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  • KR Mirae Int. [KR]
    We are chemical goods trader. We import and export PTFE, PEEK, RUBBERS, as well as its SCRAPS. If you are interested don't hasitate calling us.

  • JO King Hussein St [JO]
    Products : zinc dross ()
    zinc dross ash oxide skimming as;;'[ t]rtg;fd'h;d'g bvbvdcgh fg fg fg fgf fghfgf fg fg fhgtrughfhfg fghhhhhhhfwr4ew rwethlddddd

  • HK Worldwide Access Recycling Ltd [HK]
    Products : Plastic Scrap (Importer)
    We are one of the leading importers of the plastic scrap located in Hong Kong and have our own warehouse in China, importing over 1,500 Tons of various kinds of materials every month.

  • ID PT. jaya sakti internusa [ID]
    Products : Water treatment chemical ()
    jaya sakti internusa is one of the most trusted water teatment chemical companies in indonesia.

    Products : chemical-food-packing-electrical and all others (Service)
    one of the leading ecommerce services in middle east

    Products : PTA OFF-GRADE (Exporter)
    We are dealing with pta off-grade user for continuos supply

  • HK Worldwide Access Recycling Ltd [HK]
    Products : plastic scrap (Importer)
    importer of various plastic scrap, own factory located in China

  • GB Genius Group China ( UK Office) [GB]
    Products : PSF, cloured Yarn, Linen series ()
    Genius Group,being set up in 1979,with 9 branches and about 5000 employees. Genius Products include garments,linen series, dope dyed PSF

  • UA JSC Cherkasyvtorresusy [UA]
    Products : PET flakes (Manufacturer)
    Our Company is a manufacturer of washed and dry PET flakes, packed in big-bags, monthly shipment 300 t

    Products : ALL (Trade Opportunities)

    Products : PC/ABS FR Non-reinforced off-grade, regrind, scrap plastic ()
    We are looking for PC/ABS FR non-reinforced off-grade pellet, regrind, ABS scrap also need on regular basis.

  • HK Green Concept Production (Hong Kong) [HK]
    Products : Plastic scraps ()
    We mainly import/export plastic scraps fm Europe to China

  • IN Mpire Metals Minerals And Chemicals Corp [IN]
    Products : dyhydromyrcene (Importer)
    we are suppliers to the manufacturers of phinyle and house hold detersents

  • IR Eram Commerce Co. [IR]
    To: A Person Who May ConcernTo: A Person Who May ConcernTo: A Person Who May Concern

    Products : recycle plastic, textile ()
    Our company is trading that recycle plastic and tixtile.

  • RO Greentech s.a. buzau [RO]
    Products : PET flakes ()
    We are the first recycling company in Romania, set in 2002

    Products : ceras para corrugado, Yacon miel, polvo ()
    Empresa de representaci£¿ import/export de marcas Americanas, Canadienses y Europeas

  • IN Swizer Tech [IN]
    Products : chemicals.furniture,paper ()
    We are importer of various products like furniture,Ac parts etc. from china.we are offices in china.

  • LT Polivektris [LT]
    Products : PA, PET, PC, PS, PP, PE waste, plastic, regrind, packing, materials ()
    Polivektris is one of the biggest plastic manufacturers in Baltic states. We are located in Lithuania (EU) and have been in recycling business for more than 7 years.

  • KR Daewon chemical co.,ltd. [KR]
    Products : synthetic leather ()
    One of the largest synthetic leather company in Korea

  • HK Skynice Holdings Ltd [HK]
    Products : Recycle, Plastic Mould, Manufacturing ()
    We welcome all offers. Here are some of the items we purchase

  • TW Rethmann Recycling Taiwan Co., Ltd [TW]
    Products : Waste PET Bottle Flakes ()
    In Taiwan we engaged in plastic recycling since 1990, one of the leading recycling processors and exporters with ISO 2000:9002 certificati

  • UA Eurostek LTD [UA]
    Products : PET flakes (Manufacturer)
    manufacturer from Ukraine, producing PET flakes from used beverage bottles. Available PET flakes of different colours: clear, green, blue and brown. no pvc and other impurities. hot washed and dry

  • TZ African Metals [TZ]
    Products : metals (Importer)
    we are exporters of metals from Tanzania to all parts of the world.we can export any quantity

  • PL Hermes Recycling company [PL]
    Products : LDPE,HDPE,PVC Roll,PET etc. (Exporter)
    Hello, Sir ! I am Bimal Patel from poland.I am representative of Hermes Recycling company. we are export all kinds of plastic scrap like as HDPE,LDPE,PVC Rolls,PET etc.

  • IL Logichem [IL]
    Products : Logichem Consulting & Agencies is a privet owned company who specialized ()
    Logichem Consulting & Agencies is a privet owned company who specialized

  • EG Speed Company For Trading [EG]
    Products : Swimming pools (Importer)
    Speed Company for Trading is an Egyptian importer company specializing in swimming pools water treatment chemicals and accessories

  • ID Mozacitra [ID]
    Products : Degra Simba (Exporter)
    We sell a product to accelerated the bacteria activity in the tank. It turn the feases into water it cost only $ 2.5 C&iF. Save money for the truck.

  • IN Shanmugaexim [IN]
    Products : we need zinc ash 500 mt per month for south india ()
    we need zinc ash (above 65%) 500 mt per month for south india

  • KR Pillar Engineering Corp [KR]
    Products : Recycled Resin for PP.PE.PVC ()
    Leading exporter for recycled Polyethylene,Polypropylene and Poly vinyl chrolide resin over 3000 tons monthly

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