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  • IN Vardayini Organic Pvt. LTd. [IN]
    Products : Saccharin, Glucosamine, BCS, Sodium Bichromate, PTS Chloride, OTS Amide, etc. ()
    It is our pleasure to introduce our company, Vardayini Organic Pvt. Ltd. who has been handling various kinds of chemicals - inorganics, organics and food additives for many years, by Export & Import.

    Products : sulphur, cathode ()
    We are a global trading company based in korea which handle cane sugar, cement, urea, sulphur, cathode..

  • SG NSL Chemicals Ltd [SG]
    Products : Steel Slag iron ore, EAF Dust (Manufacturer)
    we are singapore based company that manufactures steel slag iron ore

  • CO Shandong Henglian Chemicall Co., Ltd [CO]
    Products : Organic Intermediate ()
    We are manufacturer of intermedidte and export to many country

    Products : Sodium Hyposulphite ()
    Today the business world continues to change by innovative people and ideas. Our mission is to provide services that differentiate us from all the other trading companies out there

    Products : Ethyl Alcohol/Ethanol and Liquid CO2 ()
    We are one of the largest ETHANOL distributor in Indoensia; a member of PT. MOLINDO RAYA INDUSTRIAL, the largest Ethanol Distillery in Indonesia. We have Food Grade 96%, Fuel Grade 99%

  • CA NingBo Create Biological Co.,Ltd [CA]
    Products : amino acid, nutritional supplement, arginine, arginine hcl ,ornithine hcl , cyst ()
    NingBo Create Biological Project Co.,Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of amino acids derivatives as cosmetics ,nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical intermediates.

  • SY Kashkash for chemicals import [SY]
    Products : chemicals for detergent industry (Importer)
    We import chemicals for detergent, cosmetic, leather tanning industry

  • PK Balanda Trading Corporation [PK]
    Products : Chemicals, Computer, Auto Parts, General goods, Leather goods, Hospital suply, ()
    Manufactuersf , Exporters, of sports, leather, saddlery gds, Hospital ;supply, Importers & Agents of auto parts, computer hardware,chemicals, General goods, garments, electronics, hardware, stationy

  • IR Parsidan Chemical [IR]
    Products : Resin ()
    Chemical company in field of Resin and Paint and also we maufacture Resins as well as trading chemical raw materials

  • IN Esskay Associates [IN]
    Products : coenzyme q10, glucosamine HCL, Lycopene, Chondroitin Sulphate ()
    our company manufactures coenzyme q10, glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulphate, lycopene etc we adhere to us pharmacopia standards

  • IN Shiv Enterprise [IN]
    Products : 4-Bromo Ansiole, 4-Bromo Phenetole ()
    We are the manufacturer of fine & speciality chemicals

  • VN Hoa Gia Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd [VN]
    Products : cleaning and car-Maintenance products, mosquito-repellent ()
    we are manufacturer of cleaning products ( Car/glass-wash shampoo, dry-wash cream for cleaning hands...), mosquito-repellent, 3D buckets...

  • IR bmm export-import [IR]
    Products : tomato past /dry yeast/ ()
    we are company bmm export- import any we are exporting to east african contries.

  • DE A & A Business Relations GbR [DE]
    Products : Chemicals, Battery ()
    Trading Company.Company's Specialty chemicals, batteries. We sell direct from production, direct from the factory

  • RU Synton [RU]
    Products : heterocyclic boronic acid, pyridines (Manufacturer)
    custom synthesis of new organic compounds, API, R&D of new chemical process.

  • PK Chemiworld Private Limited [PK]
    Products : iron polymaltose complex , Ferrous sulphate, Sodium chloride BP/USP..... ()
    We are manufacturer of basic raw material, pharmaceutical companies use such a raw material in making tablet, syrup, injection and so on.

  • BD Faraz Enterprise [BD]
    Products : calcium carbonate (Importer)
    importer retailers re-sellers in Bangladeshimport and sell in our market

  • BG Totem DD Ltd [BG]
    Products : Ascorbic Acid ()
    We are Bulgarian firm dealing with vide range of chemical row materials, laboratory reagents and glass ware

  • IN GOL [IN]
    Products : salicylic acid (Manufacturer)
    our compmny has 20 caror tonover nand over only one plant at ankleshwar

    Products : Glycine, Ammonium Thocyanate & it;'s salts, DPTT, N-Acetyl Glycine, Glycine HCL ()
    We are manufacturer exporter of Fine, Photo & Fertilizer Chemicals at Vapi-Gujarat-India since 1978 & are manufacturing GLYCINE, THIOCYANTES & exporting to Europe & USA regularly .

  • IN Dynasty Aromas [IN]
    Products : Paracetamol, Artesunate, Methocarbamol, Mebendazole, etc. ()
    We introduce ourselves as Importers & Exporters in Aromatic Chemicals / Natural Essential Oils / Resiniods Oils / Perfumery Compounds/ Pharmaceutical products, Bulk Drugs ,etc

  • KR STF Korea [KR]
    Products : Toluene, Xylene, MEK, MTBE, Cyclohexanone, Acetic Acid, Ethanol (Trade Opportunities)
    STF is a chemical trading company. Our company has a good access to china, Korea and South East Asia customers and are exchanging Toluene and Xylenes, MEK, MTBE, Acetic Acid and Ethanol...etc.

  • TR Akrol [TR]
    Products : PVC additives, engineering plastics (Importer)
    our company is the biggest importer of PVC additives, engineering plastics in Turkey

  • PK Unichem Traders [PK]
    Products : Talcum Powder,Soap Stone,Quartz,Marble Powder. ()
    We are one of the leading company in Talcum Powder,Soap Stone,Quartz & Marble Powder.We are dealing in Match industry,Soap,detergent Cosmetics & also in Paper industry.

  • BR Pier Export Ltda [BR]
    Products : Laundry Soap (Exporter)
    Brazilian company specialized on the supply of laundry soap, candles, internal pine doors and door locks

  • KR JiHo Chem International [KR]
    Products : MEK,EA,PS,IPA (Exporter)
    we are importer and exporter regarding MEK,EA,PS,IPA

  • KR Star Chemical Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Cosmetic Raw material ()
    Distributor of cosmetic raw material specialized in preservatie and herval extracts

    Products : Short Chain Amines & Fine Chemicals (Manufacturer)
    Manufacturers of Short Chain Amines & Fine Chemicals

  • IN Fine Organics [IN]
    Products : Dihydromyrcenol, Menthol, Mentha Piperita, Dihydromyrcene, Undecylenic, Heptal ()
    We are pleased to introduce you ourselves as a 100% EOU having an excellent history of three decades along with our world's best quality products

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