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  • SA Abu Bakr Abu Talib Est [SA]
    Products : laboratory equipment and industrial chemicals ()
    Abu bakr Abu Talib Establisment with main office in Jeddah Saudi Arabia which deal with laboratory equipment and industrial chemicals mainly we are importer to cover all saudi arabia

  • MA Societe Interafco Srl, [MA]
    Products : solvants ()
    looking for suppliers want to sell their products in morocco.

    Products : CHEMICAL ()

  • RU Radoil [RU]
    Products : refrigerants, polyols, copper tubing (Importer)
    We are one of the biggest trading companies of the refrigerant s in Russian market

  • TH AWP Intertrade Co.Ltd. [TH]
    Products : Salt and Chemical ()
    We can supply you with many kinds of quality salt. We also can supply you for salt on your spec request.

    Products : FOOD,JUICE,SEED, PACKAGING (Exporter)
    We are one of the largest manufactures and exporters in Korea producing top quality packaging material for foods, snacks,

  • IN Allied Overseas [IN]
    Products : Textiles, Industrial Chemicals, Spices & grains ()
    We are Buying & Sourcing Agent in India for Overseas Buyers & Sellers

  • US Charleston Atlantic International Corporation [US]
    Products : Polyethylene Resin Polypropylene Electrical cable copper clad steel strand galva ()
    Charleston Atlantic established in 1986 has 20 years of experience as trusted USA purchasing office, Container deconsolidator and distribution warehouse at Port of Charleston / Savannah.

  • EG microfert co. [EG]
    Products : FERTILIZER ()
    we are import & export for all chemical products and fertilizer

  • CH Hamilton Bonaduz AG [CH]
    Products : Syringes, Pipettes, Diluter, HPLC-columns, GC-columns ()
    Hamilton Company is a global enterprise with manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland. Branch sales offices are located in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

  • TR Atilim Makina Ltd [TR]
    Products : Various (Importer)
    Representative sourcing agent...manufacturing.....

  • DZ All Chemicals [DZ]
    Products : All Chemicals and Machiny ()
    Importer, agent of importation and sale- In the chemicals, agrees to represent any company for the sale of

    Products : water additives chmeicals ()
    we active in range of importer/exporter, business servises, marketing of your products in our country as well as and do agent of your company very well

  • RO Etalon Production [RO]
    Products : stocks, chemicals, machinery, second hand, used stuff, a.s.o. (Trade Opportunities)
    A potential reliable business partner covering Romanian territory. The company was established in 1994 first in advetising and oil industry, now looking for mutual profitable trade opportunities

  • DE Epic GmbH [DE]
    Products : We buy and sell cement, paper and chemicals(magnesite) ()
    We are a trading company with the main office in Germany. We are very strong in the middle east region.

  • BE H&V Chemicals [BE]
    Products : Borohydrides (Trade Opportunities)
    main supplier for hydride chemicals for fine chemicals and textile applications. Consulting in waste water treatment

  • KR Shinsung Chemistry Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : pvc printed film ()
    we are manufacturer and exporter of PVC deco sheet for used furniture.

    Products : raw materials ()
    We are trading company. we want to deal with raw materials.

  • US Veertrading International [US]
    Products : steel,granite,Industrial instruments,pharmaceutical chemicals,electronic hardwar ()
    trading of steel,granite stones,industrial instruments,pharmaceutical chemicals etc

  • IR Aria Catalyst Co. [IR]
    Products : Catalyst,active carbon,zeolite,pesticide,Lubricant, Grease, Engine oil, catalyst ()
    Study,Producing,Marketing,importing in catalyst feild and other chemical please see our Site

  • HK Beijing Investment Ltd [HK]
    Products : coal ,sulphur,crude oil and related products ()
    We are a company based in Hing Kong with special connection with China,we deal in most chemical and oil products inlarge quantity

  • KR UPC Corporation [KR]
    Products : Refrigerant (Importer)
    We are a well established chemical importer in Korea. hope to find competitive chemical thru this site

  • US HS-Udoh Consulting LLC [US]
    Products : Industrial cleaning chemicals (Exporter)
    We sell hiigh grade Industrial cleaning chemicals that comply with all United States and International standards

  • KR E-urethane [KR]
    Products : polyurethane, tpu, cast, foam, polyester polyol, glove, film, coating (Trade Opportunities)
    polyurethane worlds : polyurethane, urethane, tpu, cast, foam, polyester polyol, glove, film, coating

    Products : oil@Gas facilities Materials &equipment ()
    Agent, for International Manufaturers and suppliers,Imorter/Exporter,Service Provider,Agent for Inspection Company

  • DE Gta - Green [DE]
    Products : Logistic Solutions ()
    Our major business is the forwarding of chemicals and plastics of all kinds for more than 10 years now.

  • BR CRI Qu£żica Ltda [BR]
    Products : Herbal Extracts, Bulk Drugs, Natural Derivatives - (Trade Opportunities)
    CRI Qu£żica is an agent/representative company that sell natural raw material for Laboratories, Cosmetic, Health Foods, Veterinary , etc...

  • PL Imper-Chem Ltd [PL]
    Products : zinc oxide, magnesium sulphate, zinc sulphate ()
    Producer of inorganic salts: zinc oxide feed grade, zinc sulphate, sodium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, zinc phosphate, magnesium phosphate, magnesium hydroxide

  • TR Bayegan [TR]
    Products : Acids, Solvents, Polymer, Chlor-Caustics (Importer)
    bayegan is an importer/exporter of fine chemicals from and to Turkey for more than 60 years. Please visit us at www.bayegan.net

  • MX Oxyclean de Oxidente [MX]
    Products : Cleaning Products ()
    We are a mexican enterprise in the market of cleaning products for institutions.

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