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  • HK Atico Buying Services [HK]
    Products : building material (Exporter)
    We are buying agent of a UK company. Our UK customer is mainly dealt w/ building related goods.

  • AE places trading [AE]
    Products : buiding furniture ()
    we are a main exporter specialised in African countries with local offices

  • KR Hyundai Alcomax Co.,Ltd. [KR]
    Products : aluminum composite panel ()
    Alcomax panels are mainly used as spandrel in a curtain wall system.

  • BE Perpetuity [BE]
    Products : glasal, promat ()
    Perpetuity Architectural Technology System Solution is specialised in research and development of complete, customised solutions in architectural engineering and design.

    Products : coating (Exporter)
    exporter of building coatings, plasters, paints, raw materials

  • NG Dudu Holdings [NG]
    Products : machinaries ()
    we are working to achieve the greatest potential in the industry and all the region,the world is a global village so let us do business together

  • KR World Mech' Tech' Co.,Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Aluminium Composite Panel ()
    World Mech'Tech' Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Aluminium Composite Panels, also known as "Alcotop" in Korea.

  • KR Daelim Corporation [KR]
    Products : Paints, Scaffolding System, Window System ()
    Our company is ranked within 5 big trade companies in Korea, especially focused on industrial materials.

  • ID PT. Airapradanaraya [ID]
    Products : COAL, WOOD, RBD PALM OIL ()
    We have experience for export import for 5 years

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