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  • AU Ozchoice [AU]
    Products : mobile phone, ink cartridges (Importer)
    Retailer of consumable products> retail and wholesale in Australia, looking for supplier from overseas

  • GB TomCon Group [GB]
    Products : GSM accesories ()
    GSM accesories, PDA accesories, computing, computers accesories

  • ZA West End [ZA]
    Products : Electronics ()
    Importer of Electronics, Bicycles, Cellphones etc.

    Products : ELECTRONICS (Importer)

  • HK Alltelecom Limited [HK]
    Products : consumer electronic (Trade Opportunities)
    We are Electronic Distributures, we deals on all brands and models of electronics

  • PL A.S.T.A [PL]
    Products : Tuning Audio Parts ()
    Tuning Cars Buy DvD NAvi Tuning Parts ,all Engine parts tuning,sell,Pistons Forgrd.

  • US P.H. Ltd. [US]
    Products : Electronics (Importer)
    P.H. Ltd. (Importer of Electronics) .

  • GB Direct Electronics Inc [GB]
    Products : laptops, mobiles, ipods (Importer)
    We are importers of laptops, mobile phones, ipods and other electronic goods

  • GB Direct Electronics Inc [GB]
    Products : LAPTOPS,MOBILES,IPODS (Importer)
    We are importers of all electronic goods mainly laptops , mobiles ,ipods and consumer appliances

  • DE Electroniccenter [DE]
    Products : Home Entertainment (Importer)
    We are expanding our Buisness and want to purchase Electronic Articles

  • GB MatTech [GB]
    Products : Mobile Phone, Ipod, PDA, Computer, PSP and Gaming accessories
    I am currently looking to launch a business providing Mobile Phone, Ipod, PDA, Computer, PSP and Gaming accessories.

  • TN Elesis [TN]
    Products : cable trunkings ()
    We are an electrician company and we are sellin Cable Trunkings all around world.

  • CA Abc.total [CA]
    Products : Islamic Electronics ()
    Candian base exporter/Importer invloved in electronical products

  • US Epsilon [US]
    Products : ALL ()
    very successful in sale of general merchandise especially electronics

  • TR Kocyigit Cons. Electrical Co.Ltd. [TR]
    Products : Electric, electronic ()
    Contract, project, engineering, consultant services

  • US Espo Electronics [US]
    Products : portable electronics (Importer)
    Espo Electronics! The Number 1Place For Your Electronic Needs!

  • PE Idd Electronica Industrial SAC [PE]
    Products : UPS, Electronica Development ()
    Develop and design and build electronics power circuit

  • GB Shine Corp Ltd [GB]
    Products : Xbox 360 (Service)
    Cheapest on the web, shine corp sell all sorts of items at low prices.

  • IT esseffe ferramenta snc [IT]
    Products : tools telephones computer manual tools other ()
    our company e' on the market from 20 years specialized in the industrial supplies and electronic we want to succeed to having competitive prices importing directly from Asia

  • GB Agiree Osei Inc [GB]
    Products : Computer peripherals, Electronics (Manufacturer)
    This is the Agiree Osei Inc, we deilver the best service for computer netwroks and peripherals

  • US Logos Game Shop [US]
    Products : Game consoles, and games ()
    Logos Game Shop is dedicated to provide game consoles and games to gamers of all types.

  • US DSD Group [US]
    Products : electronics ()
    Wholesale exporter distibuter for consumer electronics

  • US Peopleswholesalegroup [US]
    Products : Electronics,Computer system, Laptops, Ipods. ()
    Where you can get more then just products" You get service.

  • DE TECTUS Transponder Technology GmbH [DE]
    Products : RFID readers and proximnity cards and transponders (Manufacturer)
    TECTUS is one of the leading German and world wide operating RFID suppliers with long term expertise in industrial and security and access applications. Beside the tags TECTUS supports RFID readers.

  • IR Babak.dyan [IR]
    Products : napkins ciggaret ()

  • US Executive Consumer Commodities [US]
    Products : Any and everything hot!!!
    We here at ECC strive to make the customer overly satisfied with our services so that whenever they think Electronics, they think ECC

  • KR TSJ International [KR]
    Products : computer, clothing ()
    We specialize in importing various items. TSJ International is committed to leading the market by trading high-quality products that give consumers and businesses more satisfation

  • GB Clifotn Holdings [GB]
    Products : Laptops
    Buying on Behalf of Clients to fit their product description

  • HK W L Y Enterprises Ltd [HK]
    Products : electronic products (Trade Opportunities)
    selling hi technology product , trading company , we have sell alot of technology products which come from different country

  • GB Speaker City [GB]
    Products : Audio equipment, television, dvd players, laptop computers, PCs, gaming systems (Service)
    At Speaker City we offer a large range of consumer electronics at a competitive price

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