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  • IT Montanari Recinzioni S.n.c. [IT]
    Products : media player hdd, TV plasma Full HD ()
    Costruzione e posa di recinzioni civili e industriali

  • IN Sholin Impex [IN]
    Products : Mouse Pads, CD ()
    Manufacturers and Importers of CD related equipment and Printing machines

    Products : e TRADE SERVICE ()
    DPT E-COMMERCE GROUP is the leading company in Vietnam providing e-commerce services for Vietnam and global enterprises

  • IT Maietti S.n.c. [IT]
    Products : Everything of the cyber-world (Service)
    Everything of the cyber-world. Computer, Media, Music, Video, Photo ecc

  • CA Yau Lee Holdings Ltd. [CA]
    Products : bags (Importer)
    we are looking for some new style in all kind of bags

  • Dasiy Group Co.,Ltd [AF]
    Products : blank media ()
    Daisy Group Co.,LTD is a PROFESSIONAL and reputable MANUFACTURER of discs and disc-package products in China.

  • AU MAXDATA Blank Media Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : Blank CD-R, DVD+-R (Importer)
    Largest blank media importer, locates in Melbourne Australia. We provide the best quality disks & service.

  • GB Biz2bizsearch.com [GB]
    Products : mp3 (Importer)
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  • TW Grand Yield Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : We manufacture/supply blank CD-R, DVD-R in full range up-to-date specifications. ()
    We are a storage media supplier in Taiwan. Besides Taiwaner brands, we have four subcontract Chinese factory. By on-spot production supervisor, we assure customers with high quality and best price.

  • TW Vertex Informedia Inc. [TW]
    Products : CDR , DVD-/+R, blank media (Exporter)
    We offer: Brand Philips,Duplika, Ritek, Ridata CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-/+R, DVD-RW (logo printed and white printable)

  • TH Pattanakij Marketing [TH]
    Products : dvd +-r (Importer)
    just start business in bangkok , First import dvd recordale produc from oversea. Need Quality First

  • KR C & L International [KR]
    Products : computer , CD-R ()
    We are looking for CD-R. Blank CD-R(no branded), Brand CD-R is our main job.

  • PH ACP [PH]
    Products : monitor (Service)
    Provide computer services such repairing, installing, maintenance

  • TH Fogg Network Co., Ltd. [TH]
    Products : CD-R (Importer)
    We are the the optical media trader in Thailand. We are ready to supply our product to you.

  • US Advanced Media Line [US]
    Products : CDR CD-R CD-RW DVDR DVD-R DVD+R DVDRW DVD-RW DVD+RW flash memory ()
    Advanced Media Line is a dependable provider of media/memory products seeking to forge meaning relationships with customers and industry leaders worldwide.

  • BD Advance IT [BD]
    Products : Blank cd-r (Importer)
    WE are the Importer/exporter of computer peripheral

  • LK Protech Computer Systems [LK]
    Products : CD-R, ,CD-RW ()
    We are resalers for all kind of computer equipments,CD-R,CD-RW,DVD,VCD and undertake computer repairing. Considering current stable situvation in country,we are looking to start prodaction line.

  • TZ Sahaj computers [TZ]
    Products : cd-r (Importer)
    our cd-r and jewel cases requirements as we are also supplier to local company

  • IT Quixo S.r.l. [IT]
    Products : CD-R's, DVD-R,s, disc wallets, speakers, marker pens (Importer)
    Quixo specializes in the production and distribution of an array of products which have become widely popular for storage, protection and reproduction of data, music, digital still and motion images

  • DE Elabtric [DE]
    Products : dvd-r dvd-rw cd-r cd-rw media / pc - cases / dvd-rw and cd-rw drives ()
    We are always interested in cheap and high quality dvd-r/w media ofers .please contact us with your offers....

  • US Rod Entertainment [US]
    Products : blank media ()
    importer and exporter of blank media for duplication

  • ID Bandung Trading Corporation [ID]
    Products : Media Storage (Trade Opportunities)
    we are trading company from Indonesia. Now, we want to search company that produce CDR and computer component from other country

  • NG Inputel [NG]
    Products : used GSM phones ()
    Inputs Limited Incorporated- General Office Equipments and Communications

  • SG Apac Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : Steel Billets & CDR ()
    The company was established in 1991. Main products : Telecommunication Cables & Home Automation, Construction Machineries, Parts & Attachments, Mill Rolls (for Rolling Mills), Billets

  • TH Fogg Network Co.,Ltd. [TH]
    Products : Media (Trade Opportunities)
    My company is CD R / mouse / keyboard and computer pheripheral exporter.

  • EG Anabil [EG]
    Products : cd blank ()
    We are iporters and exporters to the cd blank, our company is in Cairo, Egypt. we want to importing about 5000,000 pieces of cd blank from Asia.

  • HK Gonda Far East Limited [HK]
    Products : DVD-R, CD-R, CD & DVD Pacakging Products Such as CD Sleeve, CD Carrying Case... ()
    We are one of the major supliers of DVD-R, CD-R, and CD & DVD protective products such as CD Sleeves, CD case, Cd wallet(Carrying case), CD Binders, and CD Labels. Good price & Quality.

  • TH Pelagic Magic Productions [TH]
    Products : Multimedia CDROM and DVD video and software production ()
    Production of multimedia products. CDROM promotional software, Flash sites, promotional video, underwater video.

  • SG SNN Marketing And Distributions [SG]
    Products : CD-R Media ()
    We are representatives of a Malaysia Manufacturer CD-R plant. Our product is is license from Sony, Philips and Pioneer companies

  • IR S.A.N,CO,LTD [IR]
    Products : BLANK CD-R(LOW GRADE) (Importer)

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