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  • DE Engelflirt [DE]
    Products : monitor
    import von technik und bekleidung f den verkauf ,handel und mehr

  • UA Green-Service LTD [UA]
    Products : laptop, lcd monitor, cdma phones (Importer)
    Our company is interested in receiving wholesale offers from computer hardware suppliers. Our company would like to buy used, recycled, broken and repaired notebooks, laptop, monitor lcd tft, mobile

  • US Metro Business Systems [US]
    Products : Laptop, Desktop, IBM, Dell, HP, ACER ()
    Our 20-year relationships with major computer manufacturers like IBM, Dell and HP allow us to pass equipment and delivery advantages on to both our domestic and international customers.

  • IN Prime Movers [IN]
    Products : Consumer Electronics and computers and laptop
    Our current activities is selling of electronic item like fan, iron box, electric cooker and other house hold items to the customer directly by instalments

  • US US WebShop Ltd [US]
    Products : Plasma Tv's,Laptops,Mobile-Phones and Multimedia Products (Exporter)
    We can offer you:only NEW products,1 years international warranty,FREE shipping ( world-wide )

  • ID jayaditech [ID]
    Products : notebook (Exporter)
    JAYADI TECH products are developed by an eminent international team of marketing, as well as the ability to meet the requirements of both home and larger company.

  • SG Tbc-mart.co [SG]
    Products : TV plasma ()
    sell electronic in my store in Tbc- Mart, please come and join us

  • IN High Grades Imports [IN]
    Products : Any Thing (Importer)
    We are importers and we import almost every thing which is required.

  • IN Ajetrocky [IN]
    Products : iphone,n95 8gb,macbook pro (Importer)
    i am an importer of high end electronics and retailer

  • IT Demlong-ecommers [IT]
    Products : notebook ()
    we search to buy laptops, notebook, cellular, digital camera

  • ID Bluecoastal Elektrik LLC [ID]
    Products : Laptops, Notebooks, Printers, Flash Disks, PDA`s, Scanners, Monitors, Projectors ()
    Bluecoastal Elektrik LLC is a Trading Company who supplies premium quality Computers and Parts from various famous brand such as Toshiba, Sony, HP, Apple, Apacer and others

    Products : All IT Products (Exporter)
    On line store, where you can buy genuine IT products with warranty from reputed manufacturers like HP Compaq, Intel, Samsung, LG.

  • US Truetronics Inc [US]
    Products : All computer Parts, mp3, cameras,survalaince equipment, game consoles, cell phon
    TRUTRONIC inc. BIG KIDS TOYS is a fast growing Texas based electronics store for the most up to date products and supplies . We strive to supply only the finest products avaibel

  • GM Gam Singular Mobile Limited [GM]
    Products : Laptops / Mobile phones ()
    We sell quality unlock mobile phones and branded new laptops at the cheapest price all over the world

  • ID PT Jayasprima [ID]
    Products : mobile phones ()
    Suppliers of electronic products. We can supply MP3 / MP4 players, hard disks, digital cameras and memory cards, mobile phones and other electronics appliance

  • DE -/- [DE]
    Products : laptops, notebooks, accessories

  • US P&c Extra [US]
    Products : laptop,mobile phone,computer,computer accessories (Importer)
    I am looking to build more clients, As well as establish long term business realtionships with companies

  • MY Monyongan Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Laptop,Notebooks, Computer ()
    Monyongan Sdn Bhd is a professional manufacture and exporter company located in Malaysia. We specialize in all kinds of laptop. Contact us for more information about our products and services.

  • CY L.K.Kallenos Ltd [CY]
    Products : Telecomunications,Computers (Importer)
    Buyer of Mobile phone and Computers,Office Equiepment,Authentic Clothes and shoes

  • US LGK World Wide Trade [US]
    Products : computers, cement, urea, sugar, gold, diamonds, scrap metal, ()
    We are LGK World Wide Trade, the trading company that has made a difference in the trading industry. We are built on integrity, patience and honesy. We have a network that can locate your product.

  • ID PT Jayasprima [ID]
    Products : Notebook (Exporter)
    we are looking for good partners from around the world. If you are interested in any of our products or services, please don't hesitate to visit our website for more information.

  • TW Promoville Co., Ltd [TW]
    Products : Computer bags, foam board, custom made premiums, Desk set, Laser pointers, Pen.. ()
    A group of small reliable factories, Manufacturer and exporter Since 1984.

  • ID JAYADI TECH - Electronic Store [ID]
    Products : Laptop, Digital camera, projector, games, mobile phone ()
    Laptop, Digital camera, projector, games, mobile phone

  • US Common Good Distributors [US]
    Products : laptops, projectors (Importer)
    We are importers of high quality items for use in businesses, non-profit organizations and students

  • ID CV Jayaditech [ID]
    Products : Notebook ()
    JAYADI TECH products are developed by an eminent international team of marketing, as well as the ability to meet the requirements of both home and larger company

  • ID Hatron Co., Ltd. [ID]
    Products : laptop, video game, camera ()
    Our company was established in 2006, our company focus is the wholesale distribution & product sourcing for consumer notebooks, electronic and games.

  • ID PT.Putera Perdana [ID]
    Products : notebook , projector , mp3 players (Exporter)
    Finding quality products and competetive pricing on todays web sites can often be a daunting and tedious task. We decided to eliminate the guesswork in the online store industry today .

  • ID PT.Puteraperdana [ID]
    Products : Laptop , GPS , Mobile phones , projector , games ()
    PT.Putera Perdana Reviewer welcomes you. Finding quality products and competetive pricing on todays web sites can often be a daunting and tedious task.

  • ID Grimbay Indotech [ID]
    Products : NoteBook, Plasma Tv, GPS, MP3 Players, Games Console, Mobile Phones ()
    Since we, GRIMBAY INDOTECH, begin the business in 2005, we Have been managing to reinforce strong position in fully Integrated Electronics business and always to continue its Relentless effort.

  • US Yawu_Online Buying [US]
    Products : Computer
    I love To Buy And Pls Try And Come Over THanks and God Bless you

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