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  • TW Photoez.Internation [TW]
    Products : USB flash drive / Laptop ()
    We are one of leading PC maker in Taiwan, our main products are inclusive of laptop, mouse, Laptop,Storage, and some accessories.

  • TW Micron Unit Technology (MUT) [TW]
    Products : Memory card / pen drive ()
    Micron Unit Technology Inc. was found in November 2005 with flash memory card OEM service only. And today, Micron Unit is able to support OEM, ODM and MUT brand service in flash business.

  • TW SunTx System Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : USB Flash Drive, Memory Card, MP3/MP4 player (Manufacturer)
    SunTx System has been specialized in USB flash drive manufacturing for years with HQ in Taipei & factory plant in China.

  • TW Zenmax Technologgy Co., Ltd [TW]
    Products : USB Flash Drive, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, Digital Photo Frame ()
    A professional Maker of Consumer Electronics Product

  • US NorthCoast Worx [US]
    Products : Data Sorage and Hosting ()
    We provide remote backup service to business and consumers. We also provide website promotion service and hosting.

  • GB NexStor LTD [GB]
    Products : SAN, NAS, Disk2disk backup hardware and software
    Data Storage & Manament solutions including SAN, NAS, File/Email/DB Archiving, UNIX Servers and software.

  • IT MisterPC Elimarworld Srl [IT]
    Products : Hdd, Usb store, monitor, Printer, net component, main board, ect ()
    Our company produce pc for public amministration in Rome and the near city.

  • KR Myung Information Technology [KR]
    Products : Refurbished HDD, Flash memory HDD ()
    Number one data recovery company in Asia. We have the largest HDD refurbishing factory in Korea

  • LK East Wing Information System [LK]
    Products : CDR US$0.104, 8cm DVD-R US$0.27 (Exporter)
    We are a trading Company dealing in mp3, mp4 players, MMC, flash memory, CDR DVD

  • BD RoseHill Trading [BD]
    Products : non brand CD (Importer)
    RoseHill Trading is a importer, suppliers of computer accessories, Non brand cd, baby food, Readymade Garments

  • DE SED Systems [DE]
    Products : Hardware,Server,Network Hardware, Cable, Storage and Backup ()
    sed-systems.de is a international company and consult projects and develop software. We will import PC Hardware and big quantities of Computer Hardware

  • Atp [FX]
    Products : disk drive ()
    we sell computers parts or find some difficults parts

  • AE Epoch Trading [AE]
    Products : FDD, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, CD-R, DVD-R, MOUSE, (Exporter)
    Epoch Trading is one the biggest computer parts companies in Middle East. We are the exclusive distribiutor of MITSUMI and SAMSUNG in Middle East and Africa.

  • US PDE Technology [US]
    Products : Mounting kits, drive rails, cables, enclosures (Manufacturer)
    PDE Technology is a storage support solution provider and custom manufacturing company. We manufacture an array of peripherals.

  • KR Netclips, Inc. [KR]
    Products : storage (Importer)
    storage reseller, storage management solution, storage network consulting

  • YE Al-Ahlasi Corporation for Interantional Trading [YE]
    Products : Telecommunication, Computer component ()
    business opportunities, new projects, promotion, establishing firm business cooperation in our market aiming to get the benefit for both

  • AE Wocs [AE]
    Products : Heavy Machinery, Cd, Computers, Corn ()
    trade opportunity , in Heavy machinery, Aggri product, Computer prepherals and others

  • JP SHECOM K.k. [JP]
    Products : Computer parts and consumer Electronics: ()
    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the largest Exporters & Importers of Computer parts and consumer Electronics in Japan.

  • HK Henderson International Ltd. [HK]
    Products : USB Flash Drive (Exporter)
    Computer Accessory Distributor from Hong Kong

  • NG Deviolas Ventures [NG]
    Products : Hard disks, Floopy drives, processors, cd writers ()
    a nigerian company looking to import computer accessories

  • BD StarNet Computers & Communications [BD]
    Products : We buy.ex)Brand cd, Non-Brand cd, mouse, keyboard,speaker,casing ()
    StarNet Computers & Communications involved in computer business, interested to import non-warranty items like brand cd,non-brand-cd, mouse, keyboard, speaker, casing etc.

  • MN Ibg [MN]
    Products : Storage device,game, SW ()
    We have been importing electronics, programs and other educational products from years from Russia, Japan and China.

  • IL DCD LINE Ltd. [IL]
    Products : CDR ()

  • BE CNP NV [BE]
    Products : CDR (Importer)
    CDR, DVDR, Jewelcases, Slimboxes, DVDboxes

    We are a cartridge for both inkjet and laser refill machines manufacturer settled Bursa/Turkey. For HP, Lexmark Canon, Xerox. We have 6 kinds of machines. We sell them reasonable prices.

  • KR Gaudi Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : food waste remover ()
    we are large manufacture and exporter of food waste remover.

    Products : New Magnetic Tapes 2400 feet (Branded & Brandless) for Data Backup ()
    100% brand new tapes in 2400 feet can be supplied for reliable data backup. Un-branded tapes / refurbished tapes are also available.

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