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  • KR Husla Industrial Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : exercise chair ()
    HUSLA, the new concept in exercise chairs especially for modern people and can be used regardless of time and place.

  • KR care Corp. [KR]
    Products : adult diaper (Exporter)
    Dear sirs, we are producing adult diapers in Korea.

  • GB Sakeenah Fi Health [GB]
    Products : Natural organic nutritional products
    We have an array of products in the Nutrition, Personal Care and Weight Loss market, of of excellent quality, which is successful in addressing the needs or our expanding customer base

  • AU DataSolve [AU]
    Products : Exclusive natural foods & drug products ()
    Well established company that distributes & sells natural food & drug products for preventative use

  • TR Akfen Industry Co. [TR]
    Products : hospital pipeline system ()
    AKFEN provides some medical devices and analytic equipments, medical gas systems to almost 250 private and government hospitals and clinics.

  • US Tms-imid Inc. [US]
    Products : sauna heaters and steamers ()
    spa equipment for home and professonal use, steamers, saunas

  • KR JE Medical Co.Ltd [KR]
    Products : Theramax JE7000 ()
    Thermo Acupressure Massager-Infrared Rays-Thermo massager is spectacularly designed to eliminate body aches, pains and postural problems with using of acupressure and infrared techniques.

  • PK Zaynee Salt Craft [PK]
    Products : we sell salt crystal lamps ()
    zaynee salt craft is the leading salt lamps manufactrering company in pakistan and we have our own salt mine

  • PK Nimbus Trade [PK]
    Products : lumefantrine Hcl (Importer)
    We get the liberty to introduce ourselves as one of the leading importer and distributor of, cosmetics, detergents, food,

  • US SDRC [US]
    Products : Enuresis solution (Manufacturer)
    Stop bedwetting forever. All ages handled.No meds!

  • PK Thapur [PK]
    Products : Hospital Furniture ()
    Hospital Supplies we supplies hospital furniture nd hospital garments nd as well bed sheets nd we r in this field since for da long time nd we have a well established name nd we have our catalogue .

  • PK Paklinkers [PK]
    Products : Intra Ocular lenses,Opthalmic Instruments,Medical equipments Reagents,Elisa kits ()
    Paklinkers is the distribution and Importers of Diffrent medical products related to medical and health care systems

  • US Blessed Relief Magnetics [US]
    Products : Magnetics (Importer)

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