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  • KR LJ Global Corporation [KR]
    Products : recycled plastics ()
    We are a plastic recycler in Korea and offer various kinds of recycled plastics like PA, ABS, PS, PET, PC, PE, PP, POM, PVC, PBT etc

  • KR TMS trading corp [KR]
    Products : Unsaturated polyester resin, Epoxy resin, Powder coating (Trade Opportunities)
    we are one of the influential importer and exporter of chemical products in korea ,having background and experience of many years.

  • VN TOKI International Co., Ltd. [VN]
    Products : Urea Formaldehyde Resin Powder ()
    2) International buy & sell of Methanol; Formaldehyde and their derivatives, being the sole distributor in Asia Pacific for producer in Iran.

    Products : Silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, stuccoes, sealant, coating, resins,wax ()
    Globalchimica,is involved in the production of new lines of silicone and polyurethane elastomers for the construction of moulds and flexible matrices.

  • ID PT. Marihot International [ID]
    Products : OLEO PINE RESIN ()
    We are well-known manufacturer and exporter of oleo pine resin in Indonesia. Our OPR is tapped from our own pine forest concession, filtered quality with content more than 90%. We welcome enquiries.

  • IN Amity [IN]
    Products : Phenolic Moulding Material (Manufacturer)

  • IN XTrade International [IN]
    Products : PVC resin ()
    We are inporters of Pvc resin, we import from Korea and other contries and distribute in india. we are exporting handicraft accessories to Korea.

  • IN Imexco International Inc. [IN]
    Products : Gum Rosin, Alpha Pinene, Gambier, Damar Batu, Gum Copal (Importer)
    Imexco facilitates direct imports of Spices & Chemicals from Indonesia & China, by buyers in Tobacco, Flavours & Foods, Paints,Paper Chemicals & Fragrances

  • KR Hywell Industry [KR]
    Products : Plastic, Steel ()
    We are dealing in steel sheet products & plastic resins/scrap in korea

  • HK JBF [HK]
    Products : PET, PTA, IPA, PVC, PA6, PA66, PU ()
    We are a PA6 & PA66 engineering plastics manufacturer, and handling other relative chemicals as well.

  • IN Swiss Formulations [IN]
    Products : Hydroxilated starch, single shot sizing product, chemicals for textile weaving (Manufacturer)
    Offers hydroxilated starch textile single shot sizing product for textile weaving, textile sizing, cotton yarn sizing, starch based sizing products in India.

  • CO Easy Trade [CO]
    Products : Galbanum, Olibanum, Mastic, Myrrh, Benzoin, Styrax, (Importer)
    we are a company dedicated to import chemicals for the local distribution

  • KR World Telecom [KR]
    Products : sell mobile
    We are local mobile sell in korean market.But we also interested to export in bangladesh market chemical item & also want to sellt-shirt,s product by bangladesh in kora market,So we need both buyer .

    Products : resins, chemicals, packaging, film, vinyl, pvc, pe, pp, ps, abs,pet,eva, ()
    Trading Company situated in New York, USA. We are Importer & Exporter of Resins (PVC, PE, PP, PS & etc.), Chemicals and Additives for the Plastics industry.

  • IN Udai Enterprises [IN]
    Products : Gum rosin (Importer)
    we are importers of variuos chemicals and basically related to paper mills in india from all oner world

  • AE Fantastic Chemicals [AE]
    Products : raw materials for paint, printing inks, resin (Trade Opportunities)
    raw Materials for Paint, Printing Inks, resin, if you can provide this product please contact us in our email or fax

  • ID PT. Damar Murni Indah [ID]
    Products : Gum Damar, Damar Batu, Gum Copal, Gum Benjamin ()
    Our company is deals in natural resin such as : gum damar, damar batu, gum copal & gum benjamin with many years experience

  • IN Pioneer Chemical Industries [IN]
    Products : Acetone, Phenol, Formaldehyde, Aniline Oil, Toluene ()
    We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading / authorised stockiest / distributors / importers of various chemicals of HOCL, RIL, RCF and all

  • VN Obetech Vietnam [VN]
    Products : gum rosin ()
    We are one of the top gum rosin supplier in Vietnam market.

  • IR Parsidan Chemical Co. [IR]
    Products : Phthalic anhydride maleic anhydride Soya fatty acid Styren Monomer ()
    We are leading Chemical products importer in Iran, We are looking for a producer that can provide us with the following products

  • KR Greentechcom [KR]
    Products : kind of epoxy regin ()
    The company Name is ¡®Green Techcom'.Our company carry out painter's work of parking place.And We manufacture pigments that require coat of parking floor.Our product is kind of epoxy for paint.

  • NL TCR Rotterdam B.V. [NL]
    Products : Polyethylene and Polypropylene ()
    distributor,importer and exporter of Polyethylene and Polypropylene

  • IN shriram institute for industrial research [IN]
    Products : research
    contract research, in the field of polymers biotechnology ets

  • VN Phuc Lac Co.,Ltd [VN]
    Products : Recycled nylon chip (Manufacturer)
    We are manufacturer of recycled nylon chip in Vietnam

    We take liberty to present ourselves as one of the leading ISO accredited manufacturing organization of various grades of ion exchange Resins in India.

  • CZ MEGA a.s. [CZ]
    Products : ion exchange membrane ()
    MEGA a.s. is a company providing first-class technology and complex services in areas of water treatment, material surface finishing and ecology.

  • IN Kanchan Exports (P) Ltd [IN]
    Products : Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Importer of Oleo PIne Resin ()
    We import Oleo Pine Resin from various countries Indonesia, Viet Nam, Brazil You may contact us if you want to supply OPR.

  • IR Barutiha [IR]
    Products : PET RESIN (Importer)
    we are a trading company that work in the field of food industry.we need PET RESIN IV.82 for mineral carbonated soft drinks

  • VN Tokicorp [VN]
    Products : gum rosin (Trade Opportunities)
    Toki Corporation, trading in Paper Chemical. Pls contact with address below : 57 Tran Quoc Hoan, W4, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC, Viet Nam

  • RO Bridgexim Ind Srl [RO]
    Products : gum rosin ww/natural rubbers/synthetic rubbers (Importer)
    importer/distributor for chemical raw materials on the romanian market from warehouses

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