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  • High-vacuum photo-cells ()

: Prime Listing (Help
  • PA Rada Cia [PA]
    Products : medicines ,vaccines and other hospital and clinic products (Importer)
    chemical. pharmaceuticl and hospitals products. we also import machinery and do mostly all government business in latin america

  • CA Stoneshop [CA]
    Products : Anastrozole,Boldenolone,Drostanolone,Mestanolone,Methenalone ,Nandrolone, ()
    We will send the goods by express company ,Mestanolone,Metribolone,Nandrolone,Sibutramine ,Testosterone,Trenbolone,Raloxifene,Modafinil ,Exemestane ,Vardenafil,Letrozole,Oxymetholone,Sibutramine

  • VN National Pharmaceutics Company No.2 [VN]
    Products : Medical Products (Importer)
    Importing and Exporting medical Products such as medicine, instruments, ...

  • TH SMC [TH]
    Products : Laboratory supply (Trade Opportunities)

  • LB Pharmaceutical [LB]
    Products : Medicines (Exporter)
    We have the full intention to enhance and establish channels of collaboration on the African and Eastern European markets, and we are open for various forms of cooperation We Are GMP , FDA approved

  • HK Anticancer(HK)Ltd [HK]
    Products : anticancer food abstracted from sea algae (Exporter)
    anticancer food is made of selenium polyhexose abstracted from Sea algae. it works against various cancers. it was proved by a reliable institute in Korea

  • NO Nordcon\@gmail.com [NO]
    Products : Fish Collagen products (Importer)
    We're a company looking for manufacturers of fish collagen or related products

  • KR BM Tech Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Ultrasound bone densitometer ()
    We are bringing together trendsetting medical technologies and healthcare information systems, as well as the delivery of care.

  • BR Advanced Imaging Int [BR]
    Products : orthopedic (Importer)
    medical importer in Brasil, selling hi tech x ray, surgical and diagnostic

  • Ste. Obiarukam Holdings Sral [BJ]
    Products : In-vitro diagnostic test kits and Blood Glucose meter (Importer)
    We are importers and distributors of one step rapid diagnostic test kits

  • MY Aplab Saintifik [MY]
    Products : Scientific & Medical (Importer)
    We are scientific company in Malaysia looking for manufacturers

  • CG Shabel [CG]
    Products : diagnostic tests (Importer)
    We are an import company specialing in medical diagnostic tests and mobile phones

  • KR Nambuk Mednics [KR]
    Products : anesthesia machine (Exporter)
    We are manufacturing of good Quality items. please contract ous

  • PK Amson Vaccines & Pharma (Pvt) Ltd [PK]
    Products : Vaccines and Pharma products ()
    we are the only vaccine manufacturer in private sector of Pakistan

    Products : Oncology Products, Bio-tech prodcuts, Herbal products ()
    We are a new established company looking to represent Pharmaceutical Manufacturers interested to import there products in Pakistan

  • PK Three Stars Medical Supplies [PK]
    Products : Laboratory Test Kits (Importer)
    Laboratory,Hospital,,Kits Instruments Rapid Test ,Blood Grouping,Widal,Pippettes

  • Sunrise Valley Holdings Ltd. [VG]
    Products : HIV 1/2 Rapid Self Test Kits (Exporter)
    We specialize in medical home testing kit products. From HIV test kits to Drugs of Abuse tests, we're always looking to be involved with the latest in medical technologies.

  • IL Cor-technologies [IL]
    Products : medical devices, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals ()
    international trade in medical devices and pharmaceuticals

  • BD Bongobazar [BD]
    Products : nil ()
    We are a new company trying to import autodisable syringes from a nearby country . Quality should be good and price should be cheap. We also want to import other feasible products.

    Products : PET PRODUCTS ()
    TRALALA LTD is a wholesale company for pet products in Bulgaria

  • BD Sterling Multi Technologies Ltd. [BD]
    Products : Medical Implement, Medical Equipment, Bio Technology, Health Care, Medicine, ()
    We are related with well known International Trade Business for long. We have been continuously doing with our valued client.

  • Ste. Cenbiotech Medical Supply Co. Sarl [BJ]
    Products : one step rapid diagnostic test kits (Importer)

  • MY INS Bioscience Berhad [MY]
    Products : Wheatgrass-based products, Slimming products ()
    A biotechnology-based company focusing in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a wide range of biotech products

  • TH Bornnet Corporation Co.,Ltd. [TH]
    Products : cosmetics, herbal products, organic fertilizer (Manufacturer)
    We are Bornnet Corporation Co., Ltd., from Thailand, manufacturing and exporting prestigious beauty and cosmetics products internationally.

    Products : grinders, DNA extractors, image analysis, electrophoresis, safe packs (Manufacturer)
    GENOMIC is a reputed French manufacturer of molecular biology equipment : grinders, DNA extractors, lab workstation, electrophoresis, safety packs, image analysis

  • PH Mollex Corp. [PH]
    Products : Rapid Diagnostic tests such as Pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, HIv tests, etc ()
    Mollex Corp. is a Philippine based company engaged in the sales and distribution of Rapid Diagnostic tests such as pregnancy tests, Ovulation tests, etc

  • SG Innovative Biotech [SG]
    Products : Life science (Importer)
    Lifescience.Medical .Healthcare instrumentation hospital accesories

  • KR PGM Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Acanthopanax, Wild Ginseng, Linteus, Chaga ()
    PGM Co., Ltd. is a R&D based venture business on industrializing world class bio-science technology of solicitation laboratory.

  • IN Conybio Health Care India Pvt Limited [IN]
    Products : Bio Ceramic Products ()
    health wealth happiness . all packed together. health + wealth = happiness. on getting this ull enjoy ur life. change ur life life style in a span of one month. completely new technology.

  • Brothers Jichi D.o.o [BA]
    Products : to buy opthalmo products, cancer prevention, diagnostic tests ()
    company located in Bosnia covers former Yugoslavia interested in all medical innovations

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