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  • TR Gonca Ltd. [TR]
    Products : greenlentil , chickpea , corn , pop , red lentil , ()
    The Gonca ltd. company working mersin in turkey. Gonca ltd. company making business with every turkish company and samecompany.

  • TH Quality Smith Co., Ltd. [TH]
    Products : All kinds of food products from Thailand ()
    We are an exporter and importer of food products, food additive, health food.

  • IT NIS [IT]
    Products : Vines and pizzas ()
    We are exporter of Italian food like pizza, pasta, vine and oil

  • GA Marketers Groups [GA]
    Products : consummer products ()
    marketers group in based in Gabon,and we are affiated to cemac ,been a group of marketers in central Africa

    PT. PURI LUHUT ( EKPSEDISI ANGKUTAN BARANG ) Phone : 021 -8707609 , Armada :Truck Bak / Truck Box Rute : Seluruh Daerah Harga : Negosiasi / Bersaing Via : Darat - Laut -Udara

  • IT Parmigiano Srl [IT]
    Products : knives, food equipement (Service)
    produzione e manipolazione di cibi e bevande italiani

  • GR Stougiannis Konstantinos [GR]
    Products : sugar,coffee,milk,butter,pasta,paper material,tomatoes ()
    we are from greece and we do the best for our clients

  • US Sun Hwa's Korean Restaurant [US]
    Products : dishware (Service)
    new restaurant opening soon providing korean food in northeast pennsylvania

  • ID LJ [ID]
    Products : herbal foods and drink, cooking oil (Exporter)
    we are an export company of food and beverage, the products offered : tea, coffee, clove cigarettes, palm cooking oil, herbal bonds, canned drink.

  • GR Stilianidi P. & Co [GR]
    Products : greek spreadable pates ()
    production of spreadable pateswith extra virgin olive oil

  • CL Terra Austral [CL]
    Products : We are company located in Chile ,South America, we sell fruit,wine,selfish,etc. (Exporter)
    We are company located in Chile, we sell fruit ,wine ,honey,etc, Our target is some client that they want a few product of quality .Also we can sell container , however if you want less contact me

  • GR amvrosia gourmet [GR]
    Products : Spreadable Pates ()
    we produce several spreadable pates with extra virgin olive oil

  • GB Fast Emporium International Ltd [GB]
    Products : Supermarket products from EU, Machinery from EU, and Freight Forwarding ()
    We are a UK based supermaket products,construction machinery and joblot wholesaler with a Freight Forwardingand transport company

  • CA RIN Enterprises Ltd [CA]
    Products : sundries ()
    We import competitive products for wholesale distribution in Canada

  • The Guardian Enterprise Co., Ltd. [MM]
    Products : agri, marine, garments, foods ()
    Exports marine products, agri produces, garments, gems, jewllery and foods. Imports computers and peripherals, power tools, auto parts, medicines, instruments, disposables, building materials

  • TH Thai Antoons Products Export Group Co.,ltd [TH]
    Products : rice ()
    exporter of rice manufacters parawood bowls zipbags

  • TH Eurasia [TH]
    Products : catering (Service)
    Offshore catering, Janitorial Service, Manpower Out source

  • ZA Clear Blue Trading [ZA]
    Products : Rice, Sugar, Beans, Edible Oil, Syringes, Gloves, HIV Test Kit, Computer, GSM Ph ()
    We are an International Trading company that provides personal service and best prices of high quality goods

  • PH Alternative Consumer Solutions [PH]
    Products : IQF Fruits, Aseptic & Frozen Fruit Purees, dried Fruits (Exporter)
    We specialize inm tropical fruit preserves, aseptic&frozen purees, IQF fruits, dried fruits, specialty condiments, canned meals.

  • IN Weikfield Products Co India [IN]
    Products : custard,baking powder,WHITE OATS (Manufacturer)
    Today Weikfield brand is associated with a versatile range of processed food products like Custard Powder, Jelly Crystals, Baking Powder, Drinking Chocolate, Cream Caramel, Chutneys, Sauces .

  • SG Brindford Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Food Products, Sawn Timber, Cigarettes ()
    We Welcome all enquiry worldwide regarding our company ranges of products availale for export

  • TH Patra Rakorn Co.,Ltd. [TH]
    Products : Importers & Distributors for Food stuff such snack food-chips, biscuits, chocola ()
    Importer for Food stuff, snack, biscuits, seasoning, fish source, Thai herb&food, and cosmetics, skin/hair/body care, baby products, household, Thai Handicraft & hand made

  • US Fusion Gourmet [US]
    Products : ingredients, sauces, snacks, spices, juice concentrate, fruit puree, rice ()
    Fusion Gourmet manufactures, imports and distributes a line of fine Asian ingredients in the United States & Canada. We are also a sourcing partner for our clients.

  • SE C&C Import [SE]
    Products : Coconuts and cashewnuts (Importer)
    Importer of cashewnuts and coconuts, we would like to recive price quotes for those mentioned products.. especially from Indian and African countries!

  • QA Flora Group [QA]
    Products : Spices ()
    Flora Group we are 4 Company in Qatar & U.A.E ( food stuff - consumer items ) ( in all technlogy)

  • MY Dome Enterprise [MY]
    Products : rendang food,tilapia (Exporter)
    trading co.selling rendang food and tilapia fish and also any other products that can be source from Malaysia

  • NG Pescasen Nigeria Liimited [NG]
    Products : Milk, Tea, Coffee ()
    Importer and distributor of food, drinks, beverages products

  • US Jsl Interiors [US]
    Products : food ()
    Importer/Exporter between USA and Croatia, EU. Sugar and coffee importers. Packing service. Exclusive distributorship only.

  • HU Markers Ltd [HU]
    Products : sugar, rice, sunflower oil, diaper, wet wipes, disposables, canned beverages (Importer)
    We are purchasing goods for wholesalers and supermarkets in Hungary, e.g. food, products & chemicals for household, baby products, pet food.

  • US Haskel Trading [US]
    Products : name brand food and health and beauty care (Importer)
    food health and beauty care wholesaler and retailer

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