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  • GB Digivision Ltd. [GB]
    Products : TV, DVD, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Monitor, MP3, MP4, Consumer Electricals (Importer)
    We are a medium sized company based in the UK who would like to import large quantities of consumer electrical products

  • IT Frimm real estate [IT]
    Products : phone mobile & computers, television ()
    mine company himself tenant nor sale real-estate and ring products computer science and audio-visual digits the our agenzi and clients

  • GB Inter Traders [GB]
    Products : Televisions - Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG..Playstation 3 consoles ()
    I am a buyer of Playstation 3 consoles, Sony Bravia, LG, and Samsung televisions..I am UK based

  • GB Inter Traders [GB]
    Products : Playstation 3 consoles, Sony Bravia, LG, Samsung televisions ()
    I am a buyer of Playstation 3 consoles for the UK market, Sony Bravia, LG, and Samsung televisions..I am UK based

  • US Synergylab USA [US]
    Products : Plasma,LCD, Projectors, Speakers, Furniture. (Trade Opportunities)
    Synergylab USA is an active International Dealer of High Quality Audio/Video Products and is currently trading in all types of Consumer Electronics.

  • ID Adil Solo Online Store [ID]
    Products : notebook (Exporter)
    Adil Solo Online Store is a leading in national and international distributor/supplier for Notebook, Camcorder, Digital Camera, PDA, GPS and Mobile Phone with a focus on mid-sized to big businesses,

    Products : Television, Electronic Consumer goods ()
    ABSII provides high quality products from reliable sources.

  • IT Ds.mario & Co. [IT]
    Products : tv telephone dvd player
    i'm a seller of technological products act out of self-interest to acquire produced for my firm

  • GB Teddington Electronics Ltd [GB]
    Products : Laptops,Plasma Tv,Digital Camera,Digital Camcorder,Projector ()
    We call on advanced ELECTRONICS, as well as first class design and management expertise, to meet wide-ranging needs in a variety of market sectors.

  • IT Tresjolies Snc [IT]
    Products : monitor,consolle (Service)
    shop of informatic elettric components periferrals consolle

    Products : laptops, games, mobile phones (Exporter)
    dewtech is a manufacturer of high quality, high reliability

  • MT None [MT]
    Products : lcd tv
    thinking of starting a new business dealing with lcd tv, just looking to see what there is in the market at the moment

  • IE Cunningham Ltd [IE]
    Products : Teleevisions ()
    We are an up and coming television company and we would be interested in lcd/plasma tvs in wholsale

  • GB Value_tv [GB]
    Products : lcd televisions (Service)
    Value_tv. electrical retail outlet selling affordable consumer electrical items

  • GB Kenyon's Inc. [GB]
    Products : Televison
    Kenyon's inc. sellrs of electrical goods

  • IT Marisa [IT]
    Products : television
    eru iuiyt bhgbjjh bgytr vhgy hjjjh hhhhh hhhhh hhhh hhh hhhhh hghhh hhhh hhhh hhhhh hhh iuiuiu jjjj jj jjjjjjikia

  • GB frasers sound and vision [GB]
    Products : plasma tv and lcd also game consoles and ipods (Importer)
    we are a major retailer in the uk and we are looking to buy 30k electrical units per year

    Ditto Information Technology Inc., We manufacture Fingerprint Identification door lock in BT industry. And, we manufacture IPTV (PC built-in TV) and Digital Photo Frames in IT industry.

  • IT New Electronica [IT]
    Products : tv plasma (Importer)
    sono interessato ai vostri prodotti mandatemi informazioni e un prodotto come campione

  • IT golino aldo [IT]
    Products : tv (Trade Opportunities)
    i'm aldo golino, a new free agent of my town, siracusa in italy

  • IL Moran AV [IL]
    Products : LCD TV, monitors , video (Importer)
    distribution of LCD products , LCD KITS and manufacuring

    Products : APPARECCHI ELETTRONICI (Importer)

  • ES Spacanarias [ES]
    Products : differents (Importer)
    hello from the canary islands, spain, europe. it has to be greater than 50 car

  • US MDB Of New York [US]
    Products : Plasma TV ()
    We are interested to buy large screen (at least 40") Plasma TVs in large quantity for the U.S. market. We are a New York City based distributor and ready to place an order.

  • KR Taeseok P&I Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : 32, 37, 42 inch LCD TV (Manufacturer)
    LCD TV manufacturer in Korea searching for OEM/ODM partner

  • Sword [KG]
    Products : LCD TV ()
    trade company /import /export/ LCD tv/ MP4/ DVD player

  • GB Supplierelectrical [GB]
    Products : Plasma screen tvs
    Hi we are interested in buying any televisions, video games.consoles and mobile phones

  • GB FSR Limited [GB]
    Products : Electronics (Service)
    Electronic Products, sales, United Kingdom, Marketing

  • NL Lets Trade [NL]
    Products : CONSUMER electronics ()
    we are whosellers, import and exporters of consumer electronics worldwide

  • KR Digital Device [KR]
    Products : PDP & LCD TV ()
    manufacturer, Korea (south), PDP TV, LCD TV, exporter

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