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  • KR BooSung Trade [KR]
    Products : Model trees ()
    BooSung Trade,SOUTH KOREA is Model tree exporter & Importer

  • KR X-Copter Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : RC Helicopter ()
    X-Copter is one of famous RC Helicopter wholesaler in Korea. The main products which we are handling are Draganflyer and X-UFO etc..

  • GB Jusonneuk [GB]
    Products : Baby baskets wooden products (Importer)
    We are baby company in the uK.looking to import from the far eash many of our won uniqye designs.

  • AE Luccis [AE]
    Products : jewellery (Exporter)

  • IL Goldcity LTD [IL]
    Products : key holders ()
    importer exporter interested in gifts silver jewellery key holders

  • DK Mtrade [DK]
    Products : usb ()
    We are a privat company own by Mr. Fehrenkamp.We offers serious companies

    Products : Playing Cards, Chips, Slot Machines, Trading General Merchandise ()
    Established in 1985, our company is actively involved in trading of gaming paraphrenalias like table games and casino machines.

  • IN Amar Plastic Sales Corporation [IN]
    Products : Clocks, Gift Articles & Novelties (Trade Opportunities)
    We are trading in to gift articles, novelties & clocks

    Products : clothes, hand made products, steel sculptures (Trade Opportunities)
    On our side find you everything that you need for the next gift to your love. Our idea data base is completely at your disposal

  • KR Jae Jung Trading Co [KR]
    Products : binoculars,cup,chair,furniture ()
    we are a distributor of sports,leisure,householding goods in korea and exporter of some kinds of korean goods.

  • DE Handelsagentur Peter Lampert [DE]
    Products : Smell Oils and Candles and Design candles ()
    Trade Company on Commission Basis look for Importers and Exporters, Distributors

  • HK Supercam Cybertech Ltd. [HK]
    Products : multi-functional digital camera, video camera, ()
    OEM and ODM design is welcom

  • KR Personal [KR]
    Products : accessory ()
    anything you think available in Korea Market. spec. through shopping mall on line

  • KR Futurewide Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : character licensing business, cellular phone charging machine & accessories (Exporter)
    Futurewide Co. Ltd, has specialized in telecommunication since established in 1996. now, we are exporting all of cellular phone and patented hands free including accessories.

    Products : gifts premium ()
    want to buy gifts,house appliances etc

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