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  • TW QQE Technology Co.,Ltd [TW]
    Products : lead acid ()
    Focus on Power Supply industry since 2000, QQE was established in 2004 providing high quality Power supply, various types of chargers in wild range with good service and reputation.

    Products : DRY BATTERIES (Importer)
    Fagal Energy is a Spanish company and its activity is the distribution of dry batteries.

  • HK Hi-Watt Battery Industry Co., Ltd. [HK]
    Products : carbon zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel meta ()
    carbon zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lead acid batteries, warning lamps and battery machineries

  • HK Hi-Watt Battery Industry Co.,Ltd [HK]
    Products : Batteries, Dry Batteries,Rechargeable batteries ()
    Hi-watt Battery Industry Co., Ltd was founded in 1986.It has 5 wholly owned or associated companies in Guangzhou and Dongguan after 20 years¡¯ rapid development.

  • US Stresher.com [US]
    Products : Battery Related (Trade Opportunities)
    Batery Related business, for new energy sorces like metal hydride storage materials

  • HK Alstar Technology Co., Ltd. [HK]
    Products : battery ()
    1) Ni-MH batteries in cylindrical, button, and primastic shape;

  • IN D-ESPAt Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : Lithium battery ()
    We are portable energy system integrators in India

  • KR Mobypower Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Battery ()
    Moby Power Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Battery in Korea.

  • EG Golden Hawk Co. [EG]
    Products : Batteries, Battery Chargers for Telecom. Applications, UPS, AVR ()
    We import Batteries of different types, mainly VRLA Sealed Lead Acid and Ni-Cd, Battery Chargers for Telecom. Applications, UPS, AVR, Telecom and Data Networks Cables, Testers, Tools

  • US Electric Fuel Corp [US]
    Products : Manufacturer Military Batteries (Manufacturer)
    develops and manufacturers advanced zinc-air batteries for military and homeland security applications; refuelable zinc-air fuel cells for zero-emission electric vehicles and lifejacket lights

  • IN orient minerals & metals [IN]
    Products : we are manufacturers exporters of manganese oxide and dioxide ()
    we are manufacturers exporters of manganese oxide and dioxide

  • MO Team Resource Agency [MO]
    Products : we sell High carbon & High purity microcrystalline graphite powder and chemicals ()
    We are the Marketing agents for Danyang zhongchao chemical co ltd & Chen zhou jing gong shi mo co ltd for India,U.K,Australia,France.

  • IN Hirpara Metal Industries [IN]
    Products : Brass Electrical Wiring accessories ()
    Hirpara metal indutries,jamnagar,india, Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories,Brass Components,Brass Fitting,Brass Cable Glands,Brass Hardwares,Brass Automotive parts ,Brass bettery terminals etc.

  • IR Nicko Boneh Sanat Ltd. [IR]
    Products : batteries, electronic components (Importer)
    we,re importer of kinds of batteries&electronic components located in dubai&Iran

  • IN M/s Abhishek Enterprises [IN]
    Products : Rechargeable Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd batteries, Testing Equipments ()
    We are suppliers of batteries & battery testing equipments in India.

  • IN Amara Raja Batteries Ltd [IN]
    Products : We Manufacture VRLA MF batteries - Industrial & MF auto Batteries ()
    Amara Raja Batteries Ltd, (ARBL) is the largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim.

  • KR XenoEnergy Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : lithium primary battery ()
    manufacturer, Li-SOCl2, 3.6V, good experience

  • RU Sentosa Ltd. [RU]
    Products : Sealed-Lead Acid, NiMh, NiCd, Li, LiIon, industrial battery, pack, charger (Importer)
    Sentosa Ltd. is the leading wholesale company for industrial batteries in Russia.

    Products : battery pack, charger, cellphone accessory (Manufacturer)
    we supply high quality battery for digital camera and cellphone with competitive price. Please contact with us through e-mail to coppcell@ms71.hinet.net for best offer.

  • DK Ningbo New Oriental Electric [DK]
    Products : AAA,AA,C,D Alkaline,rechargeable Battery ()
    we are the leading manufacturer as well as exporter which dealing with difference types of batteries.

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