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  • Gastronomic specialties ()

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  • CL Trade DDL [CL]
    Products : milk jam, Vegetal Oil, palm, soja, sunflower, olive, foods, food, nuts, almond (Trade Opportunities)
    Our company is oriented to look for contacts between clients and

  • Gulf Catering Center [KW]
    Products : importing lamb carcass,canned foods,kitchenware,tableware&etc., (Importer)
    We are one of the leading&large catering company in kuwait.Our catering company very familiar in kuwait.we are importing food stuffs and non food-stuffs from around the world.

  • VN Vietdelta Industrial Co.,Ltd [VN]
    Products : Seaweed-Seagrass (Exporter)
    We export Seaweed (Gracilaria, Sargrassum,Eucheuma Striatum....over the world. If you need any information, do not hesitate to contact us at bichngoan\@vdelta.com.vn or bichngoan\@gmail.com

  • ET Double A Impex Pvt. Ltd Co., [ET]
    Products : Sesame seed ()
    We are one of the leading exporter of Top Quality Organic Sesame seeds in Ethiopia

  • PH Grandasia Int'l. Corporation [PH]
    Products : Aluminum Closures, Lids, Bottles ()
    We are a trading company in Manila catering to our local liquor distilleries and other beverage manufacturer . Also catering to the food sector.

  • PK Evershine Enterprises [PK]
    Products : Rice (Exporter)
    We are one of exporters, millers & processors of Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice from Pakistan

    Products : Shea Nuts & Butter, Tapioca of cassava, coconut oil, pal oil, cashew nut,palm oi ()
    best tropical products at a very beter possible rate worldwide sale

  • IN Jagdamba Foils Pvt. Ltd [IN]
    Products : Foil Packaging, Flexible Lightweight Packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging (Manufacturer)
    Jagdamba Foils Pvt. Ltd. provides Foil Packaging Flexible Lightweight Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging Wholesale Packaging Solutions Packaging Product Supplier Food Safe Packaging Packaging

  • KR World Trading Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : fish collagen ()
    Fish Collagen (scale) --- We are Korea¡¯s World Trading company. We are Korea¡¯s C&A BIOTECH¡¯s agency trading company and collagen and various health food ingredient are doing import and export.

  • IR Dejman Co. Ltd. [IR]
    Products : Aseptic Tomato Paste ()
    Weare producing aseptic tomato paste brix 30-32 in unlimited amount with high international standards and excellent first class 230 kg packages

  • TR Sphere Foreign Trade Company [TR]
    Products : food ()
    We are an export ? import and counsaltancy company established in istanbul,Turkey

  • US Sysco Food Services Of Los Angeles, Inc. [US]
    Products : All food items and equip for hotels, resturaunts, military and food distributors (Exporter)
    We presently distribute food and equipment to hotels and resturaunts

  • IN Muskaan Industries [IN]
    Products : Potato Powder (Manufacturer)
    We have started manufacturing Potato Powder and want to export.

  • CA Srulik Inc [CA]
    Products : Many (Importer)
    Well established import company, specialized in the Canadian market especially in Great Toronto Area. The commercial activity started in 1967 and the company expanded from year to year. .

  • MX La Diablita [MX]
    Products : Habanero Pepper Oil (Exporter)
    We offer Habanero Pepper Oil excelent for seasoning meat, chicken, seafood, vegetables, etc...

  • IN K. K. International [IN]
    Products : Mouth freshner ()
    We manufacture a unique mouth freshner made from natural material.

  • IT I.DI. [IT]
    Products : HDPE bags, t-shirts, roll bags (Importer)
    Hello! We are importer of bags HDPE and we are also interested in merchandising e shopping HDPE bags

  • CA Westshore Purified Water To Go [CA]
    Products : purified water (Exporter)

  • IR Iran Pistachio Export Company [IR]
    Products : Dried Fruits, Pistachio, Raisin, Pistachio kernel, Cumin seeds, other ()
    We are Iranian Exporter in dried fruits since 1968.

  • GB Merlin Productions (UK) [GB]
    Products : electronics, design consultancy ()
    Wanting chopstick and japanese table eating accessories tools.

  • US Lel Peto [US]
    Products : Prompt RFG in New York held around 13cts gal Lel Bruce Peto or about (Service)
    Prompt RFG in New York held around 13cts gal Lel Bruce Peto or about 84.32 cts higher than previous close levels..

  • US Americas Global Trade, LLC [US]
    Products : Rice, tomato paste, souce, mayo ()
    Americas Global Trade, LLC -- is a US based importer/exporter of consumer products worldwide.

  • PK Datta Inter Trade (ART CHAIN) [PK]
    Products : Hand Made Ladies Shoes, Mineral Water, Cane Furniture, Textile Mades Ups ()
    We are one of the best Trading House, Which Covers some manufacturing, and Imports and Exports Facility, On demand we do what ever you want regarding to our business. We only say We close on time.

  • IN Arpan FP [IN]
    Products : paper cups, food packaging items ()
    Manufacturers of paper cups, food packaging items.

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