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  • CH Nellys Deli [CH]
    Products : meats (Importer)
    looking to import beef ,and game meats into switzerland

  • BE KlanXL eood [BE]
    Products : Poultry/Duck and Ostrichmeat ()
    Import & Export allover the world mostly speciality's-like Duckproducts,Foie gras and Ostrichmeat

  • IN Al Barkat Exports [IN]
    Products : Buffalo Meat, Halal Meat, Beef, Veal, Omasum, Bone ()
    We are the manufacturer and exporter of Halal Buffalo Meat, Beef Meat, Veal Meat and other Offals like Omasum, Trachea, Tail, Cheek Meat, Tongue

  • US B2S [US]
    Products : chicken leg quaters (Trade Opportunities)
    Our company buying huge quantity of chicken leg quaters

  • IL Shefa Food G.O. (2000) LTD [IL]
    Products : poultry offal, chicken feet, wings , beef ()
    We specialized in the frozen goods like: poultry (Turkey and Chicken) offal, feet, paws,Turkey breast, Beef offal, etc.

  • IT MI.PA.. S.R.L. [IT]
    Products : MEAT ()
    We are interested to sell ostrich meat fresh and frozen

  • Gulf Resources Meat Company [KW]
    Products : beef meat , mutton ()
    we are meat processing company , and we import beef meat and mutton , both fresh ,frozen ,and chilled

  • BE Meatimport [BE]
    Products : poultry ()
    Belgian company that produce chicken products (250 ton/month) also import of poultry and meat products (fresh)

  • US South Florida Foods Int'l, Inc. [US]
    Products : Chicken, Beef, Pork, Turkey, Lamb, Veal, Dairy, Oils, Milk ()
    Our company primarily focuses on the importation and exportation of frozen, fresh and dry foodstuffs throughout the Caribbean, Central & South America, Mexico, Canada and within the U.S.A.

  • BR Angliss Brasil [BR]
    Products : beef meat ()
    Angliss is a trading company specialized in buying and selling meat and poultry around the world

    Products : UHT milk, frozen meat etc. (Importer)
    We handle a wide range of foodstuffs to suppy ship suppliers and ship directly as importer-exporter

  • KR Shinwoo Intertrade Inc. [KR]
    Products : pork meat & offals ()
    we want to import pork's any offals. lacone,rectum, stomach, small intestine, cheek meat, uteri,heart,tongue etc.

  • GB Poultex Limited [GB]
    Products : Chicken ()
    www.poultex.com trades in all types of chicken products. Please contact us with all of your offers and enquiries

  • RO Maral Trade Srl [RO]
    Products : chicken leg quarter,drumstik,wings,liver,whole ()
    We are intersted in imports of poultry meat and fish -frozen products-not the best quality but the cheapest

  • IN Ansar & Co [IN]
    Products : beef, offals, traches, dog food, leather, finished leather, leather products, ()
    We are exporters of all kinds of foodstuff meat and meat offals. We export offals for dog food also. we are in this business since last three decades.

  • ES AmirSpain SLU [ES]
    Products : Poultry,offal,meat,game meat ()
    Spanish provider of Poultry,Meats, Offal, Game Meat

  • AO Orfadraflda [AO]
    Products : food products (Importer)
    sells mainly consumer goods, bisciuts, candies, frozen meats and chickens

  • AU Haywill Holdings Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : Beef, Lamb, Pork (Exporter)
    Exporters of Australian Meat Product. Seeking importers of Australian Meat Products.

    Products : chicken feet, chinken paw, pork offals, beef offals (Importer)
    This is Full Tying Co., Ltd. We are an importer in Taiwan. We learn your company from the internet. We like to introduce ourselves to you first. We have been in this business for over 8 years.

  • NL Argentrade International B.V., [NL]
    Products : pork and poultry (Exporter)
    We are specialized in worldwide export of pork,beef and poultry

  • ES AmirSpain SLU [ES]
    Products : Poultry,Meats,Raw Meats,Delicatessen,Olive Oil,Wines,fish ()
    Spanish supplier of Meats,Poultry,Offal and other Food related products

  • DE Lion International Trading LTD [DE]
    Trading company with offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium and Germany looking for Canadian and Southamerican pork and beef suppliers

  • EG Misr Kuwait Investment Trading Co. [EG]
    Products : Beef, Veal, Lamb ()
    Misr Kuwait Investment Co. Can provide fresh or frozen beef, veal and lamb. As well we have over fifty processed products to choose from. Our factory is updated to the latest technology available

  • MD Vitazar-M.G. SRL [MD]
    Products : frozen pork, beef, chicken, fish ()
    Our company is an importer/exporter of frozen meat and poultry. Also specializes in the supply of frozen fish and other products from Holland.

  • BG Arex Trade Ltd. [BG]
    Products : pork, beef,poultry,casings (Importer)
    our company is importer and wholesaler of pork, beef, poultry nd casings from Europe,America and Australia

  • IN Saad Exports [IN]
    Products : beef offals (Exporter)
    I am the exporter of shark cartilage powder beef offals beef liver,beef kidney,beef tail. beef

  • SE Stomos AB [SE]
    Products : game meat and meat products, incl. reindeer, moose, deer, game bird; red fish ()
    Stomos AB is the trading agent for the largest Swedish producer.

  • AR Efestos srl [AR]
    Products : Aorta, Tendon, Honey Com, Membrane, Striploin, Rounds, Trimming (Exporter)
    Our company is located in Argentina and we have more than 25 trajectory years in the bovine meat market, as much for internal consumption as for export. We counted with three killing plants.

  • RU Otetschestvennoe Mjaso [RU]
    Products : frozen whole chicken, pork backfat, pork rinds (Importer)
    Our company ?Otetschestvennoe Mjaso? is importing frozen meat to Russia for our plant for MDM producing.

  • BE IMP [BE]
    Products : Headmeat,ears,noses (Manufacturer)
    Dear sirs, we are a company specialized in deboning pork heads. We can offer you headmeat, ears,noses and skin

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