Manufacturer)
    Pharma company glaxo manufacturing pharma as well as consumer health care products

  • KR Korea United Pharm. Inc. [KR]
    Products : Oncology Product (Exporter)
    We manufacture and market a broad range of pharmaceuticals as well as other healthcare supplements. We have worldwide business operations, connecting global networks in over 35 countries.

  • BD General Pharmaceuticals [BD]
    Products : Finished Pharma ()
    We are manufacturer & exporter of pharmaceutical finished products.

  • TR Nihayo [TR]
    Products : Pharmaceutical,Medical,Veterinary (Exporter)
    Wholesaler Pharmaceutical,Medical,Veterinary,Cosmetic

  • IN Randwin Exim Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Lab. Chemicals, Disposables. ()
    Manufacturers of Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Lab. Chemicals, Disposables. as per ISO 9001/2000, EN 13485, GMP,

  • GR Europharm S.A [GR]
    Products : steroids,hormones (Exporter)
    We are specialize in the business of selling Steroids and other various hormones.

  • BoFa Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD [CX]
    Products : Adenesine Cyclphosphate,Nicergoline,Calcium Dibutyacyladenosine Cyclphosphate ()
    BoFa is development, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical raw material. The drug products are towards application in medicine and health care.

  • CA Roider [CA]
    Products : methadone,sustanon,hydromorphone,hdrocodone (Importer)
    I'm a small private company thats tying to find more pharmacuiticals to sell

  • KR Daewoong Pharmaceuticals [KR]
    Products : Pharmaceuticals, APIs ()
    Daewoong Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading Korean pharmaceutical companies with total sales of over 400 million. Daewoong is currently expanding its global business.

  • IN Kamud Drugs Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Probenecid,TramadolHcl, Lidocaine, Ketamine Hcl,Qutiapine Fumerate,Topiramate (Manufacturer)
    We introduce ourselves as Kamud Drugs Private Limited, a company established in 1989 with an intention to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals.

  • YU USP Medicals [YU]
    Products : Anabolic Steroids (Manufacturer)
    Welcome to USP Medicals for more info about our company please visit www.uspmedicals.com and fell free to email us.

  • IR Aras Bazar Pharmaceutical Co. [IR]
    Products : veterinarydrugs (Manufacturer)
    Aras Bazar pharmaceutical co. active about veterinary finish products

  • ID PT. Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratories [ID]
    Products : Pharmaceutical products ()
    We are one of prominent pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia. We are eager to expand our export marketing all over the world.

  • IN Bioproducts India Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Pharmaceuticals ()
    We are manufacturer & Exporter of Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical products

  • IN Global Corporation [IN]
    Products : Pharmaceutical, Surgical, Imitation Jewelery, Food Products etc ()
    We are a merchant exporter dealing in pharmaceutical products, surgical products, imitation jewelery, food products etc

  • TR Farma Simurg Ilac Kimya San.Ltd. [TR]
    Products : Animal Pharmaceuticals and vaccine (Importer)
    Importer of animal pharmaceuticals from Turkey. We would like to contact with you about your distribution and export procedures.

  • IR Pajand Darou [IR]
    Products : API's ()
    pharmaceutical raw material's and chemical fine chemical pharmaceutical finish products cosmetic products herbal medicine's

  • Kakar Sherkat Afghanistan International Pharmaceu; Sole Distributor [AF]
    Products : Finished Products, OTC, Beta Lectam, Antibiotics, Analgisic, Multivits+Minerals ()
    Kakar sherkat Inter; co. Limited is the largest independent pharmaceutical based sole distributor in afghanistan. Seeking Inter; Pharmas Manufacturer to deal busines on the above mention products

  • DE Paul Carton GmbH [DE]
    Products : Pharmaceutical Raw Materials ()
    We are a trading house dealing in Pharmaceutical Raw Materials. We trade world wide.

  • CA Pharmarite Technology Inc-Canada [CA]
    Products : Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials ()
    We are one of the main Canadian Suppliers for Veterinary raw and fininsh products-exports at pharmarite.com

  • PK Royal Group [PK]
    Products : Pharmaceuticals, Matches, Textiles, Glass products ()
    We are one of the leading manufacturers and export of pharmaceuticals and matches from Pakistan

  • US Surgikon Pharma Corporation [US]
    Products : Anaesthesic, Dialysis ()
    manufactuer, USA, Eritrppoietin Alfa, Beta, Ion sucrose, Heparin, Dialysis Solution, Propofol, Thiompetal, Halothane, isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Bupivacaina, Nalbuphina, Tramadol, Midazolam, Morfina,

  • jinanchenghuishuangdachemical.co.,ltd. [CX]
    Products : 2,3-cyclopentenopyridine (Manufacturer)
    2,3-cyclopentenopyridine(intermediate of cefprime)

  • SL S. B. J. Pharmaceuticals [SL]
    Products : pharmaceuticals products (Importer)

  • VN Chau Giang Company Co., LTD [VN]
    Products : Supplying artemisinin, DHA, artesunate, artemether, peppermint oil, basil oil (Manufacturer)
    We are the leading company of manufacturing and exporting artemisinin in Viet Nam

  • VN Vietnam National Central Pharmaceutical Co., No.3 (Centerpharco Hanoi) [VN]
    Products : all medical products ()
    We import and export directly and assignment with the power to export and import pharmaceutical medicines, essentials oil, chemical, medical products....

  • IN Virupaksha Organics Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : Fluconazole, Fexofenadine HCl, Tramadol Hcl (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturers of Bulk Drugs and Drug Intermediates

  • AR Inter Farma S.A. [AR]
    Products : Chondroitin Sulfate, Condroitin Sulfato ()
    We are a company specialized in the extraction of Chondroitin Sulfate from beef trachea and cartilages.

  • IN Varion Life Sciences Pvt Ltd [IN]
    We are the largest manufacturer of the above products

  • IN i-dreamz Health Care [IN]
    Products : Neutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals ()
    We are one of the leading manufacturing, marketing company form India, we are manufacturing a wide range of Neutraceuticals, Pharmacueticals, we are looking for business partners in many countries.

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