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  • TW Year Fortune Co. Ltd [TW]
    Products : Sell DCP99%.40C.40Ke (Dicumyl Peroxide), Buy Cumene99% (Manufacturer)
    Out produces is made from CONCORD , we are the only one manufacturer of DCP in Taiwan.

  • IN Navin Commercial Co [IN]
    Products : sodium sulphide, waste paper, chemicals ()
    We are a trading co from Calcutta, India mainly deals in Chemicals, Waste Papaer, Pigments

  • LV RosBalt Biznesa Grupa [LV]
    Products : concrete admixtures and raw materials for production ()
    Our company "RosBalt Biznesa Grupa" was established in 1997.

  • PK International Petrochemical [PK]
    Products : Rubbers,Polymers,Solvents ()
    We are chemical trader based in Pakistan. We specialize in Solvents,waxes,polymers,rubbers and other industrial chemicals. We can supply you on regular basis.

  • SK Plastpower S.r.o. [SK]
    Products : PVC-U , LDPE, HDPE pipe ()
    Production of eats geared at a processing plastics, mainly at a production of pipes at a divorce drinking waters in terra as well as at a production of waste and sewage pipes.

  • BD Super Formica & Lamination Ltd. [BD]
    Products : Decorative Board/Sheet ()
    An allied concern of T. K. Group Group of Industries in Bangladesh.

  • AL S-AMIT & CO [AL]
    Products : bromine,hbr ()
    we are 60 year company involved in imports,distribution,exports dealing in speciality chemicals

  • KR KB Chemical [KR]
    Products : cleanser ()
    We have exported "EDIBLE CLEANSER" for household, it is safe, biodegradible, even better excellent than conventional clenaser.

  • IN M/S.KEMITRADE...... [IN]
    Products : CHEMICAL ADDITIVES ()

  • IR AMS Co [IR]
    Products : Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid, ()
    AMS co is a manufacturig co specializing in exporting of detergent and related cleaning material as LABSA,SLES and DDBSA.

  • IN Shreeji Impex [IN]
    Products : Organic Intermediates (Manufacturer)
    We pleased to introdused ourself as a manufactrer & manufacturer reprasentative of intermediates of bulk drus & dyestuff

  • DO Iosif Group C Por A [DO]
    Products : Ethyl Alcohol,Alcoholic drinks ()
    We, Iosif Group C.por A., manufacture and offer at highly competitive prices Pure Natural Ethyl Alcohol 95-97% food & beverages grade produced from sugar cane.

  • KR LS Cable [KR]
    Products : Cable ()
    LS Cable is No.1 cable maker in Korea. I'm a assistant purchasing manager

    Products : PLANT OIL (Importer)

    we are the suppliers and manufacturers of aromatic chemiclas

  • IN Sara Exports [IN]
    Products : Industrial chemicals like Potassium Chloride,TDI,White Oil ()
    SARA (HK) Ltd has been serving in the trading industry for more than 27 years and become a major distributor of various products in Africa and EU markets.

  • IN Multilab [IN]
    Products : biochemicals,pharmaceutical API,intermediates,dyes,pigments,bulk drugs ()
    Largest Suppliers of biochemicals,pharmaceutical API,intermediates,dyes,pigments,bulk drugs

  • US Bio-Tec Environmental [US]
    Products : Biodegradable Masterbatch Additive, Biodegradable Bags,Biodegradable tableware (Manufacturer)
    Tested and approved way to manufacture all plastic totally biodegradable without chaning the shelf life of your plastic product.

  • IN Crystal India [IN]
    Products : GLYCOL, TEG, MEG (Manufacturer)
    Leading Manufacturer of Solvents in India since 1975

  • IN Sri VijayaAditya Agri Biotech Pvt Ltd [IN]
    Products : Solanesol ()
    we are manufacturers and exporters of Solanesol product with purity 18% . Solanesol

    Products : 2-furoic acid (Manufacturer)
    we are manufacturer and exporter of drugs intermeadiates.

  • IN Maya Biotech [IN]
    Products : Pharma Intermediates Thiophosgene Glyme ()
    Exporter Supplier of Pharma Drug Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, Biotech Intermediates like Thiophosgene Glyme, etc. etc.

    Products : ACIDS, BASES, ALCOHOLS (Manufacturer)
    CHIMOPAR SA" is one of the oldest and well known production enterprises on the Romanian chemical industry, established in 1896.

  • KR Eshin Co., Ltd. [KR]
    Products : textile chemical, softner, water, oil repellent agnet,Urethane resin, (Exporter)
    We has been specialized in chemicals such as textile dyeing auxiliaries, Urethane Resin and all kinds of emulsifier

  • IN Kasyap Sweetners Limited [IN]
    Products : Sorbitol (Manufacturer)
    We at Kasyap Sweetners Limited , manufacture Sorbitol from Corn at our state of the art facility in India , we control 50 - 60 percent market share in india.

  • KR Two Seven Chemical,Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : Solvent based Inkjet Ink ()
    We have manufactured a solvent based inkjet ink of high quality with the most up-to-date nanotechnology which is based on dispersion skills.

  • IN Verstang [IN]
    Products : 1,1cyclopropane dicarboxylic acid, tributyl phosphate ()
    is established 15 years ago and manufactures pharmaceutical bulk drug intermediates like diacid, m-bromoanisole, m-hydroxybenzaldehyde, potassium phthalimide etc.

  • BR £żora Internacional [BR]
    Products : oxygen ()
    We are bases in State of Espirito Santo.There are 7 Portas sistems and our market in the interland of Minas Gerais Goias Mato Grosso SAo PAulo e Rio de Janeiro.We work as a agent regulary.

  • UA JSC Neftehimimpex [UA]
    Products : Polyvinyl acetate dispersion, Polyvinyl alcohol,vinyl acetate ... ()
    SC "NEFTEHIMIMEX", Ukraine, are interested in cooperation with large consumers of chemical production, but basically with large foreign trade firms.

  • KR Hyeop Hwa Chemical Co.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : 3.3' -Dichloro benzidine dihydrochloride ()
    In 1994 we become the first manufacturer of ISO 9002 certified

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