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  • AU Eagle Flex Hoses [AU]
    Products : Rubber Hoses ()
    We are Impoter and Expoter of all type of Ind Rubber Hoses

  • IR Daco Engineering & Trading [IR]
    Products : rubber, plastic, additive, raw material ()
    rubber, plastic, additive, raw materialrubber, plastic, additive, raw materialrubber, plastic, additive, raw materialrubber, plastic, additive, raw material

  • KR Silcone Valley Co., Ltd [KR]
    Products : Thermally Conductive Silicone PAD (Manufacturer)
    Regarding your silicone products, any special requirements or customizing needs will be met by our competent and competitive staff.

    Products : SYNTHETIC RUBBER (Trade Opportunities)
    We are very interested in distributing your of Synthetic Rubber(CSM .IIR .IR.BR .SBR .NBR.BIIR£¿.. Prime and near prime)

  • KR AMT Corporation [KR]
    Products : silicone goods ()
    We are capable of making all kind of rubber silicone the based on our superior technologies from the simple tuber to complicated packing series as well which will be met hardness, standard.

  • Dongguan Luo's Rubber And Plastic Co.,Ltd. [CX]
    Products : silical gel ,key press,electtric paster (Manufacturer)
    Our company is located in Yuanjiang industrial estate Changping town Dongguan city, the traffic is very convenient. Our company covers 6400 square meters

  • DE Michael Udushesheri RMB EV [DE]
    Products : crude oil, natural rubber (Trade Opportunities)
    We offer crude oil and natural rubber as direct mandates to the seller

    Products : RUBBER SCRAP (Exporter)

  • IR Ata.co [IR]
    Products : steel iron tyre ()
    dear sir we are importer exporter company based iran we are importer tyre stellel and paper and other and exported pistachio

  • IN Sinco Polychem Pvt. Ltd [IN]
    Products : Rubber , related chemicalsand adhesives related products ()
    We are Mumbai based indenting agents for rubber realted products. represent few overseas companies.

    Products : TYRE,wheel barrow, platform cart, hand trolley, tool cart and garden cart,caster ()
    It mainly deals in the production of 5 series and 100 styles of wheel barrows, platform carts, hand trolleys, tool carts and garden carts etc as well as various kinds of casters,tyres

  • TW Taiwan U-Pellet Co., Ltd [TW]
    Products : TPE, TPR, HTPR ()
    Taiwan U-Pellet is one of the largest TPR leader manufacturer in the same industry field of Southeast Asia, has a very powerful technical and innovation force.

  • TW Asia Package Metirial Company [TW]
    Products : opp pve pe pp bag.sock hooked (Trade Opportunities)
    we are taiwan plastics company we are a manufacturer

  • ZA Engineering Solutions [ZA]
    Products : Tyres, Rims (Importer)
    Importer of tyres and related products for the mining industry

  • TR Demirtopuz [TR]
    Products : iron ()
    foreigne trade companie searche natural rubber from afric

  • VN Damy Joint Stock Company [VN]
    DAMY JOINT STOCK COMPANY : exporter of natural rubber in VIETNAM would like to offer our products RSS-1 to RSS-5, Latex 60% (HA), SVR-3L, SVR -10, SVR -20, CV-50 AND CV-60

  • TR Altinbir Export Import [TR]
    Products : figs, apricots,fuel hose,hydraulic hose ()
    export of rubber hoses fuel, hydraulic and export of dried fruits figs apricots

  • MY Interworld Network (m) Sdn. Bhd [MY]
    Products : Cleanroom & ESD products ()
    We are the direct manufacturer for this cleanroom & ESD products. ( An Malaysia factory we manufacturer all type of Latex/Surgical ,Cotton glove & finger cots )

  • FR Geficca [FR]
    Products : Rubber sheets sealing joints dampers silicone parts (Manufacturer)
    Geficca is a rubber parts manufacturer with a R&D Department and a Technical support team. The capacity of production can start from one sheet to more than 1 million per year.

  • JO Al- Kelani Group [JO]
    Products : Tires (Importer)
    we import tires from all over the world for Jordan and all the middel east and we are ready to talk agent for new tires

  • IN Shri Ganesh Enterprises [IN]
    Products : carbon black, pbr, zinc oxide ()
    importers and distributers of rubbers and chemicals and allied products

  • ES Elastomer Services & Consulting,s.l. [ES]
    Products : synthetic rubber, thermoplastic rubber ()
    worldwide sourcing of near prime and scrap elastomers and synthetic rubber

  • KR McRS [KR]
    Products : rubber,plastic (Exporter)
    we supply rubber sheetings, sponges as well as molding products. we also produce plastic profiles etc.

  • IN Weston Rubber Industry [IN]
    Products : EVA sheets, Tread rubber sheets, Tennis Balls ()
    We have been manufacturing tread rubber sheets since last 20 years and we also manufacture EVA sheets and tennis balls

  • JP Nichigo-Shoji Co., Ltd. [JP]
    Products : chemicals ()
    we,nichigo-shoji co.,ltd,are a trading firm of JSR group which is a biggest rubber and resin manufacturer in Japan.

    Products : SBR , NBR, CARBON BLACK N330, N550 (Importer)
    We are importer of rubber chemicals, natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

  • PT Paulo Alexandre Marques Lopes [PT]
    Products : SBR - MasterBatch-Natural Rubber ()
    Representations-Import and distribution of chemical products - MasterBatch, Rubber SBR

  • PK Younus & Brothers [PK]
    Products : rubber sheets (Importer)
    we are importer and exporters of rubber sheets in allover the world

  • SG Donald Mcarthy Trading Pte Ltd [SG]
    Products : PLC & Sole Crepe (Trade Opportunities)
    Techno-Trading Co.

  • TW Hsing Fah Industry Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : rubber seal, hoses, dump, damping, eletronic, automobile, motorcycle appliance ()
    Hsing Fah Co., Ltd., a 43-year-manufacturing and trading company, provides various electronic, rubber, plastic products with great R&D and quality to fulfill the customers? demands

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