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  • ZA Essco Foods CC [ZA]
    Products : Extruded Products (Manufacturer)
    We are snack manufacturers in South Africa. We are snack manufacturers in South Africa.. We are snack manufacturers in South Africa.

  • NP Marigold Foods [NP]
    Products : cheese ringsq (Manufacturer)
    We are manufacturer of snacks foods in nepal seeking for some suitable machines for this purpose.

  • IT N.E.M. International Ltd. [IT]
    Products : mastefoods, nestle, ferrero ()
    Major Italian importers of FMCG from all Europe and exporter of chocolate products - snack all over the world

  • TH Victoryon.manager@gmail.com [TH]
    Products : dried Thailand sprat, Thai product, fruit, machines (Manufacturer)
    we supply best things at good price . we are the best one for you

  • IN Shree Jain Papad [IN]
    Products : Papad, Khakhra, Mango Papad, Pickles, Namkeen ()
    We are committed to deliver best quality traditional snacks that are delicious and healthy to eat.

  • IN Hi-Tech Food Products [IN]
    Products : Papad,Khakara,Panipuri,Chutney ()
    Manufaturer and Exporter of Indian Snack Food specillized in Papad,Khakara,Panipuri,Chutney.

  • US Fresh Chips [US]
    Products : Fresh chips from potato pellets (Manufacturer)
    We manufactor Fresh Chips cooked in canolia oil, from potato pellets!

  • IN Arunachala Infotech [IN]
    Products : Sidha Medicines, Herbal Medicines ()
    Need a business to do in India, financial and technical assistance need by direct

  • SG Kiwa Trading Company [SG]
    Products : Handicrafts and Food - Biscuits and Snacks ()
    Established since 1976, specialise in Handicraft products from China, biscuits and snacks. We tell our clients, "You name it, we shall find it

  • PH Sunshine Fresh Food International Corporation [PH]
    Products : Sunshine Dried Mango ()
    Sunshine Dried Mangoes are proudly Philippine made! A ready-to-eat snack that contains essential fruit fibers, vitamins and minerals necessary for your health.

  • NG Harmony Bakeries Ltd [NG]
    Products : Bakery products- Looking for a supplier/partner on Snacks productions . ()
    Bakery products &know-how. Supplier for snacks production in large quantities and equipments (czech bread snacks). soap noodles and fragrance.

  • ES Patrocinio Lax [ES]
    Products : Salted Corn, Broad Beans, Sunflower Seeds ()
    Exporter&producer of Roasted Corn, various sizes and flavours/Salted Sunflowerseeds/Nuts/Snacks.Company founded in 1989.Spain

  • HN Microenvases [HN]
    Products : Paper Cups, Plastic Cups, Plastic Bags ()
    Main Manufacturers of Paper Cups in Central America

  • IL Abadi Yossef & Simcha Bakery, Ltd. [IL]
    Products : cookies, cakes, sugar-free cakes, snakc ()
    Manufacturer and global exporter of fresh-baked, quality, "home-made" cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. Our cookies contain No Preservatives, No Sugar Added, No Colorings.

  • KE Afribiz Network (A) [KE]
    Products : Ready to Eat snacks (Manufacturer)
    We are manuf. of Papad from Urad dal, rice, cassava, potato crisps, banana crisp, cassava crips and Namkeen and Pickles

  • ID Overseas Expressindo Trading Co. [ID]
    Products : cashew nut kernels (Exporter)
    We are Overseas Expressindo Trading Co, Indonesia. We are well established traders for cashew nut kernels in Indonesia.We are interested in developing relationship with you

  • US Suma Foods.com [US]
    Products : Chakali, Chivda, Laddu, Puran Poli, Bobbatlu, Holige, Boli (Manufacturer)
    We make Marathi snacks and Marathi catering in NJ and surrounding area. We ship all over US.

  • US Deninqui Corp. [US]
    Products : Organic Dried Bananas ()
    Best natural dried fruits at excellent prices, USDA Certified organic Bananas, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya

  • TH U-pro International [TH]
    Products : Fruit tea and snack (Importer)
    Our company is import business in Thailand, we import the food stuff, snack, candy , biscuit,and fruit tea.

  • US International Standards [US]
    Products : chicken, turkey, pistachios, almonds, oils (Exporter)
    International Standards is one of the leading US export trading companies that offers a variety of US food products.

  • IN concept eateries [IN]
    Products : cotton candy,ice cream,shave ice (Others)
    cotton candy

  • IN Marvel Proteins [IN]
    Products : Nescafe, Milk, Noodles, Maggi Ketchup ()
    Trader, Distributor, Nescafe and products of Nestle

  • US Vijaya Foods Inc. [US]
    Products : Chakli, Shakarpara (Manufacturer)
    Vijaya Foods Inc., was started in 1989 and manufacture ethnic indian snack - CHAKALI. They are fried rice flour spirals with spices. We are launching a new product - SHAKARPARA - sweet nuggets, soon.

  • ID PT. Bunga Teratai [ID]
    Products : Banana Chips (Manufacturer)
    We are one of the leading co's that manufacture banana chips and shred shrimp jerky

  • AE Indo Emirates Trading Co. [AE]
    Products : Cheese puffs, carbonated soft drinks ()
    Indo Emirates, is launching few food and beverage products in India and other Middle East countries. Looking for Distributors

  • IN Sri Ram Foods [IN]
    Products : Appalams, Pappadams, Oval Appalams, Baby Appalams (Manufacturer)
    We are the Manufacturers of APPALAMS (Also Called Madras Plain Papads, PAPPADAM) for the past 12 years.we can supply the product any quantity at said time to keep the time schedule.

  • NP Hukam Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd. [NP]
    Products : Cornflax (Manufacturer)
    presently having pharmaceuticals,mineralwater & food grains manufacturer and exporting foodgrains & Bulk Drug to india,bangaladesh

  • US United Beverages LLC [US]
    Products : Snacks, Beverages, Juices, beers (Importer)
    United beverages is a importer and distributor of beverages , snacks and confectioneries in the state of Florida

  • CA Dhaduk & Company [CA]
    Products : snacks, cereals, beverage, cookies, all food items ()
    Exporters of cereals, snacks, beverages, salad dressings,

  • BG VENDY Ltd. [BG]
    Products : Savoury Snacks, Crispy Cereals, Flakes, Instant Foods (Manufacturer)
    VENDY Ltd is a producer of Savoury Snacks, Cereals, Instant Foods from Bulgaria and looking for exporter (business partner)

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