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  • IN Sonachi Industries Ltd [IN]
    Products : lubricants oil (Manufacturer)
    We would like to introduce ourselves as one the highly professional and

  • UA XADO-Technology Ltd [UA]
    Products : Lubricants,Greases,Special fluids,Additives,Car care products ()
    XADO-technology Ltd produces & exports quality engine oils,greases,car care products

  • TR Petfer Mineral Oil Industry [TR]
    Products : lubricants, antifreeze, grease, engine oil, base oil, SN ()
    Our portfolio in industrial mineral oils and greases is variating with engine oils and antifreezes/cooling systems liquids.

  • AE Elco [AE]
    Products : base oil sn 150 sn 500 bs 150 (Exporter)
    ELCO was established in the year 1972.Accredited with ISO 9001(2002), and ISO 14001, ELCO is based in Sharjah-UAE and operates in over 80 countries across the globe.

  • IN UM Electronics Private Limited [IN]
    Products : Transformer Manufacturer ()
    wish to import regularly Transformer fresh and used oil

  • ID Pt. Intrada [ID]
    Products : crude palm oil (Exporter)
    we are one of indonesian exporter of crude palm oil and its derivative product such as : Palm kernel, Palm Stearin, etc

  • IR fajr khawarmiane pars co ltd [IR]
    Products : petrolium product, lubricants,recycle base oil,fresh base oil,motor oil, ()
    we was established in 1960,we employ 800 engineer & technicians, we are looking for buisness contact.

  • UA AOM Inc [UA]
    Products : base oil ()
    Export/Import of mineral oil Please find below our offer regarding base oil, produced by LUKOIL Volgograd Refinery.

  • IN Shanmukh Petrochem Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : like Transformer oil, Sodium petroleum sulphonate, Calcium petroleum sulphonate, (Manufacturer)
    We are manufacturing various petroleum products since more than 25 years. Our company is accrediated with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 for Quality & Envrionmental Management System.

    Products : ATF-BRAKE FLUID (Manufacturer)

  • IR Pardis Co [IR]
    Products : lubricant and gemstone ()
    we are one of exporter from iran about gemstone like burma ruby

  • CO BDS [CO]
    Products : Plastics, chemicals ()
    We represent companies in Colombia South America and sell to industries in chemiacl and plastics industries

  • GR Spatharis [GR]
    Products : automotive lubricants baterries and sprays (Importer)
    igol lubricants- batteries-automotive sprays and chemicals

  • IR Samintrading [IR]
    Products : Petroleum Derivatives and lubricants ()
    We will proudly serve you with our following exportable products: Bitumen Industrial oils, Engine oils, White oil, R.P.O, Base Oils, Spindles oil, Paraffin wax, Petroleum jelly And other ?

  • IN Petroleum Oils & Chemicals [IN]
    Products : r.p.o., base oil (Importer)
    bulk importers of base oils, r.p.o., white oil, furnace oil & other industrial oils

  • KR Pro-Chem Co. [KR]
    Products : spot weld drill bit, hammer for metal sheet (Importer)
    We are distributors of tools and chemicals for the automative market in Korea.


  • ID Langsung Jaya [ID]
    Products : engine lubricants (Exporter)
    We export Engine lubricants, meets SAE and API Class, and made from based oil, with additive inside.

  • KR Ideuk Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Industrial lubricants(mineral oil, synthetic oil) and fine chemica bese oil ()
    Our company is composed of qualified and creative workers who do their best to give lots of satisfaction and pleasure to our customers through researches and developments for lubricating technology.

  • QA Qatar Lubricants Co. Ltd [QA]
    Products : All type of Lubricants, Engine oil, Hydraulic, speciality (Manufacturer)
    The only Lubricants blending plant in state of Qatar, supplying and manufacturing all types of lubricants to industrial, automotive and commercial sector. Third party blending is welcom

  • IN DeeBee Marketing Pvt. Ltd. [IN]
    Products : Lubricants and Chemicals ()
    DeeBee Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was set up in June?2000 with a motive to explore Indian and International markets for quality products and to market the same in India.

  • IR Abbas Nasseri Co. [IR]
    Products : lubricants (Manufacturer)
    we are a leading company in iran that we produced lubricants.

  • IN Paramount Chemical Industries [IN]
    Products : Antistatic coning oil, polyester fiber finish ()
    Manufacturer & Exporter of Polyester Fiber Texturing,Twisting Oil

  • TR Naltek Ltd [TR]
    Products : lubricants (Service)
    we are the ship agency for to serve oil and fuel oil from BP and EXXON MOBIL.

    Products : aBRASIVES, TOOLS, AND MUCH MORE PAINTS (Importer)
    SPECIALITY CHEMICALS, industrial products, home care and car care products any thing wgich can be dustributed

  • AE alfanar u.a.e [AE]
    Products : marine equipments & chemical products ()
    buy marine equipment and chemical products straight and in best price

  • TR Petroyag [TR]
    Products : white oils (Service)
    We are lubrication advisor for all industry segents.We serve as an advisor to solve all industrial lubricant requirements.

  • GB RS Logistics Limited [GB]
    Products : exporter of industrial oils, greases and coatings ()
    We export industrial oils, greases and coatings to Russia , the former CIS and the Middle East

  • US Process Research Products [US]
    Products : specialty chemicals ()
    Specialty Chemical company manufacturing lubricants and polishing compounds

  • BR Pytlov Prom & Consult Ltda [BR]
    Products : aerosol chemicals ()
    aerosol chemicals exporter, agent tread leads, garments exporter, plywood exporter, agent looking for representation in comission basis

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