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  • UA Richmond Enterprises Inc [UA]
    Products : Urea, Steel Billets, Debars, Se-74 (Exporter)
    ****************************************Trading company****************************

  • KR Youngsong Co., LTD [KR]
    Products : UREA (Exporter)
    UREA Prilled & Granular with Bag or Bulk Packing with FOB

  • HU Chemserv Engineering Co., Ltd. [HU]
    Products : Chemicals,fertilizers,hungarian vines,spirits,synthetics,consulting,investment. ()
    We are a private company practised mainly in the chemical industry and products.

  • MY Laporpo [MY]
    Products : hutana
    kftdtipopye khihjkoi lju9y998i ou9y69898n ou979ponnu9

  • KR RPM Korea Co, Ltd. [KR]
    Products : Urea ()
    We, RPM Korea Co., are the winner of the Bangladesh Urea tender (Prilled Urea 46 (in bag)

  • BR Grow-up Trading Ltda [BR]
    Products : Fertilizers Raw Materials, Agrochemicals ()
    We are a trading company specialized at the distribution of agrochemicals and fertilizers (raw materials). We are interested to develop a long relationship with manufacturers.

  • IN Lohia Warehouse [IN]
    Products : Acrylic Sheet, Urea, Second Solvent, Peraffin Wax, Glass lense, Reflective Glass (Importer)
    We are india based importer of Acrylic Sheet, Urea, Second Solvent, Peraffin Wax, Glass lense, Reflective Glass, Hinges, Sunglasses, Spark Plug, Electric bikes & Caustic Soda Flakes

  • IT Milton&wyman Ltd [IT]
    Products : CEMENT ()
    M&W is a global trading and management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, M&W collaborates with its clients to become high-performers

  • ID Nastraco Indonesia [ID]
    Products : Fertilizer (Exporter)
    We, NASTRACO INDONESIA is the Trading Company in Indonesia. Our Office Located in Binjai City, North Sumatera, Indonesia

  • UA Marketplace UkrRos LLC [UA]
    Products : urea, steel, metal, pipes, structures, milk powder, grain ()
    urea, steel, metal, pipes, structures, milk powder, grain

  • IN Harsh Impex [IN]
    Products : Holographic Material, PP Bags, Sugar, Urea, Commodities. Engineering Components, ()
    We are a Brokarage Firm daeling in vatity of Produts ,

  • TR B&D Foreign Trade Co. [TR]
    Products : We, as B&D Foreign Trade Co. Are settled in Izmir, ()
    We, as B&D Foreign Trade Co. Are settled in Izmir, and would like to introduce ourselves as a leading foreign trade company in agriculture and food& beverage sector.

  • HK East Ocean Industries Limited [HK]
    Products : Any (Trade Opportunities)
    Not yet to tell at all. Coming soonner or later. 000000000000000 00000000000000000

  • BO Agroplaso [BO]
    Products : Herbicides, Insecticides, fungicides ()
    We are distributers and importers of pesticicdes and fertilizers

  • UA Szalom [UA]
    Products : UREA46 AMMONIUM NITRATE (Exporter)
    Our firm £¿? £¿?SZALOM£¿? PE is located in Crimea, Ukraine (former USSR).

  • AU Homemont Pty Ltd [AU]
    Products : Urea, Bananas ()
    Homemont Pty Ltd supplies urea and bananas for bulk contracts.

  • SG Iceni Chemcials International [SG]
    Products : Fertilizer, chemicals, nutraceuticals, aluminium bottles, consultancy (Trade Opportunities)
    Iceni Chemicals International is a supplier of Chemicals to the edible oil and biodiesel markets, and nutraceutical products, and provides consultancy to these markets

  • US Frank A. Ocwieja & Associates [US]
    Products : project development and product distribution ()
    FAOA is a private consulting practice in New York built on several decades of experience in international trade and finance, with particular emphasis on the Middle East

  • RO B.s. Investment International [RO]
    Products : Trade, fertilizer ()
    a major company with real buyers all around the world

  • PL Orban Consulting s.c. [PL]
    Products : sugar,urea,cement,jet fuel, REBCO ()
    We can supply sugar, urea 46N, cement, jet fuel, REBCO and other commodities. We work as a mandatory of manufacturer.

  • IN Trojan Trade Services [IN]
    Products : Polyol, TDI, PVA, Fertilizers, OBA, Aluminium Sulphate (Service)
    We are indenting agents with focus on marketing of petrochemicals and urea

    The Argentina-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry -CACIAR-, Presently, it is necessary to have a direct relation with foreign counterparts to simplify the follow up of the matters in hand.

  • TR B&D Foreign Trade Co. [TR]
    Products : Urea N46% Fertilizer (Trade Opportunities)
    We, as B&D Foreign Trade Co. Are settled in Izmir. We are serving our clients with our agriculture division for Fertilizer, Urea N 46% and Food & Beverage division for Sugar products.

  • RO Sc Polyinvest Sa [RO]
    Products : chemicals: acids, fertilizers,caustic soda etc ()
    foreign trade company acting on the romanian raw materials market with activities of imp/exp

  • EG Samtrade [EG]
    Products : insecticides, fungicides, speciality fertilizers (Importer)
    an exporter of insecticides, fungicides, speciality fertilizers and distributor localy in Egypt

    Products : ammonium nitrate,urea ()

  • ID Pusri [ID]
    Products : urea ()
    make the best urea and sale to trader interntional company

  • DO Acreare, S.A. [DO]
    Products : Urea 46 (Service)
    Acreare, S.A. was founded in 1999 and since this time working in the import export in spanish spoken countries.

    Products : Urea, Sugar, Cement, T-shirt ()
    Rupay International Trade & Consulting Agency is a Uzbekistan-based trading agency focused on enabling global commerce for buyers and sellers across the world.

  • IN Modern Traders [IN]
    Products : iron Ores , iron Scrap , Cement , Urea , Sugar , Crude Oil , Fuel Oil (Service)
    We have world wide network for Iron Ores , Ferrous Scrap , Cement , Urea , Sugar , Crude Oil , Fuel Oil

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