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  • Hongye Electric Manufacture Co.,ltd [AS]
    Products : solar water heater ()
    both the import and export of solar water heater,we always adhere to the pricciple of equality

  • GH Rare Gems [GH]
    Products : GOLD DUST (Manufacturer)

    Products : solra module,tracker,inventer. ()
    daekyoung energ (korea wild ginseng) jangseng korea san sam

  • Taixing Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. [CX]
    Products : LED lamps (Manufacturer)
    Taixing Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., a large export company with history of over 20 years

  • MD Alternative [MD]
    Products : solar products (Importer)
    I'm interested in the import of solar and other alternative energy products

  • CA Western Canada Exporters Inc. [CA]
    Products : Polysilicon Chunks, Ingots, Wafers, Solar cells (Trade Opportunities)
    trading company sourcing Solar Energy Industry raw materials, components, solar cells etc.

  • NP Kathmandu Power Company Pvt Ltd. [NP]
    Products : Solar Photovoltic modules & silicon wafers ()
    We are quite aggressively placed in Solar PV market in Europen/South Asian Market.

    Products : solar systems, solar modules, solar invereters, solar water heaters, solar wafer ()
    solar products, solar systems, solar modules, solar invereters, solar water heaters, solar wafer

  • NL SPG BV [NL]
    Products : Information Technology (Trade Opportunities)
    Anything on Solar Business. Latest news, market place, businesse opportunities, please visit www.solarplaza.com

  • GB S & H Enterprises Ltd U.K [GB]
    Products : soalr wafer, solar module ()
    Our office in U.k and China. We can supply and buy the solar wafer and solar module. If you have interested in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • UA Kvazar [UA]
    Products : solar modules (Manufacturer)
    JSC "Kvazar" is the largest photovoltaics manufacturer, the well-known producer of integrated circuits and silicon wafers in Ukraine

  • KR World Top Technology Co. Ltd [KR]
    Products : solar power system, solar module, controller Ups, inverter, air cleaner, mobile ()
    World Top Technology(WTT), since its establishment in 1996 as a corporation, actively utilizes its manufacturing know-how and advanced technique for supplying the Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS)

  • ES Maye & Posada [ES]
    Products : Solar water heaters ()
    We are a start-up company running import business from China to Spain and an export business from Spain to China

  • US Mercury Alliances [US]
    Products : polysilicon, ferrous scrap, iron ore, ferro alloys, silicon metals (Trade Opportunities)
    Mercury Alliances is a U.S.-based trade organization specializing in polysilicon chunks and ferrous scrap.

  • TW Motech Ind [TW]
    Products : Inverter, Charge controller (Manufacturer)
    Motech Industries Inc., founded about 25 years ago is specialized in the manufacture and marketing of test and precise measurement products including DC source.

  • AU BP Solar [AU]
    Products : Solar Cells ()
    BP Solar is a world leader producer of wafers, solar cells and modules.

  • LT Agricultural Cooperative brigrantas [LT]
    Products : wood pellets, furniture, oak ()
    We are big exporters of natural and eco friendly biofuel- wood pellets. WE have the best quality and price in Lithuania!

  • IT Novitrade [IT]
    Products : solar module, solar cell, wafer ()
    sourcing agent for european clients and business facilitator

  • SG Clean Energy Systems Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Solar cells & power plant, Electric Traction Motors & Electronic Controllers (Manufacturer)
    We produce High Intensity Silicon VMJ Solar Cells, Solar Concentrators, Parabolic Trough Concentrators to power pumps, desalinisation plant. Electric Vehicles, Motors & Electronic Controllers.

  • TR Domino Foreign Trade Limited [TR]
    Products : Marble, Copper Ore, bread owens ()
    Domino Foreign Trade Limited experiencing on international trade.locates in Istanbul, Turkey international trade.

  • AU Matey International Pty.Ltd. [AU]
    Products : solar street lights (Importer)
    Matey international Pty.Ltd looking for solar street lights from China

  • IN Green India Renewables Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : solar water heater electric photovoltaic DC LPG INDIA KERALA ()
    A one stop shop for all renewabele energy systems . Solar energy & other renewable energy systems . LPG powered water heaters, DC fans & other energy efficient equipments

  • US Stratejus Inc. [US]
    Products : proprietary ()
    We provide marketing and technology services to a range of companies, from retail businesses to manufacturers. Services include product marketing, website development & product literature.

  • IT P.Energy [IT]
    Products : Raw Material For PV modules, PV modules , ()
    Photovoltaic raw material, PV module manufacturing equipment , Photovoltaic modules

  • GB B & D Imports & Exports [GB]

  • IN Sunenergysystems [IN]
    Products : solar light ()
    we are manufacturer of solar light like solar lantern,home light ,streetlight ,garden light and other

  • IN Star Systems [IN]
    Products : Small Wind Turbine (Manufacturer)
    I have Pleasure to Introduce myself as a supplier of Small Wind Turbine and Wind Turbine Kit/ Parts. You can assemble your own wind turbine for battery chargiung application for personal use.

  • RU BAZIS Co.,Ltd [RU]
    Products : advanced renewable solar/wind energy sources (6000 kW), personal VTOL aircraft ()
    Commercializing new products/technologies: renewable solar/wind energy sources, VTOL aircraft. We are seeking partnerships in order to develop our activities in engineering and business trade.

  • IN Sun Energy Systems [IN]
    Products : solar lighting and phovoltaic penal ()
    manufacture of all solar products

  • ES Enginyeria de Gestio Ontinyent [ES]
    Products : Solar Energy Installations (Service)
    Solar Energy Installations

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