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  • US Ipsci [US]
    Products : lcd plasma ()
    we are a wholesale business consulting companywe are currently looking to expand our business opportunities in asia markets

  • US Trade Zone [US]
    Products : Mobile phones (Exporter)
    Playstation 3 Forsale $180..Nokia N95 Forsale $350. Discount Plasma/ Lcd Tv set Forsale .

  • US A-z Wholesalers [US]
    Products : EVERYTHING ()

  • KR Goldwin [KR]
    Products : LCD TV (Exporter)
    ? Samsung experienced engineers and overseas M&S dept staffs

  • AE V.V&SONS L.L.C [AE]
    Products : televisions,dvd players,home theatre,portables,music systems,lcds,Plasmas,applia ()
    we are a multi million dollor comapny dealing in SANSUI brand of electronics

  • US Js Electronics [US]
    Products : playstations 3 (Importer)
    js electronics looking for sony playstation 3 and x-box -360 game consules and games for both

  • US BODEGO Electronics [US]
    Products : monitor, phones, tv, camera, speakers, game consols, dvd players, vcr, sterio (Trade Opportunities)
    We are dedicated to finding a supplier who will meet our needs in order for us to satisfy the everyday consumer. We want to establish a successful relationship with everyone who can help us prosper.

  • CY AmeriCy Exporters LTD [CY]
    Products : FTA DVB Receivers ()
    We are a group of companies interested in doing business with you. Our aim is to buy at low price because we are wholesalers.

    Products : Electronics ()
    WE BUY AND SELL, we are situated at the uk, we need suppliers of Plasma Tv

  • KR Techmatics Korea Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : LCD TV LCD monitor (Exporter)
    We are leading conpany for digital disaply products

  • TW Plazmonic Technology Co.,Ltd [TW]
    Products : LCD TV, LCD monitor, PDP, TV, LCD, Plasma, MP3, DVD, ()
    Plazmonic Opitcs & AV Electronics Div. carry more than 20 main brand super market chain customers for the past 8 years.

  • IT Boi [IT]
    Products : tv
    lavoro individuale distribuzione tramite conoscenze rivenditori per distribuzione al pubblico

  • US S.E.F.L. [US]
    Products : dvd vcr t.v's gaming equipment ()
    I sell electronic equipment and can match any competitors price

  • AE Atahseen Co [AE]
    Products : Elictronics ()
    We just start our Business and we hobe to do well using this web sit

  • FR Isl [FR]
    Products : psp consoles and games (Importer)
    We are a new company dealing with mainly with PSP and PSP games. We are located in France and are looking for products with confomity certifications in order to resell in France and Europe.

  • US PowerZap [US]
    Products : TV LCD, Full Unites, Desk Tops, Lap Tops, Note Pads, MP3 PDA's ()
    Power Zap - TV LCD, Full Unites, Desk Tops, Lap Tops, Note Pads, MP3 PDA's

  • MY MIM Resources Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Plasma/LCD/CRT TV, digital audio, air-condition (Manufacturer)
    We are manufacturer based in Malaysia and Incorporated in year 2000. Our core business is OEM based, manufacturing and assembling for consumer electronics products, computer, communication, and HVAC.

  • DE Boesche Electronics [DE]
    Products : Consumer Electronics, Home Entertainment, Computer, TV, Phones, Digicams, hifi ()
    Reseller in Germany (B2C) for Home Entertainment, Computer, Telecommunication and Digital Imaging. Looking for Imports from Asia.

  • ID PT.Gold Coin [ID]
    Products : Laptop.X Box 360,ipod nano,TV,MP3 (Exporter)
    please don`t hastite for email me , or you can contact me

  • TW Asiaccess Corporation [TW]
    Products : Electronic props, dummy displays ()
    We are the only manufacturer in this industry who uses the components and parts of real electronics to make props or dummies as display items in furniture showrooms and model homes worldwide.

  • GB Downies Electronics [GB]
    Products : LCD TVs (Importer)
    we at downies electronics specialise in LCD and plasma tv screens, but do delve in the other areas of electronics

  • DE Elektro Synther [DE]
    Products : All Elektro things (Importer)
    My company is a big company in germany we have all elektro thins DVD, Console....................

  • KR EastPost Technologies Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Used Digital/Analog Cable Broadcating System All Set, Part set, Turn-Key ()
    All kinds of Used/Brand-New Digital&Analog Cable TV Broadcasting System. The Best Service, Price, the Best Satisfaction from our full enough experience

    Products : Plasma, Mobile Phones, LCD TV, Projectors ()
    FOIMA DEMA, Inc was founded in T.Morawa, North Sumatra Indonesia in 2003 by imaging pioneer Mr. Foima Dema.

    Products : soldering iron,mulimeter ()
    We as GRS trade company have the honour to introduce ourselves as major suppliers of electronic productions from izmir which is the biggest centre of export in Turkey

  • NL Big Boys Toys [NL]
    Products : tv, mp3, mobile phones, pda, laptops (Importer)
    soon opening onlineshop in consumer electronics `Big Boys Toys`

  • EG Toshiba [EG]
    Products : t.v. (Manufacturer)
    iam chemist in toshiba.........................................................................................

  • US Maxcom Corporation [US]
    Products : televishion
    now we introduce too you the best compney in the world The Maxcom Corporation,ink

    Products : Second hand Cars and Motor bikes (Importer)
    J.BARNES ENTERPRISE, We are your one stop Business Partner in West Africa.Get in touch with us for a good Business relations

  • KR DMT [KR]
    Products : Digital Satellite Receiver (Exporter)
    Digital Satellite Receiver/Cable Receiver / Terrestrial receiver manufacturer and Exporter. Full Line Up. CONAX,NAGRA

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