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  • PK Saifyfoods [PK]
    Products : Any kind of Salt ()
    Hello,we are wotrking in all kind of salts since 1992 fron the origion of Pakistan.

  • TR Selen Biokimya San. [TR]
    Products : Tartarik Asit, Askorbik Asit, Sodyum Askorbat,Gliserin, Jelatin, Vanilya, Mentol ()
    Selen Biokimya San, G£¿a £¿a£¿Kozmetik Katk£¿ar£¿ve kimyevi maddeler

  • KR Macrocare Tech.,Ltd [KR]
    Products : Cosmetic Material ()
    Established in 2002, Macrocare continues to be one of South Korea's leading cosmetic ingredient Manufacturers

  • IR Yazd Paraffin Kabir [IR]
    Products : food grade paraffin wax ()
    we buy semi-refind paraffin wax and sell fully refind paraffin wax

  • PK Idrees Co [PK]
    Products : chemicals, dyes, colors, essesnces, additivs, raw materials of food and beverage ()
    Importers of chemicals,dyes,colors,flavours,essesnces,additivs,raw materials Related to food, beverage and confectionary industry

  • TR Veser Kimyevi Maddeler A.S [TR]
    Products : food additives,cosmetics,raw metarials (Importer)
    We are ISO 9001 certificated and have six sales offices in the major trade cities of Turkey: Istanbul, Corlu, Bursa, Izmir.Our company is established approximately 25 years ago.

    Products : FOOD COLORS ()
    We are the manufacturer and exporters of the Food Colors and Lab Reagents .We offer the vide range of Food colors .

  • PK Billchem Enterprises [PK]
    Products : Food grade glues (Importer)
    we are a manufacturer diffrend kind of glue if u wand a formulee pls contact us

  • IN Reliance cellulose products Ltd [IN]
    Products : Croscarmellose sodium (Manufacturer)
    Largest CMC manufacturer in India, Croscarmellsoe, MCCP : US DMF no

  • IL Hama Ltd [IL]
    Products : starch (Importer)
    Hama is a leading factor in the food industry in Israel

  • TW Kinship Enterprise Co., Ltd. [TW]
    Products : bromelain ()
    manufacturer of bromelain for foods and chemicals, we provide good quality of bromelain for interested buyer

  • SA Gulf Salt Lo. Ltd [SA]
    Products : salt (Manufacturer)
    this doenot have anything to do with my company, This is another interest of mine which will help my nephew

  • FR MPI Ingredients [FR]
    Products : food colours, colloids, additives, natural extract ()
    food colours, colloids, additives, natural extract

  • IN Sagar Chemicals [IN]
    Products : Tartaric Acid & It's Salts , Choline Bitartarate, Ethylene Thiourea ()
    We are manufacturer exporter of Fine Chemicals at Vapi-Gujarat-India since 1984 & are manufacturing Tartaric Acid & It's salts, Rubber Chemicals like Ethylene Thiourea, 2 Mercapto Benzamidazole.

  • ES Carinsa [ES]
    Products : Flavours Aromas Fragrances ()
    CARINSA is a Group of Companies comprised of 5 divisions that provides flavour and fragrances

    Products : Maize Starch, Dextrose, Liquid Glucose, Malto dextron ()
    KOSHA is an eminent name in India for supplying wide range of starch products

  • IN Shivani Enterprises [IN]
    Products : rice bran wax ()
    We are a supplier of all types of waxes.Please do get in touch with us for your requirements

  • US Amtex Chemicals LLC [US]
    Products : cellulose gum, cmc. carboxymethyl cellulose, PAC, Polyanionic cellulose (Manufacturer)
    Major manufacturer of cellulose gum ( CMC ) in the Americas

  • RU AXON Ltd [RU]
    Products : Raw pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals ()
    We are a Russian trading company with 10 years experience in importation and exportation of pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as raw materials for food industry.

  • UA Avalon [UA]
    Products : chemicals (Importer)
    please visit our web-site to see more information about our company

    Products : Motors, Bike, Ind. Machinery, Beef Meat, Chicken, Rice, Corn, Sugar ()
    We are a general traders and have a many eqnuirys. our enquiry depends upon prices.

  • AR Cordis s.a. [AR]
    Products : soy proteins food ingredients (Importer)
    born 1960. food ingredients for food industry and chemicals products

  • MY Synergen Chemicals (M) Sdn Bhd [MY]
    Products : Citric Acid (Trade Opportunities)
    We are a trading company supplying chemicals to various industries in Malaysia.

  • RU RostChemTex [RU]
    Products : protein,spices,juice concentrates, peanut (Importer)
    RostChemTex"- Russian company that deals with import of juice concentrates, peanuts, soy protein, food additives

  • HU Nitrogen Works [HU]
    Products : ammonia urea ammonium nitrate UAN CAN nitric acid sorbitol liquid nitrogen argon ()
    We are Hungary's largest fertilizer producer, the only nitrogen fertilizer producer, based on own ammonia.We sell food and pharma grade sorbitol.

  • VN Minhgiangco [VN]
    Products : textile chemical, lubricant additives, food additives ()
    Minh giang production and trading company established in 2001 with 50 staffs, especilized in business and production: sizing agent, food addives, lubricating additives, vegetable oil

  • US Cubena, Inc. [US]
    Products : enzymes for food, feed, textile ()
    Manufacturer and trader of enzymes and provider of enzyme technologies: acid and neutral cellulase, xylanase, beta-glucanase, amylase, glucoamylase, proteases, phytase and other enzymes

  • PK Multi Chem Corporation [PK]
    Products : Citric Acid,amm. Bicarbonate,Sod Bicarbonate, IPA,MSG,Sodium saccharine,sod.Cycl (Importer)
    We, Multi Chem Corporation, are a Marketing Company dealing in Pharmaceuticals and Food raw materials / chemicals, Flavors and Fragrances etc.

  • PK Sattarbhoy Yousufjee [PK]
    Products : ascorbic acid vanailline powder malic acid gms sod benzoate sod citrate (Importer)
    we are regularly importing food and phrmaectuicals chemicl

  • IN Maps (India) Ltd [IN]
    Products : Enzyme (Manufacturer)
    We are large manufacturer of Indusrial enzyme

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