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  • US Jerico Electronics [US]
    Products : TV, MP3, Stereo, Electric Heaters, PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, other electronics ()
    Jerico Electronics is a newer company that is owned and operated by Mr. Thune.

    Products : Electronic, Plasma TV, Camcorders, Digital Camera, etc ()
    powerful channel for manufacturers of consumer electronics and communications products to reach the do-it-yourselfers

  • GB Robbie Ltd [GB]
    Products : computer consoles, accesories etc ()
    i am looking to request samples of products and if i like the product when i get it i might possibly get back to yoou and do bussiness in the near future

  • US Tuneitout [US]
    Products : Gaming Consoles (Importer)
    I am looking to buy/import game consoles and ipods. No off brands...ipod, xbox, ps3, wii

    Products : digital photo frame ()
    Our company headquartered in Taiwan, and has two branches respectively in Shenzhen and Shanghai, which established in 2003.

  • LV Cosmica Latvia [LV]
    Products : Mobile Phones & Mp3, Mp4 player
    Our company was engaged in the sale of the electric commodities in Latvia. Our purpose is to sell for below prices nothing it is done by our competitors.

  • NL 24-Online [NL]
    Products : Electronical ()
    We are a co-opporated company from the Netherlands,

  • HK Fortune Joint Industry Co.,limited [HK]
    Products : Digital Photo Frame, MP3/MP4, GPS, Car DVD, Bluetooth, CCTV, USB ()
    By adopting the tactics of developing the national and international business simultaneously, our main business scope is small commercial product manufacturing and trading,

  • HK Reekey Technology Co., Limited [HK]
    Products : SST ()
    use in DVD;MP3;MP4;GPS;VCD;PDA;Mobile;Digital product

    Products : xxx

  • TR Serhan Photo Equ. Co. Ltd. [TR]
    Products : everything related with digital photograpy, memory cards and computer products ()
    Our company is established in 1945 and serving to all west and south coast of Turkey for 62 years. we have distribution system by vans and are making hot sale. we represent very wellknown brands.

  • SG Magnus Trading Corporation Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Digital Cameras, iPods, Camcorders, Audio Systems, Photographic accessories ()
    Magnus Trading Corporation is a Singapore-based leading exporter of consumer electronics. We are renowned in markets around the world for our superior service, integrity and wide range of products

  • AO Eintrasse Industrial Ltd [AO]
    Products : Mp3/Mp4 players, Flash Disk, Digital cameras, Video Cameras, LCD TV and related ()
    Eintrasse Industrial Ltd is a China-based, export-oriented manufacturer of quality Mp3/Mp4 players, Flash Disk, Digital cameras, Video Cameras, LCD TV and related peripheral accessories

  • US Sage 4 Media, Inc. [US]
    Products : Latest Electronic Gadgets and Devices (Importer)
    Offering the latest in Design, Media, Electronics and More

  • US Black Wolf Media [US]
    Products : consumer electronics (Importer)
    Black Wolf Media is a privately owned consumer electronics retailer.

  • GB Open Technologies [GB]
    Products : MP3, TV, DVD, PC and Laptop ()
    Based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Open Technologies bu and resell personal based electronical goods. Trading now for nearly 2 years

  • KR Elson Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Name card scanner (Exporter)
    We are the exporter for digital electronics in Korea. Our main products are MP3 player, portable DVD player, Mobile pnone and name card scanner.

  • IT Dani C. [IT]
    Products : portable dvd player (Importer)
    buy: portable dvd player/mp4 pl./flash disk-competitive privo for small orders

  • HK Giga Technology Company Limited [HK]
    Products : MP3 player (Manufacturer)
    Giga Technology Co. Ltd. Is a leading digital media / computer supplies manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong since 1992.

  • RU Alasd [RU]
    Products : Mp4 players (Importer)
    we are interested in importing Mp4 players. We search for a company that has branches in Russia. If you are please contact us

  • AU Maurice Electronics [AU]
    Products : apple ipods (Importer)
    i am looking to buy electronic products apple ipod nano 2nd generation/apple ipod video microsoft x box etc looking for honest supplier for long term business relationship

  • PL House Of Electronics S.c. [PL]
    Products : mp3, mp4, laptop, notebook, palmtop, mobile ()
    We are a young and dynamically developing company that would like to come into trade relationships with exporters from worldwide

  • US Usa Electronic Ltd Rews [US]
    Products : xbox,ipod,electronics
    We buy many electronic products. We are located in the usa and can buy almost anything. I prefer xbox 360, ps3 though

  • ID psnjaya Co [ID]
    Products : game consule , ipod , laptop (Exporter)
    Psnjaya Co is the distributor company which base in indonesia we found in 2005 we can supply 100 game consule and 500 Mp3 player in per week

  • HK Smart G Electronic [HK]
    Products : Ipod nano (Exporter)
    We are the trading company on most of the electronic products, expecially the ipod series products, we only supply origional and brand news products

  • IE Your_side Electronics [IE]
    Products : MP3, GPS, LCD, mobile phones (Importer)
    Hello, i am a budding entrepeneur who is in the process of opening up my first electrical shop in ireland. i have had a very keen interest in consumer electricals from a young age

  • US DownTime [US]
    Products : mp3 player, digital camera, car stereo equipment, cell phones, gadgets ()
    My name is John A. Stiles, II, owner and operator of DOWNTIME, a retail company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • US DownTime [US]
    Products : mp3 player, digital camera, car stereo equipment, cell phones, gadgets ()
    My name is John A. Stiles, II, owner and operator of DOWNTIME, a retail company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Products : Gifts (Trade Opportunities)
    were a company based in the USA were selling differents kind of gits

  • IT Smvideodigit [IT]
    Products : monitor ()
    siamo un azienda nel commercio e cerchiamo prodotti a basso prezzo da poter inserire nel nostro catalogo online,siamo pronti previa valutazione del prodotto ad acquistare grosse quantita'

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