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  • DE DJ-Elektronik [DE]
    Products : Mobile Phones, TV, IPods, Notebooks,...
    We are to be extended a family enetrprise by our assortment we are always in search of cheap and attractives Products

  • US Vasco Services, LLC [US]
    Products : Medical Supplies ()
    Your comprehensive sourcing provider providing Exceptional Customer service, low prices, quality products

  • US Dean&Philip C/o Bank Of Iowa [US]
    Products : agnet
    Dean&Philip BankingDean&Philip BankingDean&Philip BankingDean&Philip BankingDean&Philip Banking

    Products : PS3 - XBOX 360 - APPLE IPODS ()

    Postec Electronics Co., Ltd. has been supplying the best quality switches with own special technologies for compressing, extrusion, injection molding and processing and meeting the customer's needs

  • GB Bluestar Tradinging Inc Ltd [GB]
    Products : All electronics ()
    UK based trading company, looking for electrical products

  • TW Max-Quality Technology Co.,LTD. [TW]
    Products : Skype PBX,Gateway,ATA,Phone.Polyswitch ()
    Our company is an agent for Skype IP PBX. This product can let your company or family get very cheap rate on telephone,this is a good way to cut expensive expands on telephone!

  • PL SolarNET Telecom Sp.z O.o. [PL]
    Products : Mobile Phones, consoles, PDP TV, Mp-3 players ()
    Hell, Our company was establish in 2002, Warsaw , Poland. We are wholesaler, but from 2006 we are acting as Trade Agent. We have a hugh customer database

  • US Global Trade System Co. [US]
    Products : SONY PSP, Apple iPod, xBox, Nokia, SAMSUNG Mobile phone (Trade Opportunities)
    We are Trading company based on South Korea and USA.

  • GB Erskyne Electronics [GB]
    Products : Computers
    erskyne is quite a large company which takes up two units of a large shopping centre.

    Products : Home & Office Electronics ()
    Retailer of Home & Office Electronics, Toys, Health and personal care

  • ID Allian's Cellular [ID]
    Products : UFS Tornado ()
    Tools for repairing software mobile phone, supporting type Nokia DCT-3,DCT4,DCT-L,WD2, Sony ericsson, samsung, motorola.

  • GB J B Leasing [GB]
    Products : We buy consumer electrics for our company and hire them out as rental products (Importer)
    J B Electrical leasing, we buy products and rent them out to the public on a hire agreement

  • IL A. Eisner Industries Ltd [IL]
    Products : electric gates ()
    A. Eisner Industries Ltd. is a leading israeli company that designs, manufacturesand installs automatic gates and barriers.In addition, the company imports barriers, control systems and more.

  • AE Coconut Group Of Companies [AE]
    Products : Electronic & Foodstuff & Decor ()
    - The Coconut Group of companies was established in the year of 2002.

  • MY Dynapack Technology [MY]
    Products : Soft PVC bag, Abrasive belt,Career tape,cover tape,labels ()
    Distributor, Sales and services for the Electronics packaging products. Customers are including US MNC Japan MNC and local manufacturer. Willing to extend the products range on distributor ship.

  • GB Stockwarehouse LTD [GB]
    Products : electronics, clothing, household, wholesale, surplus, stock, trade, ()
    International trade organisation

  • IL Cglobes Technologies Ltd. [IL]
    Products : electronic products for industry ()
    products for the Electronic Industry

  • MY VNC [MY]
    Products : DVD (Trade Opportunities)
    We importing Brand New DVD player and Refurbish Notebook

  • KR Vision.com Ltd. [KR]
    Products : mobill computer (Trade Opportunities)
    we are professional trade agents.

  • EG Elesa Tread [EG]
    Products : Computers (Importer)
    El_esa Trade &silse

  • US KoamTac [US]
    Products : GSM, CDMA PHONE, TFT,LCD TV, DVD etc ()
    With an excellent understanding of the marketing needs between North America and Asia, Koamtac, Inc. is aiming to be a leading trading and consulting company. Koamtac provides trading and consulting

  • AR AVIT Trading [AR]
    Products : Batteries,Camcorder,Recording Media, Binoculars,Displays,Notebooks,photo Film ()
    We are company dedicated to provide sales services to various Audio, Video and IT manufacturers within South American Territory.We welcome manufacturers to provide sales services within our region

  • KR ACE L & T Co. [KR]
    Products : Machinery,Mini-Refrigerator,Novelty goods,Safes,Used Cars (Exporter)
    We are a trading firm specialized in the export/import of industrial machinery & novelty goods

    Products : Computer and Related Parts, Electronics ()
    Dealing in wide a range of Computer related products

  • TW Beon International, Inc. [TW]
    Products : Washing Machine, Generator, DV ()
    We are Buying Agent of Sundries in Taiwan. Have Branch Office and Warehouse in Angola.

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