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  • IN Fortune Systems [IN]
    Products : Microprocessor Based Control Panel (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturer of Microprocessor Based Electronics Control Panel

  • KR Halla Welthtech Corp [KR]
    Products : pp etc ()
    we are trade arms of halla business group, in korea and involve verious field of business such as constructionmaterial, home appliances, chemical etc

  • GB volcon [GB]
    Products : laptops ()
    I'm looking for laptops in bulk from China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the rest of Far East.

    Products : Service ()
    Service company import export goods contact to german companies

  • HK Easy Well International Co,Ltd [HK]
    Products : memory module (Trade Opportunities)
    HP memory/358348-B21\@130pcs\@USD185/I358349-B21\@15pcs\@USD545 343055-B21\@200pcs\@USD175 /343056-B21\@200pcs\@USD425 /343057-B21\@23pcs\@USD2250 /BM Memory/73P2865\@300pcs\@USD335 / 73P2866\@200pcs\@USD520

  • US Stop-N-Shop [US]
    Products : Any name brand products (Importer)
    Stop-N-Shop is a wholesale company purchasing name brand products and sell \@ retail.

    Products : home appliance (Importer)
    our company is distributor of korea and main importing product is kichenware & home appliance

  • Astra Trade [ST]
    Products : Vending machines ()
    We are interesting to buy vending machines for sell snak,ice-cream,condoms ,chokolate

    Products : ELECTRONICS ,USED CLOTHINGS (Importer)
    We are a good reputable importer of all kind of ELECTRONICS, USED CLOTHINGS, OFFICE EQUIPMENT, We have more than 20 years experience in importation field.

  • IR Arash Vision Company [IR]
    Products : Imaging equipment and supplies ()
    Arash Vision is the exclusive distributor for Kodak, Petax, Memorex, ENCAD in Iran.

  • KR BYC&C International Corp. [KR]
    Products : electronical and cosmetic products ()
    BY would like to contribute to your profitable business in the future.

    Products : POWER TOOL (Manufacturer)
    Lemtronics Sdn. Bhd. is a contract manufacturer of electronic sub-assemblies and a wide variety of finished products used in the power-tool, telecommunications and automotive industries

  • US Attorney Gary Lysaght [US]
    Products : legal (Service)
    we provide legal advice to importers and manufacturers

  • TW DB Industries [TW]
    Products : MP3 players (Exporter)
    DB Industries is a hi-tech electronics distribution company with a subsidiary that provide sporting goods

  • LK Lanka General Trading [LK]
    Products : used computers & components, electrical items ()
    we are an importering firm, interested in used computers

  • GB Tatung UK [GB]
    Products : Televisions, Monitors and Other Electronic Products (Manufacturer)
    Tatung UK was formed in 1981. We supply quality TVs, monitors and other electrical products throughout the world.

  • KR Doowontech [KR]
    Products : Vacuum Cleaner ()
    Most well Known small home appliance ...

  • EG Marcom Trade [EG]
    Products : Electronics ()
    A Leader Company in the Egyptian Market

  • US Inn. comp. [US]
    Products : Consumer electronics, gadgets,polyrosin gifts, watches (Importer)
    I am interested in consumer electronics, all toys, gadgets and interesting items that can be marketed. I also dable w/ polyresin statues and watches. If it is profitable, I want it...

  • AU NeoProducts [AU]
    Products : information kiosks ()
    Design and manufacture of information kiosks

  • KR Vitals System Inc. [KR]
    Products : Embedded System Solutions ()
    We are embedded system solution company. We are providing Internet appliances like as PDA, LCD Game, Smart Card Terminal and Internet Access device like as IP SOHO Router, ADSL & Wireless LAN AP etc

  • KR Extrade Inc., [KR]
    Products : DVD player,LCD Monitor (Manufacturer)
    We are a representative of Hyundai DVD/LCD monitor of manufacturer for foreign sales.

  • US DMS International [US]
    Products : Satellite Receiver, Lnb, Satellite Dish ()
    DMS International is supplying Digital MPEG2 receivers, digital LNB/Fs, offset dishes and accessories for digital satellite systems.

  • KR Yujin Tech International Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Motor, Speaker, Optical component, Magnets, Automation, Engineering, (Manufacturer)
    We are specialist in the field of electronics, electrics and optical field. We consist with marketing and engineering, and supplying, develop and set-up production line for customers.

  • LB First Dolomite Co. [LB]
    Products : power semiconductors (Importer)
    importer of power semiconductors

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