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  • GB Rory's Place [GB]
    Products : Electronics (Importer)
    i am a company that imports electronics for sale to the public

  • US Jess Guitars [US]
    Products : Guitar (Importer)
    I want to high quality guitars to resell in the U.S.

  • LB Librex Group [LB]
    Products : water purifier,water generater,ironing machine (Manufacturer)
    we are librex group international...we manufacture and distribute worldwide four products

  • KR Mugunghwa(MGH) Electronics Corp. [KR]
    Products : Vacuum cleaner ()
    We are specialized in Handy and Stick vacuum cleaner system and manufacturing these items at our well-equipped factory in Korea and we are enjoying a good reputation from our customer.

  • IR Hadco [IR]
    Products : vacuum cleaner, washing machine, refrigerator & other electrical home appliances ()
    With more that 240 agents all around Iran, and having about 40 years experiences in importing, distributing and offering after sales services,We welcome all Home Appliances Manufacturers.

  • MK Stena [MK]
    Products : electronics ()
    We are company who is open for coorporation

  • TW Midas Trading Co.,ltd [TW]
    Products : electrical goods ()
    we are from midas trading co.,ltd

  • AU FloorBotics [AU]
    Products : Robotic, vacuum, cleaner, ()
    Intellegent robotic vacuum cleaner for the household that is battery operated. Never vacuum your floors again.

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