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  • IN Dholakia Tobacco Pvt. Ltd [IN]
    Products : Snuff, snuss, nasal snuff, tobacco product, plain snuff, mint snuff, herbal snuf (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturer of tobacco product as snuff in plain snuff, mint snuff, herbal snuff and scented snuff which is a smokeless chewing tobacco from Dholakia Tobacco Pvt Ltd in Bhavnagar, India.

  • ID Mulyoraharjo [ID]
    Products : cigarettes (Manufacturer)
    medium sized cigarettes factory serving the local market in Indonesia

  • DE Waka - Maschinen [DE]
    Products : Food Pack ()
    It is a range of machines conceived for a high degree of personalization. Their main application is for packaging liquid and semi-thick products like as yoghurt, jam, honey, butter, margarine,

  • DO Kelvin Peralta & Asocs. [DO]
    Products : Cigars (Exporter)
    We export a primium cigars from Dominican Republic at the best prices you can find.

  • IN Godfrey Phillips India Ltd [IN]
    Products : Cigarettes and Cut Filler ()
    We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Cigarettes and Cut Filler Tobacco from India. We have a group turnover exceeding US$ 300 million.


  • SY Zoni For Trade [SY]
    Products : manufactor nargeeleh ()
    nargeeleh manufactor for old tobacco and antique nargeeleh

  • DO Global Enterprises, Inc [DO]
    Products : Marlboro, Winstons, Havana (Exporter)
    Global Enterprises is the most well respected in the market. Our reputation is our core to business. Ask around?

  • US Hookahland [US]
    Products : Hookahs, Shishas, Nargiles ()
    Hookahland-The best source for all of your Hookah Needs. Providing the highest quality Hookahs to U.S. Markets through new and innovative marketing techniques.

  • GB Cole Trading Ltd [GB]
    Products : I am an importer of both tobacco and cars for the UK market. (Importer)
    I looking to gain contacts with tobacco and car exporters in order to expand my diverse business. I am particularly looking to buy in large bulk at reasonable prices shipped cif to the UK.

  • CY Entracore Ltd [CY]
    Products : shark energy drink,smoking rolling paper ()
    we are a company ınthe north cyprus called entracore ltd.we are currently the maın distriitor shark energy drink

  • GR Viesav S.A. [GR]
    Products : tobacco leaf ()
    Tobacco Reseller

  • KR JiYoung Promotion [KR]
    Products : cigarettes, ramen, water ()
    JiYoung promotion sells korean cigarettes. Cigarettes'name is CARNIVAL. JiYoung promotion already made a success of exporting to Micronesia(Yap state) and Palau island with this CARNIVAL cigarettes.

  • TR SahinPipes [TR]
    Products : Meerschaum Pipes ()
    We are manufacturer of high quality meerschaum smoking pipes

  • BG Alpi Ltd [BG]
    Products : cigarettes ()
    Manufacturers and exporters of cigarettes premium brands and new cheapest brands

  • US Helitis International [US]
    Products : marlboro cigarets (Service)
    zoomzoom4 is a U.S. based cigarets exporter.

  • CA Asta Global Trading Inc. [CA]
    Products : Cigars (Importer)

  • DE DEGAS GmbH [DE]
    Products : Cigarettes (Importer)
    As online-wholesalor we are looking for cheapest premium brand names cigarettes

    Products : Marlboro, Winston ()
    We have for sale USA Marlboro

  • PA ESiteFactory [PA]
    Products : dutyfree-cigarettes.com,free-cigarette.com ()
    eSitefactory has specialization in building, restructuring ,hosting,enhancing and promoting websites for small or large companies through a unique approach.

  • GB Arvpa [GB]
    Products : Marlboro, 555, Boston ()
    Supplier of Marlboro on FCL basis

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