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  • DE IPMM [DE]
    Products : capacitors (Manufacturer)
    leading manufacturer of capacitors and lighting capacitors for HID industries

    Products : transistors, ICs, capacitor, AC/DC Adaptors, cables, socket ()
    We The Best Intl Ltd generate various types of electronic components and accessories supplier such as, transistors, ICs, capacitor, AC/DC Adaptors, cables, socket etc

  • TH Westech Components Co.Ltd. [TH]
    Products : Capacitor and resistor (Exporter)
    Westech Components Co.Ltd. is your direct source of high quality components.We are in business for 30 years.

  • IT Due C [IT]
    Products : electrconic components for civil and industrial forniture ()
    idraulic, electric and security systems for civil and industrial using. Looking for new articles to be imported in Europe

  • AT eklama electronic [AT]
    Products : electronic components ()
    we are buying and selling worldwide electronic components

  • TW Ten-Power Industrial Co., Ltd [TW]
    Products : Sell: film capacitor, ceramic capacitor, varistor ()
    Ten-power Industrial Co., Ltd have been a manufacturer of film capacitors for more than a decade. We produce film capacitors at competitive price with trustworthy quality.

  • HK undefined [HK]
    Products : ps2 memory cards, controllers, xbox controllers (Manufacturer)

  • US Zztronics [US]
    Products : components ()
    zztronics is a trading company in california united states

  • HK Suntan Technology Company Limited [HK]
    Products : capacitor ()
    i, ellen from a professional manufacturer of full range Capacitors, and passive components exporter over the world.

  • KR LS Cable Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Ultracapacitor, Supercapacitor, Capacitor (Manufacturer)
    LS Cable is the flagship company of LS group which was divided from LG group. LS Cable is No.1 cable maker in Korea and creating new business in component and material like Ultracapacitor.

  • KR Elecap [KR]
    Products : aluminum electrolytic capacitors (Trade Opportunities)
    we are distributor of electronic componenets,especially aluminum electrolytic capacitors

  • ZA Mikekc [ZA]
    Products : capacitator (Importer)
    importer of electronic capacitators and electricity saving devices

  • TW New Chien Wei Electronics Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : Metallized Polyester /Polypropylene Film Capacitor ()
    We manufacture and export all kind of capacitor such as AC capacitor ,Polyester/Polypropylene capacitor, MLCC, resistor, varistor etc.

    Products : TELECOMMUNICATION (Exporter)

  • KR Leadersworld [KR]
    Products : capacitors ()
    Import/Export/domestics dealing/OEM/Sales/Marketing

  • TW Acap Corporation [TW]
    Products : High Voltage Disc Ceramic Capacitor (Manufacturer)
    Tesla coils, RF power condenser , HV doorknob capacitor, Pulse avionics linac laser discharge emit light disc high voltage ceramic capacitor, spray gun, marx generator, MRI, X-ray, igniter, pot type

  • BD Nishat Electrical Works Ltd [BD]
    Products : We want to buy Mould case Circuit Breaker and Meghnatic contractor ()
    We Looking Korean manufacture for MCCB and Meghmatic contractor

  • BG Conis Trading Ltd. [BG]
    Products : capacitors ()
    Trading company specialized in realizing international transactions . Basic activity in the fields of: Electronic Components (mainly Capacitors), Raw Materials for Electronics, Machines.

  • MY South Friday Co Sdn.bhd. [MY]
    Products : Electrics (Trade Opportunities)

  • TW innovalue [TW]
    Products : board ()
    Central Europe Austria Czech Republic win-win opportunities for you!

    Products : Aviation Warning Light ()
    We are in the field of manufactioring and export of aviation warning light an ISO 9001-2000 certified company in INDIA

  • BG Reco Commerce [BG]
    Products : AC capacitors; motor-run; capacitors for motors; capacitors for lighting; PCB ()
    Reco Commerce is specialized in the import/export of capacitors: AC; motor-run; capacitors for motors; capacitors for lighting; filters, printed-circuit-boards (PCB).

  • TW New Chien Wei Electronics Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : Metallized Film Capacitor (Exporter)
    We are the well professional capacitor manufacurer. We can customized the capacitor for you. All our goods meet RoHs.

  • SG AB Techno Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Capacitors (Trade Opportunities)
    Electronic Components trading includes semiconductors, Eletrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors.

    Products : electronics device (Importer)
    we are reputable company base in Uk base on electronics device and bluetooth headset

  • US JS Porterco, [US]
    Products : High Frequency Generators (Manufacturer)
    High Frequency Generators, Diathermy Devices, Electrodes

  • HK Welltime Industries (H.K.) Ltd. [HK]
    Products : Capacitor,Quartz crystal,PCB,Choke,LED (Manufacturer)
    Welltime is a electronic components exporter, mainly capacitor, Quartz crystal,LED,choke,pcb

  • KR Sehwa Electronics Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : capacitor ()
    We have been manufacturing capacitors over 15 years, and mainly supplying to LG Electronics Inc. Please get in touch with us for high quality capacitors.

  • SN Emesco [SN]
    Products : eletronics ()
    we are importers of electronocs equipments and accessories from mainly asia countries like taiwan, singapore,japan ans south courier.we will happy to have your catalouges and price list.

  • ES Sdpiercing [ES]
    Products : body jewelry (Importer)
    we rae importer and distributor of titanium and surgical steel body jewelry

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