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  • IL P.L.G. Ltd [IL]
    Products : indoor/outdoor lighting, medical equp, conic aluminum tubes, flag poles, elctric ()
    we are indoor/outdoor lighting business since 1991 handling with medical equp, conical aluminum tubes for ligting, flag poles and elctrical parts-terminal blocks, ciruit brakers, security equp etc..

  • KR Shingsung Lux Technology [KR]
    Products : LED Module ()
    a leading and potential importer and distributor of LED Module & Application

  • KR STWide Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : LED module (Manufacturer)
    LED Modules for channel signs and LED lighting controllers with a variety of functions and uses

  • US Shenzhen KENA Industry CO.LTD [US]
    Products : super brightness LEDs ,LED lighting ()
    professional LED diode and LED lighting manufacture and exporters

  • TW Chi Ming Electronics Corp. [TW]
    Products : Automotive LED (Manufacturer)
    Founded in 1984, we, Chi-Ming Electronics Co.,Ltd. has been committed to maufacturing Auto Lighting parts for various type of vehicle for the last 24 years.

  • KR Doo Boo Corporation [KR]
    Products : LED LIGHTINGS. ()
    maaufactuer, Korea, LED lightings, exporter, importer of electric& electroniocs parts, and we have dong business health teas and have oue won marble mining & stons in Korea.

  • Feilong Electrical Appliance Co.,ltd [CX]
    Products : lighting (Manufacturer)
    we provide lighting with high quality and best price

  • KR Juma Co.,LTd. [KR]
    Products : Mosquito Repellent lamp ()
    We exports the environment friendly repelling mosquito lamp

  • KR Juma Co.,Ltd. [KR]
    Products : mosquito reppelling lamp (Exporter)
    we exports multifunctional insect repellant lamp (mosquito,cockroach,ant,tick,etc)

  • KR Doo Boo Corporation. [KR]
    Products : LED Lighting. ()
    Our conpany is a manufactuers of LED Ligtings and second business is doing importer and exports for genferal items.

  • KR Light And Bright Inc. [KR]
    Products : light lift ()
    Manufacturing auto lifing equipment for light.Replace and repair light on the ceiling by myself.

  • HK ASJ Industrial Co. [HK]
    Products : led lights,radio,usb hub,tv ()
    we a manufacturer in led lights,radio,usb hub,tv, our product sells in high quality and competitive price.

  • PK A.K, Enterprises [PK]
    Products : Radio Cassette Player ()
    I'm Amjad on behalf of A.K Enterprises from pakistan. I'm already doing bussiness with many chinese companies last five years and now searching more supplier of your plateform.

  • IN Lumenteck [IN]
    Products : Electronic Ballast
    How to procure a unique electronic technology that has universal product marketability!!!

  • FR SINODIX Group [FR]
    Products : miscellaneous
    Thanks to its powerful network in particular in China where we have eight agencies SINODIX can bring you all over the world almost any kind of products.

  • IL project-or [IL]
    Products : PROJECTOR LAMP ()
    lcd projector lamp

  • Kedia Lights [MM]
    Products : all lighting ()

  • HK Manshun International Ltd [HK]
    Products : LED Products, Auto Parts (Exporter)
    Establish since 1975. Manshun International Ltd. is one of the leading exporters in Hong Kong offering a variety of Lighting and Auto Parts.

  • IN Sha GMR International [IN]
    Products : Emergency Lamps, Home appliances, Scourer, Christmas Light, Torch, Tennis Ball (Importer)
    We introduce ourself as a regular importer of Christmas Light or Serial Light, Rice Light, ?PREMIER? brand emergency light, ?CHAMPION? brand emergency light, Tennis Ball, Globe Lock,

  • EG Elsewedy Industries [EG]
    Products : Luminaries, Lighting poles (Exporter)
    Arab Steel Fabrication Company ASF was £¿stablished in 1997, Producing high quality steel structure, High masts

  • IN phoenix lamps limited. [IN]
    Products : automotive halogen lamps,general lighting ()
    It is a leading manufacturers of automotive halogen lamps & general lighting.company offer the following products H1H3H4H7,900 SERIES,CFLS,METAL HALIDE ,SODIUM VAPOUR LAMPS ETC........

    Products : touchless lighting ()
    See homepage: www.womat.pl See homepage: www.womat.pl

  • IN hyderabad wires and filaments pvt ltd [IN]
    Products : lamp cathodes ()
    we are one of the largest manufacurers of tungsten filaments for TL , CFL lamps in india our customers are like osram india , havells , phoenix , anchor TL,CFL we manufacture all custom filaments

  • AE Pacific Controls [AE]
    Products : home automation (Importer)
    home automation company a leader in the middle east with projects in the filed of home hotel and commercial automation . We are system integrators nad are invoilved in all major projects in uae

  • GE Dyaus [GE]
    Products : LED lightning; Decorativ Lightning; Curing light; Surgical Lightning (Manufacturer)
    LED based decorative, industrial and street lightning (luminaries). Medical (surgical) luminaries. LED curin light

  • IN Lotus Security Equipments [IN]
    Products : Security, safety & defence related equipments (Importer)
    security , safety and deense related equipments manuacturer, and importer

  • TW Hao An Enterprise Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : Auto bulbs & LED car lighting ()
    We supply high quality auto bulbs with E-Mark and assemble LED lamps for automobile, motorcycle & household bulbs use.

  • Kevin International Manufacturing And Trading Co. Ltd [CI]
    Products : lighting ()
    This factory was established since 1995. It has been ingaged in making lamps used for Mid East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Africa&Southeast Asia since its beginning.

  • FR Minilampe [FR]
    Products : Luminous sources (Manufacturer)
    manufacturer - we are looking for suppliers to increase business

  • HK Lightec Industrial Limited [HK]
    Products : LED, Sensor Lamp ()
    We were found in Hong Kong in 1999. With our production line located in Mainland China , we highly engaged our company in the development of LED products.

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