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  • TW Asia Energy International Corp. [TW]
    Products : bauxite,coal (Exporter)
    Sell bauxite,We are pleased to offer you bauxite ore from Indonesia.

    We are a Moroccan mining company since 1986. We can supply different mineral products at very competitive prices.

  • IN Good Earth Commodities Limited [IN]
    Products : Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal Scrap, Agricultural Products, Textile, Tungsten Ore ()
    We are Mumbai based company trading in HMS1&2, Used Rails, Copper Scrap, Aluminum Ingots, Textiles, Cotton Yarn Agricultural Products, Tungsten Ore Wolframite etc

  • US Abhaskar [US]
    Products : GOLD
    Buyer buyer buyer buyer buyer buyer buyer buyer buyer

  • VN TK Steel & Machinery Company [VN]
    Products : secondary steel (Trade Opportunities)
    we are trading in secondary/overroled steels in vietnam market

  • NG Umar Business Consultants Ltd. [NG]
    Products : Petroleum Crude ()
    We are searching for reliable business owners and entrepreneurs for partnership in legitimate high yield business transactions.

  • IN Panama Import & Export [IN]
    Products : semaless pipes and coupling ()
    panama import & export in the field of exports of iron ore fines , manufacturer of semless couplings

    Products : GOLD,Oil,GAS, Diamonds,Sugar, Currency,BG,Urea, Rebco, Metals,CEMENT, ()
    Import-Export Trading Management all over the world we deal with direct Sellers and Buyers

  • ES Materiales Inteligentes [ES]
    Products : zamac, zinc alloy, trioxide tungten ()
    We are looking to buy: zamac, zinc alloy and tungten trioxide yellow

  • IN Siddharth Minerals [IN]
    Products : Bentonite,Bauxite,ChinaClay,Salt, Minerals. ()
    We are leading and large manufacturer and exporters of minerals like Bentonite, bauxite Chinaclay salt and other minerals

  • IN Siddharth Minerals [IN]
    Products : Bentonite,Bauxite,ChinaClay,Salt, Minerals. ()
    We are leading and large manufacturer and exporters of minerals like Bentonite, bauxite Chinaclay salt and other minerals

  • CA MNG Management Inc. [CA]
    Products : Gasoil, Crude Oil (Exporter)
    MNG Management Inc. is a privately held company with Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

  • SE Alt.Fuels [SE]
    Products : Biodiesel, Ethanol (Importer)
    We are a company who import biodiesel to Sweden. We also sell woodpellet.

  • US American Steel Industries, LLC [US]
    Products : Steel and Used Rail ()
    North American Importer of Prime Steel and Used Rail

    www.atlasmetalurji.com YOU CAN GET MORE DETAILS FROM OUR WEB SITE. WE IM

  • IT Erregi Elettronica S.r.l. [IT]
    Products : industrial burners and furnaces, pot,combustion systems, ladle, salt bath, metal ()
    erregi is in position of designing, manufacturing, erecting and commissioning gas and oil fired combustion system for almost any kind of applications

  • IN Jai Vardhaman Khaniz Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Talc, Barytes, Feldspar, Calcium Carbonate,Mica,China Clay, Dolomite,Quartz/Sil ()
    We are one of largest mine owners of high qualityTalc & Mica. We also supply China Clay, Feldspar, Dolomite, Quartz/ Silica, Barytes, Calcium carbonate from India.

  • BD MRT International [BD]
    Products : Rolling Stock, Commodities, Communication ()
    We are an International Trading Company active in Rolling stock, commodities, power generation. The manufacturers may contact us for marketing their products in Bangladesh.

  • IT Nuovo Pignone [IT]
    Products : energy (Manufacturer)
    oil&gas production, transportation, wind energy and others things very "nice"

  • UA Promkomplex [UA]
    Products : ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium, silicocalcium (Importer)
    A Ukrainian trader, PromKomplex Ltd Company, would like to create long-fasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with Chinese producer/supplier.

  • IN Himgiri Buildcon * Ind Ltd [IN]
    Products : Copper, Al, Brass, Nickel, Steel Alloys and Scraps ()
    Ours is an import export co engaged in intl trading of Copper, Al, Brass, Nickel, Steel Alloys and Scraps

  • US Darwood Finance [US]
    Products : Oil, Metals, Commodities (Service)
    We facilitate oil and metal trades from parties in Russia.

  • AZ Inter Trade Services Limited [AZ]
    Products : Metal Scrap/safety Clothes/used mechinary ()
    Our company has been established in 2004 &we are general traders in CIS countries .We are exporters of all kind of metal scrap from CIS and importers of safety Clothes.

    Products : silicon ()
    Please contact our company by email, if you want to sell silicon or zirconsand.

  • DE Penta-Gruppe [DE]
    Products : Raw material silicon
    We develope, solar parks, wind parks and other renewable engergies

  • GB Bussiness Loans Ltd [GB]
    Products : Projecting Financing,Credit financing,Research andconsultancy ()
    Business services, economic cooperation, investment opportunities, mining and metallurgy projects

  • PK Lloyds Trading Company [PK]
    Products : rice,sugar,spices potaoes,onions, oranges, (Exporter)
    we Lloyds Trading Company in exports of all type of food stuff from pakistan

  • CL Comercial Anen Ltda. [CL]
    Products : Minerals ()
    Minning spares parts and comodities supplier, exports and import trading

  • US International Technology Group, Inc. [US]
    Products : magnesium metal, graphite, coal, aluminum powder ()
    Our company supplies North American Industry with metal and mineral products such as magnesium ingot and granules, aluminum granules, coal, graphite, and other carbon products.

  • TR EL-£¿ MADENC£¿£¿ [TR]
    Products : CALC£¿E,BENTON£¿ (Trade Opportunities)
    Turkish mineral mines,calcide, bentonit, kalkopirit,

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